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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Body and Soul”

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Anything medical to do with last night’s House, M.D. episode “Body and Soul” was eclipsed by the episode’s final revelation—and the promo for next week’s show. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) has cancer. And the big question is: how will House (Hugh Laurie) handle the news? The revelation sets the stage for the final few episodes of the award-winning FOX series.

The medical case this week was interesting with the series’ patented House vs. God theme dusted off to explore whether a young boy’s illness is the result of his internal demons (like, real demons—the kind that need exorcism) or some bizarre medical condition. It’s medicine man vs. Medicine Man, and the winner is indeterminate by the episode’s end. (But the kid is cured, so it’s all good). And, yikes, Wilson has the C-word! So, who cares about a kid who levitates and speaks a language he couldn’t possibly know? Wilson has cancer!

The story between Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Park (Charlyne Yi) is funny—and ultimately sweet. I like the idea of the quirky, nerdy Park getting together with Chase, but takes, as it must, a back seat to what will be the conclusion of House’s journey as the series takes its final bows on a great eight-season run.

I was really beginning to like Dominka, but House’s farewell to her (or rather, her farewell to him) is more of the same sort of lesson that House has been learning for years. He certainly does have a knack for sabotaging his relationships with women. I had actually been rooting for them; House’s Green Card wife has been good for him in a different way than Stacy, Cameron, or Cuddy. Her innocence is been fueled by earthiness and street smarts; she’s not snarky, and although their banter hadn’t the snap of either of House’s other serious relationships, it had about it a lovely comfort. It had been something House had been really beginning to cherish.

There is something about her that disarms House as he learns more about her: she’s a great shot; she devours quantum physics. Although she tells him she’d been with a police unit back home in the Ukraine, you have to wonder what sort of police unit that was.

Personally, I think she’s a spy in knish entrepreneur’s clothing. And if the series had another year, I’d love to see the show explore her background. Is she some sort of espionage sleeper-agent who’d marked House to get entry into U.S., get legal, and then do bad things (oh, oops, wrong series)? Sorry, I got carried away, although I do love a good espionage/love story.

Anyway, until last week, their relationship had been fueled by forthrightness—each knowing where the other stands. There had been there a mutual trust—and friendship. But then House has to go and conceal Dominka’s immigrant status.

The man who understands everything about everyone (but himself) cannot imagine that Dominika might stay with him knowing that she was finally free to go. So he pathetically lies about her immigration status. Not wanting her to leave (ah, shades of the Wilson-lives-with-House story arc of season two!), House had torn up her notice at the end of last week’s episode. And this week, of course, she finds out. And leaves. Frankly, I don’t blame her for leaving House in the dust.

Speaking of Dominika’s status, I thought House’s Ukrainian friend has been going for a Green Card, and that House has been helping her maintain a legal status in the U.S. All of a sudden this week, she’s a citizen? Huh? Very, very sloppy writing, not to mention the lack of continuity. Unless I’m missing something.

But as I said at the top of this commentary, all of this is overshadowed by the dire news that Wilson has a Stage 2 Thymoma. The revelation is a stunning blow to House, especially on the heels of Dominkia’s hasty, tearful departure, just as the two had begun to connect.

Wilson has cancer. As sad as this news is (note to self: remember, these are fictional characters!), it provides a huge, emotional dramatic landscape with which the series writers can paint the final scenes of this great television series.

The news hits House the way we would hope it would—he is speechless, and the look on his face could not have been more stunned. He looks like he’d been punched in the gut once he realizes that Wilson is telling him the truth; that this is no elaborate game Wilson is playing.

More than anything, Wilson’s illness offers House a second chance of sorts; the chance to demonstrate to himself (most of all) that not all love is conditional. And for once the unconditional nature of love must be proven by House—not by Wilson, not by Cuddy, not by Stacy. Wilson has no one else to turn to, and although House has tried before to be there when he’s been needed for support, it’s always been a terrible struggle for him. But House has no choice; he must be there for Wilson, as monumentally difficult for him as it will be. He can’t run; he can’t hide. He can’t drown himself in a bottle of Maker’s Mark-dipped Vicodin and watch from the sidelines.

