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TV Review: House, M.D. – “After Hours”

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“You can’t keep going like this. Something has to change.”

“I know.”

This last exchange in “After Hours” between House (Hugh Laurie in a brilliant performance) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), for all it’s familiarity, is noteworthy for House’s lack of push-back against Wilson’s nagging. House knows it’s true, perhaps truer than at any other time since we met him.

“After Hours,” is the penultimate episode of House’s seventh season, and after all of this season’s pyrotechnics, production numbers and high-wire acts, it really comes down to this simple exchange. “Something has to change.”

Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend’s straightforward, yet heart-stopping script ties together three separate stories, which never intersect, themselves, but which elaborate on a familiar House theme. The simplicity of the story lines belies the complexity of emotion in this study of cause and effect. Oh how I have missed Friend and Lerner’s wonderful scripts this season. (This is their first since last season’s finale.) From “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart,” to “Broken” and, of course “Help Me” (often in collaboration with Peter Blake, and sometimes David Foster), this writing team is great at mining the series core themes and getting to the real emotion of House’s story.

I’ve liked much of Season 7, but I’d yet to watch an episode this season that’s left me breathless at the commercial breaks (although fortunately I didn’t have to watch the episode with commercials—Phew!). Until now, that is.

To House, everything goes back to The Leg. From Season 1, he insists that all of his pain, torment and sadness originates in Stacy’s single decision, made without his consent. All control over his own future was ripped away when she made the decision to have Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) do the debridement on his leg. And everything from that moment on was dictated by The Leg. His undiagnosed illness led him to diagnostics; the chronic pain led him to dependence on narcotics. Chronic pain changes you, I’m told. Everything becomes about that one thing that now rules your physical and emotional life. And the decisions made in direct contradiction to his wishes destroyed whatever trust he may have had in medicine and in people.

Of course, we know that House’s trust issues go much deeper than that—to his relationship with his parents certainly and whatever he suffered under John House’s roof. And another person might have reacted differently to the realities presented to House post surgery. But House’s damaged leg is the albatross around his neck; it affects everything else; every consideration.

He self-medicates; he researches crazy theories that may alleviate his pain. It is the White Whale to his Ahab. Wilson and to Cuddy usually are able to keep close enough to him to protect him from his own recklessness and the worst of his self-destructive behavior. But over the last several weeks, in the aftermath of his breakup with Cuddy, House has put up more walls between himself and those closest to him.

Barely speaking to him, Cuddy is still trying to convince herself that she doesn’t love or care for House. She keeps herself distant enough that she would have no idea what House’s state of mind may be. Wilson is still trying to pick up the pieces and lead his friend back to some state of normalcy, inventing games and diversions to keep House from falling into despair.

Wilson can usually read House (at least as far as knowing that something is not right with him), but he’s been so focused on diverting House from his pain, that he’d missed just how deeply wounded House had become—so desperate that he experiments on himself. So far gone, that he’d rather risk mutilating his leg further, or worse, than trusting a surgeon to operate on his leg.

So much of Wilson and Cuddy’s lives are dictated by caring about their very troubled friend, they have little energy left for anything else. As much as each might want to move past him, neither Cuddy (as she admits at the end of “Help Me”) nor Wilson (“Birthmarks”) has been capable of leaving House. 

But neither of them has been watching very carefully as House has been on self-destruct since the end of “Bombshells.” And as much as House wants to be left alone, he also craves the filters that Wilson and Cuddy provide to protect him from his most self-destructive inclinations.

House knows as he recovers from the surgery to which he finally agrees that lectures are forthcoming, telling Wilson, however, that he’d hoped to wake up to someone who can’t speak “judgmental.” But as much as he says he doesn’t want anyone to dictate to him how he should live his life, he needs and usually appreciates his friends’ counsel. Without it, shutting them out of his life in an elemental way, House nearly kills himself, this time with a combination of experimenting on himself and the self-surgery.