I’m going to say again something I’ve said a few times since I began writing this column. It’s not that House doesn’t feel enough—he feels too much.

Fearing the loss of Wilson a couple of seasons ago, when he contributes a piece of his liver to a patient, House shrinks back, at first not able to bring himself to be with his friend during surgery. In the last moment, House summons within himself the courage to be there in the surgery gallery just as Wilson goes under anesthesia. And during Wilson’s recovery, House is there for him. This isn’t easy for House—and it’s not because he doesn’t care.

And then in season seven when Cuddy has her cancer scare, again, House is consumed with the fear of losing her—so much so that being emotionally available for her requires a relapse to Vicodin. And for that sacrifice, Cuddy unceremoniously dumps him once the scare has passed, sending House reeling out of control. I am not saying that House hadn’t been there for Cuddy. In my opinion he is there for her; in Cuddy’s opinion—and even in House’s own psyche, he had fallen short.

So how will House respond to Wilson’s cancer? That is the stuff of excellent drama, and I think we get a glimpse of that in the preview for next week’s episode. I won’t say more, lest the spoiler-averse be inadvertently spoiled.  So I will leave it at that for now.

I apologize that the remaining Quest for the Best House polls have not yet appeared. I’m having problems with the poll platform, and hope to put up a season four through eight poll by week’s end, so we can get to the finals.

A new House episode airs next Monday night at 9:00 ET on FOX.

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  • KMC

    I have to admit, my stomach dropped when Wilson said the words…and I’ve heard them said in real-life about loved ones. While this was unexpected, in a way, it will say more about House than if the cancer was his. We know he needed the Vicodin to deal with Cuddy’s illness…and for all that he loved Cuddy…he loves Wilson more. This will be a painful journey…but I suspect we’ll see some breathtaking acting along the way. I want Wilson to live…I’ve invested a lot of emotion in his character, but watching House dealing with his best..and only…friend’s mortality..will, I suspect..be quite something to see.

  • Think Dominika was having to wonder if she was going to be deported or not. A green card does not equal being a citizen, just means you are allowed to be in the country. Also guessing she needed to get back in touch with the Official Office – otherwise, no need for them to call her after sending the letter.

  • They were specifically talking about citizenship (i.e. citizenship papers). She would in no way be becoming a citizen at this point. I’m usually pretty forgiving of factual lapses in light of better drama, but they contradicted themselves here.

  • Musical shouts

    I actually predicted that it would be Wilson who would get cancer when I learned the title of episode nineteen would be the c word. I don’t know why, I just had a hunch. Based on the titles of the remaining four episodes, I dont think things look gOod for Wilson. I have a theory but I won’t divulge that here because it involves spoilers!

  • suzmum

    Good review – and, yes, good that you called them on the sloppy writing re: the distinction between the green card and citizenship. I confess, however, that I am enormously relieved that the Dominika arc has come to an end: I really found her tiresome, and I simply have never found the relationship credible.

    I have found this season to be pretty disappointing (with a few notable exceptions – e.g., the Chase episode, and Twenty Vicodin)…but the final arc certainly seems promising, and you are *so* right in underlining the fact that House is going to have to actually BE THERE for Wilson. The series deserves a great ending….

  • D

    In hindsight and serious objective viewing and analysis of a remarkable series I think it will show that there was ONLY one person House truly loved-Wilson.
    Sad we will not get another season to explore the real love story . But hopefully these last few episodes enable DS to tell the story

  • Eric

    I was disappointed with how the case ended; giving leeway to some magical ritual. I’d expect a follow-up on this in the next episode, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. You have to wonder; did someone twist Shore’s arm?

    The first rule in troubleshooting; do not try two things at once, unless you don’t care about the cause.

  • bigHousefan


    This was a lovely episode. I agree with you completely with regard to House’s relationship with Dominika. He could have been happy sharing a life with her but his self-loathing did not see it possible that she would choose to stay with him so he sabbotages it – so House.

    This episode also raises the question of faith. As Dominika points out, House has faith that dark matter in the universe exists but how is it different than having spiritual faith? I always suspected that House was looking for someone to prove him wrong as the priest in Unfaithful pointed out. Maybe House will reach out to God in the wake of Wilson’s cancer.

    THANKS FOR STAYING SPOILER FREE! And thanks so much for your thoughtful reviews.

  • hwl40

    Barbara, will miss your reviews as much as House – or almost! Many thanks for all that you have done to enhance our enjoyment and expand our insights.

  • Jane E

    I thought last night’s episode was not a top quality episode that House teams usually puts out. I thought it was lacking. As for Dominica, I all along felt they only brought her back to set up another storyline and we found out that was true at the end.

    I believe House will be their for Wilson because he blamed himself for Cuddy telling her in Moving on it wasn’t her fault. I think this will be a step in maturity for House.

  • Sheena

    While it was kind of predictable and ironic that Wilson is the one who’s diagnosed with something like cancer, it’s still a good plot twist, especially this close to the end of the series. We won’t get to see how ouse takes it later on in life (depending on exactly the last episode goes) like we got to see how he took it when Amber died. Which is probably a spoiler right there.
    On a somewhat related note, we know that 13 will be back for the final episode and it was said that she intervenes in between House and Wilson. i think the most fitting end to her character would be to have House go through with his promise to euthanize her. And then Wilson dies and House is screwed…I see that being a crappy but acceptable ending.

  • Ryan

    Cant wait for the finale, but gonna be so depressed when its over lol. No matter what happens with house or Wilson I hope we get a great ending and not one that’s cheap or disappointing like the season 7 finale. Wish the ride wasn’t over. I may be a new poster but I’ve been a loyal reader of this blog and just want to say thanks to barbara for all her reviews and insight. Its been my favorite part of my Tuesday evenings after work

  • tipitinatoo

    Want to echo Ryan’s comments, but REALLY wanted to see the House-Dominika thing succeed. There was an unmistakeable connection and she seemed hesitant to leave. Is there a chance she’ll realize she “forgot” something, giving her a reason to return to his apartment? And will he get his $31K for marrying her, making the Green Card possible? Will Wilson encourage House to contact her and let her know Wilson has cancer and will she decide to help House through this devastating challenge? Is this the switch we’ve heard about for the finale? Barbara, my thanks again for making House” so much more than it would have been–both through your insightful weekly blogs and the wonderful “Chasing Zebras,” my ever-present reference on a TV series like no other. You’re the Best!

  • dvbfan

    Wilson’s cancer was something ,personally, I didn’t expect to happen but I think this storyline is a better way to see House’s reaction and his feelings to his best friend,Wilson and it is good way to end this amazing show after 8 seasons by showing heartbreaking and emotional scenes especially between House and Wilson. As you said Barbara , House has a very special relationship with Wilson and it is interesting to see what is House going to do to save his best friend .
    I am very sad that this show is going to an end but I am so excited and nervous to watch the last 4 episodes and knowing what will happen at the end for House and other casts.

  • lobentti

    Well, I can say, according to ‘House’, that only friendship is an unconditional kind of love! Maybe he´s right …

  • Thank you all for your kind words about my column (and Chasing Zebras). This place would never have been the success it has been without the contributions of all of you and those readers who don’t comment, but come back here week after week.

    I’m thinking of doing a post-ep chat after the finale, so make plans now to be here for that!

  • emmy4hugh

    I can see enormous potential for an emotional payoff, great acting, and growth of House’s character in this final story of House/Wilson. What I’m not seeing yet is potential for a final brilliant diagnosis, but I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us.

  • SharkJump


    I will miss your reviews. I found them interesting whether I agreed or not.

    I didn’t think the “Body & Soul” episode was all that great. Clearly, the creativity of the writers has gone out the window. And, although I understand where some of the viewers are excited about the arc implications from the preview with Wilson revealing that he has cancer…I’m totally not surprised.