Other times he’s considered radical therapies for himself (“Half Wit,” “Insensitive,” and “Softer Side”), either Wilson or Cuddy stops him before he does any real damage. Now I’m not saying that either of them is a paragon. Many times, particularly Wilson, has jumped to the worst conclusions about House. And when House decides to live down to the worst expectations of his closest friends post “Bombshells” it is their low expectations at which House is aiming.

House is driven by abject fear here. He doesn’t know whom to trust, so he trusts no one. But as House is about to be wheeled into the operating room, he realizes that once again the course of his life is out of his control. He will be under general anesthesia as the doctors operate on his leg to remove the tumors he had tried removing himself. His biggest fear is that once under then knife, the doctors will decide that his leg is beyond saving, and they will amputate. We are right back at “Three Stories” and that crucial decision point about The Leg. Just as then, House is terrified. House has to trust someone; he trusts Cuddy. He puts his destiny in her hands. Only let them cut if absolutely necessary. And in so doing it puts a burden on her shoulders. 

Cuddy’s cannot get away from House, as much as she tries. Of course this is exacerbated by daughter Rachel, who has forged a friendship with House—and misses him since the breakup.

In the end, House’s efforts, as crazy as they seem are to make his life better. He is not suicidal; he is trying to make his leg better. So his life can be better, as Cuddy observes. 

But as Wilson says, something has to change. We’ve been here before with House so many times. He wants to change, he tries to change, to make his life better. But at this point it’s up to him. He’s in control; he is the only one who can alter his destiny. Wilson can’t do it; neither can Cuddy. They can only perform first aid on House’s broken life, or emergency surgery when necessary. Indeed, House has to take it into his own hands to perform the real surgery on his life. But is he ready?

The episode’s other story lines, although nowhere as intense and compelling as House’s, elaborate on the themes played out in House’s story. Thirteen’s (Olivia Wilde) decision to euthanize her brother haunts her, now informing everything in her life—every decision she makes henceforth. Her story parallels Chase’s (Jesse Spencer) and the burden he has carried since assassinating President Dibala in Season 6. Chase has, since that moment, been tormented, by it; unable to share his burden with anyone meaningful. And it is in the connection between Chase and 13, that both may get what they truly need—the opportunity for solace. I am very interested to see how this plays out.

This week’s patient, a junkie ex-con, stabbed in a crack den, wasn’t always that woman. A police officer, she killed a young man in self-defense, but the action, justified as it might have been, has marked her, changed her and destroyed her.

Taub (Peter Jacobson), too has a life-altering fork in the road in “After Hours.” His most recent affair has led to an unplanned pregnancy, and he has no interest in the burdens of fatherhood (in itself a life-altering event). But faced with a life-passing-before-my-eyes moment at gunpoint, Taub has second thoughts along with a second chance at life. Maybe becoming a father, leaving a legacy—a next generation—has merit and will allow him to eventually leave this earth believing he has done something good.

I cannot end this review without talking about Hugh Laurie’s performance. As difficult to watch as the self-surgery scene was, I managed to catch enough through my splayed fingers to witness an amazing, intense and gut-wrenching performance. His scenes with Rachel Cuddy exchanging pirate lines were delightful, and I loved the tentative touch House gave his right leg after waking up from surgery, to make sure he still had it. Brilliant acting all the way through.

I also have to say how much I enjoyed the exchanges between Rachel Cuddy and House. And it appears that it will be through her that an official cessation of hostilities will occur between House and Cuddy. Her get well note to House, obviously a note from both Rachel and her mother, invites House back into both their lives, expressing, very simply, how much they miss him. 

There is so much more to say about this fine episode, but I will leave that for you all, and for later in the week when I chat with writer/executive producers Lerner and Friend about “After Hours” and Season 7.

House returns next week for the season finale “Moving On.” 