    HL & RSL are great actors and I’m sure they’ll act the arses off but, unfortunately, I feel that I’ll just continue to watch while doing other things around the house since S8 has been strangely repetitive. Why can’t it be House that gets some sort of sickness based on all of his years of abuse to his body… I don’t know – a disease from an accidental encounter with so many hookers, liver damage from the use of vicodin/liquer and so much more. Why poor Wilson & why cancer/death all the time? There are so many other life-changing things that could happen. It’s like TPTB think “hey, let’s create drama for House by giving someone he cares for or loves a deadly sickness or kill someone off(Cuddy, 13, House’s Dad’s & Kutner’s death). How freak’in morbid, damb!

    I’m not falling for it & won’t hold my breath even though TPTB are saying that these last 4 episodes are gonna be great. They said that about S7 and it was a big let down.

  • SharkJump

    sorry for all the mispelled words. LOL!

    Oh, I hope his happy ending is that he heals his friend Wilson & not that the ends up with Dominika, or Emily or any young woman that makes him look like an dirty old viagra carrying creep. No love-life stuff, PLEASE! These writers don’t know how to write for stuff like that w/out looking like it’s a High school soap.

  • Nickel

    Barbara, I have to say that D. Shore is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. I KNEW the only way that House would leave PPTH or medicine was if Wilson died. As long as Wilson is alive House would continue to eat pride, betrayal, manipulations, lies and any other dish that Wilson served up, just to keep that connection. I disagree that “for once House has to prove unconditional love”, HE HAS PROVEN IT MANY TIMES. Cuddy, Wilson, Stacy, Cameron and anyone else you might want to add has always had conditions to LOVE House. CHANGE WHO YOU ARE, BE LESS MISERABLE, OPEN UP MORE, BE LESS TOXIC, DON’T BE ANGRY AT ME FOR BETRAYING YOUR TRUST….these are all conditions that were thrown at House from the beginning. No matter how many times Wilson has SELFISHLY lied, manipulated, betrayed or demanded sacrifice from House…..IT IS ALWAYS HOUSE ASKING TO BE FORGIVEN. (even when he hasn’t done anything wrong…IN MY OPINION.)

    I have to say it is pretty crappy for Wilson (self proclaimed best friend of House) to ask House to risk LIFE IN PRISON AND LOSS OF HIS MEDICAL LICENSE FOREVER to satisfy his own agenda…ONCE AGAIN. Sorry, but good riddance to Wilson…who can’t decide if House is a good man or a bad man, who only interacts with House for his own needs, asks him to risk his life for a woman he has only known 4 months and then watched his friend spiral into madness because of the guilt and grief that caused…..all this without EVER SAYING THANK YOU. psssst

  • lobentti

    I want to say a few words to you; I always write about the show, but … well, I had a chance and just bought ‘Chasing Zebras” from Amazon.com, as the book was not available where I live, it will be here soon; I can´t remember the first time I watched ‘House, md’ but I do remember the first of yours reviews I read: ‘A love story in six seasons’; since then, I´ve been reading them all the time, so I want to thank you, we are always some episodes behind, and reading the reviews made me pay attention to many facets I should miss; sometimes, I disagreed, but it was always a enriching process. Now, the show is going to an end, I didn´t like the last season, actually I disliked from the middle of 7th season; but it doesn´t matter, they gave us a lot of geat moments. So, I want to thank you to help us to understand this incredible character, to follow the process of solving the puzzles,and even to pour our tears on your shoulders; thank you very much!

  • housemaniac

    I echo the thanks to Barbara, the disappointment about Season 8, and the concern about how this is going to end. At this point, though, I feel I’ve gotten so much out of the show, I am willing to just ride out the rest. I’m in mourning for the show and therefore feel weirdly disconnected, but of course also very curious. I think Wilson will die and force House to decide whether his own life is still worth living. I do think having Wilson get cancer is a much better move than having House get sick and, say, having to diagnose himself, or die/not die as did his alter-ego Holmes. To see how House deals with the tragedy of his best friend, with one last, giant disappointment–that, I think, could be a very worthwhile ending indeed. Let’s hope the writers left all their creative energy for this final arc.

  • D

    This season has been one of the best ever in this series. Finally back to how it started-real exploration of characters.
    The sad thing is they wasted so much time with the Cuddy stuff that only 4 episodes left to delve more deeply into House and Wilson.For 8 seasons if you rewatch series there is only one constant and one relationship that matters to House-the one he has with Wilson.The promo even staes that ,The case that matters most,Would love to have seen entire season with more RSL scenes.Aside from HL he is the best actor in the series,Amazing talent.

  • trisha1915

    It is with a sad heart I post here for only the second time. The thoughts of this wonderful series ending and the opportunity to read Barbara’s insightful responses to what we’ve all watched have me reeling. Never before have I reacted so emotionally to what is after all only a television show. I want to go on record as one what didn’t hate season seven. I loved “After Hours” and while I disagreed with House ramming his car into Cuddy’s house in “Moving On”, I can certainly see how her haranguing and Wilson’s prompted him to do something so outrageous. I was never a Huddy fan much preferring his interaction with Stacy and appreciative of the sparks that flew whenever House looked into Cameron’s eyes. I own seasons One through Seven. I will not be purchasing season eight though I am hoping for some powerful final episodes. It must remain House’s story to the end. Barbara, I appreciate the understanding you have shared with us.

  • bluehue

    THANKS for the ongoing intelligent dialogue & recent “Best Of,” is nostalgic closure.

    Many fans I know watched this show with “Body & Soul,” a tv drama that actually offered food for thought & also a hunger to see their own version of events play out..which made for all sorts of fun & frustration.

    I’m okay with the show coming to a close now. I never expected things would ever wrap up neatly. SPOILER: I read that 13 & possibly Cameron may be back for the finale. Their possible return (along with newest revelation) only makes me wonder just what event..would draw them back. 🙁 I kinda wish the original triangle will some how join in spirit..perhaps Cuddy’s presence in the form of a letter. All involved bound together by the love of having known one another. Only wondering & speculating, because anything can happen..but thinking..House will have to be stronger than ever for his friend now and that sounds worthy of a defining moment..ending.

  • chicky

    SPOILER/PREDICTION: Ok, so don’t read this if you don’t want to know, but of course it’s all speculative anyway.

    So, we all got a glimpse of next week’s episode – Wilson/House try some radical procedure to save Wilson. The Tivo description for two weeks after that says that the team tries to convince their patient that House is still calling the shots. Obviously, their patient is Wilson as no other patient would likely know/care that House is involved.

    Now, factoring that multiple stars are reported to be returning for the finale. So, what would draw them back…wedding (Park and Chase…as if)? No, funeral. The only question is whether it is House’s or Wilson’s? Or both..Wilson dies, House kills himself or OD’s.

  • housemaniac

    chicky 26: I am going with Wilson dies, House lives. Two people dying would be weird; no one dying in an episode entitled “Everyone Dies” would also be weird. House dying after Wilson nearly died would be weird. So that leaves Wilson dying and House living, or maybe even both of them will live, but I agree that a funeral is the most likely scenario for a reunion of sorts. As for House’s fate, remember that Hugh Laurie described the finale as “uplifting.” Either he was being terribly ironic, or….House must live!

    I could say more based on HL’s NPR interview the other day, but that would be entering spoilerland and this is basically a spoiler-free zone! But if anyone is curious, check out the interview he did with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. HouseMD reposted it, but it is also available on the Fresh Air website.

  • Vittorio

    Actually, house’s been there for wilson for a long time. When Amber was about to die, House submited himself to a procedure extremelly dangerous in order to try to save wilson’s girlfriend’s life and that should be taken into account. I agree.. he feels too much.. but he only shows it when it’s the right time. he’s actually been there for everyone who’s ever worked with, or for, him. People just don’t see it because he tries to withold this feeling.. that’s all. He’s an intense person and acts just like it. If it’s not worth it, if it’s not the way it was ment to be, he’s not going to be there, he’s not going to pay for it either… and that’s because he believes that commitment, the way it is presented to him, is not worth it. And as he seeks for perfection, it will never be… I guess he just try to be cooherent everytime and he gest’s frustrared that he’s the only one doing it.