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  • housefriend

    It was not noted that WILSON was the first one House reached out to and NOT Cuddy, In the end it was Wilson there for him.
    The episode was amazing and HL brilliant.
    Cuddy missed out on the fact that House had a wonderful connection with Rachel. Her loss. Cuddy was never going to give House the unconditional love that Wilson does. Wilson and Cuddy are not interchangeble here,Wilson has always held a spot in Houses life and his heart that is unmatched by any other,

  • nickel

    The big question that everyone is missing is this…..HOW THE F COULD HOUSE TRUST CUDDY????? She has unethically performed surgery on him (3 Stories), ruined his one and true love (Stacy), (I also noticed that in Hunting season 2 when she told House at the end of the episode to go see Stacy she was somewhat pleased with herself thinking that was going to be torture for him, then surprised when he happily goes.), then in Need to Know she is the voice of negativity when Stacy asked her what House was like after Stacy left. Gotta love the whole submarine thing going on there. Cuddy has lied to House (and not just fun or little lies), seriously why would a Dean of Medicine want to strike a blow to the confidence of her hospital’s best doctor????? Personally she or Wilson are the absolutely the last people House should trust. Honestly the more I watch this show the more respect I have for House and the more I dislike Cuddy, Wilson and anyone else on this show. I would also like to say that as far back as the Pilot episode Cuddy has made her comments to House very personal and just nasty. Gotta love the whole snide comment as he is leaving the elevator to go home and she questions “to what”, well he could have been going home to the love of his life had she been more ethical in her treatment of House during his infarction. UGH….I am SOOOOOOO glad that Cuddy is gone….now all we need is for Wilson to find some other needy person to FEED OFF OF.

  • alf

    Random and late but just want to throw it out there- methadone is by no means a “radical” form of treatment for chronic pain patients (unlike we are lead to believe in the The Softer Side). It’s become an increasingly common alternative to short acting opiates and, because its used as a maintenance drug for addicts, it would have been perfect for House. Too bad the writers have always failed to present chronic pain/opiate use/addiction in a realistic manner and didn’t explore House on methadone a little more.

    Anyway, I thought this was a fairly good episode. The final scene with Wilson and House was fantastic. Too bad the finale killed most of the good will I had left towards the show.

  • Exfan

    Well, I do believe cuddy IS important to the show and cannot be replaced because not only has she worked together with house for a long time (house working in a dept. Created specifically for him by cuddy), they have a 20+ year history together. This season, it seems to me, that the writers were confused as to what direction to go. They buid up this relationship for 7 years then they make a big giant mess of it after bs. The article published a while back was right, nothing seems to matter in this show anymore. I have really enjoyed this show in the past (incl. The first 15 epis of this season until the break up), The ups and downs, but there was always hope. Now there is none.
    I don’t know the reasons why LE left, but I have several ideas:
    1. Paycut -of course
    2. Her character- house has become such a dark place for all the characters. That may seep into your personal life, it would seem to me to go against her natural self. May be draining -emotionally
    3. Creative- after the last few seasons she has had a larger role in the show. Now that she is no longer with house , the thought of going back to 5sec. Scenes may not sound as attractive.
    In either of these cases, I think “moving on” was a good choice, she is too talented to be shortchanged or not be happy with what she’s doing.
    She’ll have another offer in another show in no time. I’d be surprise if she doesn’t already have at least one.

  • Peachie

    Well, yes, LE is leaving, but the show is called House. All they need to do is replace her with someone else – its not that hard. Yes, I know LE played Cuddy for 7 years, but, IMO – she can be replaced and Cuddy/Huddy can live on. I just hope season 8 is not all about House recovering from Cuddy leaving.. that will just be a mess – kind of like this season – Hated it!! So far, I have watched up to the episode after bombshells. That episode cut the cake and I stopped watching all together.

    I think LE made a business decision and it was the right choice for her at this time. Great job LE!

  • Sacha

    So disappointed. I really, really thougth that, with this episode, I was going to be hooked to the show again, but the storyline I have been anticipating the most (caring!Chase) was not much more but a Thirteen vehicle. It also showed clearly what a terrific actor Jesse Spencer is, especially if he is given some decent lines, but Olivia Wilde butchered their scenes together by being either uber-tough, forcefully sarcastic, or whiny. I’m really sorry to say this but she just can’t carry emotions well, and especially if she gets to interact with the more skillful cast members, it just shows that she can’t compete. I don’t mind her as a person and I hope her movie career takes off, but she just doesn’t fit in a more subtle, psychological show like House, with such a fine cast like Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein, Jesse Spencer and Omar Epps (most of them being tragically under-used or even wasted this season).

    I couldn’t see some sort of ‘bonding’ between Chase and Thirteen (I doubt he told her about Dibala because it was nowhere indicated that he would. He was being nice by offering her some coffee and going back to normal). I didn’t see any exploration of Chase because it was all about Thirteen and her fear to live with what she did. However, I guess they were opening a door for a Chase/Thirteen get together and frankly, I don’t want Chase to be ‘the boyfriend’ again, the one who is taking care of her and unwillingly becoming some sort of Cameronesque tragic figure by falling in love with a dying person.

    It’s so sad that it becomes more and more evident how important Thirteen for the writers is. Her character is a killjoy for me (and I’m absolutely speaking for myself here, and no-one’s going to change my mind about that), and if she hooks up with Chase and makes him part of *her* story, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed. I was watching for the dynamics House has had with ALL his fellows, particularly Chase. They’ve skipped it completely.

    I feel bad for Lisa Edelstein leaving the show, but then, it was probably a wise decision.

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry I’ve been absent the last couple of days (insanity, as usual). I did have the chance yesterday to talk to Garret Lerner and Russel Friend, the writers of After Hours. I will post the interview probably tomorrow morning. We talked a lot about After Hours and season seven. They couldn’t say much about LE’s departure since it was really so new to all of them. But they did talk a little bit about it. I will share that in the interview. I will make one request about the interview, however. Please, please, please keep it civil. They may say some thing you won’t like, but much more that you will.

    Disagree with them, debate, but please don’t attack them. Or each other. That is all :). I now return you to your regular discussion.

  • Amie

    I was really disappointed with this episode. Too high expectations?

    The 13 storyline was boring. OW may be a nice person but her acting doesn’t move me at all. It was just nice to get more Chase.

    I really donc care about the Taub storyline even though I like him (he has good, funny lines).

    And the House story? Meh.
    OK, he did another crazy thing. And his interaction with Rachel was cute. But that’s it. It was nowhere near 3 stories, compelling-wise.

    And Cuddy has become a one-expression character. As much as I used to love her, I can’t stand this one-dimensionnal character they are giving us.
    She really didn’t seem to care. She felt annoyed to be there, fixing once again House’s mess.

    Seing House stumble and stumble and stumble is not why I watch the show : I watch it because it used to be FUNNY! The clinic, the great one-liners, the banter with Cuddy, the nerve to say things no one does…
    All of it is gone. Now it’s just depressing.

    As Cuddy said in season 6 “it’s not fun anymore”.

    And with Cuddy gone, I don’t see how it can get better…

  • 2 lightworker


    Thanks for the invitation 🙂
    Was over there today-check it out 🙂

  • 2 lightworker

    @87-The Other Barnett

    I am an artist who has always been interested in creative arts, psychology and spirituality, and have worked in helping professions particularly with holistic approaches for people living with life-challenging illness as well as in other kinds of crises. I have no agenda here for any particular spiritual perspective.

    It would surprise me if there were a didactic presentation of House being changed through spirituality. I agree that he has been presented as an atheist, although not so rigid that he couldn’t engage in an interesting dialogue with the priest in “Unfaithful,” or participate with warmth with people of faith in the stories of the Orthodox wedding couple or the Cuban couple, to touch on just a few examples that come to mind. Although he made many comments about Cuddy’s hypocrisy with Rachel’s baby blessing in the Jewish tradition, I thought his real reason for not attending was social insecurity.

    Some of the people I have known who have been in as desperate a place as House have sometimes been empowered to live more healthy lives through 12 step programs. But that has been shown as something he can seem to accept but finally deflects with ease.