  • Housefan

    This episode was nice and fun and that proves that show is not on it’s decline. Pity it’s ending in a month. Wilson sick: I think he’d recover with his best friend’s help. They will both live long & lonely lives as best friends. Chase and Park? I do not see that would happen as from Chase’s dream it is clear Park is a good friend but he’s been put under a lot of pressure and stress by House to get with either Adams or Park. And that is no longer an answer for him. Chase and Adams? Story does not go in that direction since s8e12 “Chase”. Their lost touch a few episodes ago. Chase and Cameron? I think he really loved Cameron but she never really loved him in return. As for the rest of the characters: I do not see a big change ahead for any of them… Can’t wait for the final episode to see what happens. I’ll miss the show enormously though… And you great blog for sure 🙂

  • DebbieJ

    #22 Housemaniac – I couldn’t agree more. It’s as if I had written your comments!

    I can’t really say I will miss the show “when it ends” because I’ve been missing the show – as I know it – since Season 6.

    I cannot believe that with the precious time they have left, they have been wasting B-plots with this Dawson’s Creek “does he/she like me” business between the ducklings. Blech.

    I was completely bored with this episode up until the final moments. Although I hate the fact that Wilson is probably going to die, I cautiously look forward to how this news will affect House. AND that it finally will give Hugh enough emotional material since the self-surgery scene last season to hopefully warrant his final shot for an Emmy.

  • DebbieJ

    Barbara, did you do a Review for #15, Blowing the Whistle and #17, We Need the Eggs? I can’t seem to find them.

  • Amy

    Hoping Wilson doesn’t die because it would be SO sad! But its Dramatic irony isn’t it? Wilson is head of the cancer unit and he gets cancer it’s so sad but obvious! How come we didn’t realise that would be what was going to happen?

  • Action Kate

    Chase and Park have ZE-RO chemistry. Just none. Park is wearing on me (opposite of growing on me) and the middle school antics are boring.

    Although given Chase’s dream sequence (which was admittedly hilarious), I was then convinced that House and Dominika kissing was also a dream, so that was a bit of whiplash. 🙂 House was a jerk for lying to her, but it’s the sort of jerkiness one can ultimately forgive, knowing the motive. Why she was willing to sleep with him when she has a boyfriend she wants to marry for real, however, is another story.

    Folks, stage II thymoma is nowhere near fatal. From Thymic.org:

    “Application of this staging system to a series of 85 surgically treated patients confirmed its value in determining prognosis, with 5-year survival rates of 96% for stage I disease, 86% for stage II disease, 69% for stage III disease, and 50% for stage IV disease. In a large retrospective study involving 273 cases of thymoma, 20-year survival rates (as defined by freedom from tumor death) according to the Masaoka staging system were reported to be 89% for stage I disease, 91% for stage II disease, 49% for stage III disease, and 0% for stage IV disease.”

    So if it’s stage II and he has the tumor removed, he’s looking at 10 to 20 years on average, and better if he follows up with chemo. This is not a death sentence.

  • housemaniac

    My sense is that it’s the treatment that might kill Wilson. House’s treatment!

  • SoLongHouse

    Chicky #26:

    I predict that the Wilson cancer scare will be just like Cuddy’s dying scare. Nothing will come of it & Wilson will live and, to add to that joy…Dominika will return and stay married to House for realz & they both will enable House happily ever after! Remember, that HL said that “House deserves some measure of happiness.” There you have it! Predictably uplifting, while all-the-while being dark and dramatic because of the “C Word” scare. Remember people that TPTB only use sickness and deadly scares as blatant plot points and they will do it to the very last episode (seriously, I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so).

    I can’t really say that I’m gonna miss House b/c I’ve been missing the show I fell in love with since about 4 or so seasons ago. Anyhows, I’m gonna miss reading Barbara’s blog and this community’s comments.

    So long House & Barbara fans!

  • Action Kate

    On a different note, do we have a rational explanation for the boy “levitating”? Do we assume that it was somehow the grandfather, or a trick similar to House’s? Or was that a thread they forgot to tie up?

  • Housefan

    @Action Kate This is definitely a trick. It requires some equipment though, definitely sneaked into the hospital by his grandfather. There are many explanation on the web re. this. You’ll find some if you google “levitation trick”, even in youtube, wikipedia etc… That is why they could not remove boy’s bed sheet. I’ve found simple explanation for House’s trick as well.

  • Paulac54

    Barbara – thanks for your, as ever, insightful review. Am glad the House/Domenika arc has ended, although found it hard to swallow that Domenika didn’t challenge House as to why he hid the notices – most women would have done so, at least in anger. Never liked D and I always thought there was something possibly sinister about her actions – intensified with her remark to House when she came back in Man of the House about ‘silly government apparachik’ . Highly anticipating final four episodes, but dreading them at the same time as it means The End. Hoping against hope there isn’t a funeral! Expect HL and RSL will give us brilliant performances, and let’s not forget next week’s was directed by HL, who proved he is not just a brilliant actor and talented musician with his directorship of Lockdown, so we can expect a terrific, albeit very angsty, episode.

  • Alas, I do believe Mr. Shore intends to kill off Wilson in the finale, or at least in the penultimate episode.

    Ostensibly, this will be the ultimate test of House’s ability to rise above his emotional limitations. And let’s face it — the challenge of moving on AFTER Wilson seems like an impossible task for Greg House, by virtue of who he is as a character.

    So it’s hard for me to foresee a happy ending, even a Housian (i.e., bittersweet) one for our hero. It just doesn’t seem in the spirit of the show.

    Sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  • housefriend

    Just saw the C Word. That episode BEST of entire series so far,It should also negate some of your comments re House and Dominika?There is NO WAY House ever seriously interested in any commitment to someone like her,Nothing against her-but it was never serious .Rewatch of entire series just proves one thing.The person House loves most and will be commited to is Wilson.As with Cuddy he never really wanted to commit.It was clearly shown to me that Cuddy pursued him for many years.Stacy loved him and he loved her but again from Stacys comments she said he was not really there for her like Mark is. Houses commitment is to Wilson.Same as Wilson chooses House over wives.Amber too was a proxy for House Thats been established well by the writing

  • The Other Barnett

    housefriend #40-

    I’m not so sure that you are completely correct when it comes to Stacy. I think House (at that time in his life) was not ready for anyone in his life outside of Wilson. Wilson is a brother to House and that connection is different in commitment options than the romantic commitment you are talking about.

    I think (when he opened up to Cuddy with the fact that he was losing his sanity – before Mayfield), he made the turn to be open to commitment with someone. He spent most of the next season doing things to prove to Cuddy he was open. He spent most of last season trying to prove to Cuddy that he was worthy – Cuddy had standards that were school-girlish and unrealistic and it caused House to break. If there was any question as to whether House was seeking to commit, it has been this season (especially due to his prison stay).

    Dominika was a starting point for House realizing that being alone is not all its cracked up to be. Upon acknowledging that, House started to notice that there are plenty of people that could tweak him emotionally and intellectually. The fact he screwed up his thinkg with Dominika is a product not of hislack of willingness to commit; but instead his fear of how others may react to such willingness. I think if Stacy returned to House’ life, he’d be ready, willing and able to return to her and I believe they’d be very happy together.

  • Hugh

    did anybody feel like this episode did a terrible and stereotypical (almost bordering racist) portrayal of Hmong culture? I thought it was ridiculous especially when it came to the house investigation of the kid’s home where they found the pig ritual. Hmong pig sacrifice really are not that bloody or dramatic. It also really irritated me how insensitive the staff were to their belief in medicine. Its that kind of interaction the make so many Hmong-American distrustful of western doctors and feel disrespected by their snobbery.

  • Jan

    Saw the episode and was amazed by the plot and the absence of explanation.

    Now surprised by the absence of comments on it.