    It seems that there is a human need to love and be loved, to find meaning and purpose in life, and to connect to some larger community with concern for human well being and justice. But House doesn’t seem to have had the kind of parenting that would have allowed those needs to be experienced as safe and good. I could imagine in whatever way he is shown to come to his journey’s end, that there might be a metaphor to suggest something of that, but not in any traditional way.

    The appeal of the [H]ouse concept for me has been what Hugh Laurie has referred to as “Byronic,” or a romantic anti-hero, and his charismatic animating energy and brilliant nuances have made House a mesmerizing experience for me. However, although I did not come to the show until mid-Season 5, I have watched the previous seasons on marathons, and wonder if I would have been drawn in initially if the tone were as it has been this season, particularly from Episode 15 on. I feel as if I am watching House plumb what Carl Jung called our “shadow,” or the Psalmists referred to as being in “the pit,” the part of ourselves that scales the depths of despair, but which has an energy on which we can draw for creativity and vitality if we can free ourselves from the seduction of the darkness. Pretty tough to watch.

    Will not give up hope that House may surrender limits he has placed on himself and allow more exploration of his incredible inner resources, coming to a balance of mind and spirit as a more whole person. I find his melancholy moments as well as his sly nobility suggest that might be possible.
    Whether the television writers are inclined to go in that direction is yet to be revealed.

  • Michele1L

    Being that Lisa E. has had nothing to do lately but look down-trodden and hang-dog-faced whilste making implausible decisions — breaking up with House because he avoids feeling pain — DUH! (blame the writers, not Lisa E. I actually have been feeling sorry for her as an actress during all of this — as I did when they inexplicably dumped Lucas into her character’s life.) Despite, I’m looking forward to seeing what they will do without her, how they will get rid of her, etc.) Perhaps again we will see more interaction between House and Wilson — which is always welcome — and I am loving House’s relationship with 13. I would much rather see her sleep with House (although I doubt that will happen) rather than Chase because both House and 13 could be intimate without any expectations — which would be hot. I think with Chase and 13 there would be speculation and concern for the future, which we all know on this show never works!

    Irreguardless, I have always watched this show for Hugh Laurie. One of the best actors in the business — television or otherwise. I hope this role leads to other film work he would like to do. I would especially like to see him realize his dream of becoming a James Bond movie villain. Love him.
    I’m in it until the very end.

  • 08joanna

    #87-I doubt very much that TPTB will ever have House “find God,” so to speak. From the very beginning of this series he’s been extremely skeptical of all religion, calling himself an atheist on several occasions, and it’s been a major theme and a major part of his character. I think he’s more likely to find some kind of love and acceptance in a human relationship (which is still unlikely, as I see it) than he is to ever become religious. That would be so out of character as to be unbelievable, in my opinion.

  • BrokenLeg

    @ 2 lightworker

    Come to the other BB discussion “LE leaving House”.

  • housecomelately

    88 housemaniac, well said, agree 100%. *sigh*

  • housemaniac

    Very, very sad to see LE go. But any speculation as to WHY she left is just that –speculation. Maybe the contract they offered her was crap. Maybe they didn’t offer her any contract at all. Who knows? And does it really matter?

    To me what matters is that the show will no longer have the Cuddy character and I just find that unfathomable. On the other hand, I have been thinking for sometime now that the writers had written her character into a corner and I could not imagine any significant role for Cuddy next season. The interaction in After Hours between House and Cuddy was poignant, but miserable. The banter is gone. The romance is gone. And now Lisa Edelstein is gone.

  • The Other Barnett

    2 lightworker – are you in an eclessiastical role? Many of your comments have a soulful-ness that implies you may be a minister or a christian counselor…or pastor’s husband..? You have made references to faith and to spiritual matters, so I want to toss an idea out.

    IF Cuddy were killed off, would this be enough of a shock to House’ system for him to maybe seek a spiritual balm? I am a person of faith and I naturally think that sometimes the only way to help the hopeless is handing them to God. Might it be possible for this show to end House’ journey with him finding a kind of faith that will not only soothe or heal him, but leave him someone who will be himself, yet not self-destructive? May I say a kinder-gentler House?

  • 2 lightworker

    @72 Broken Leg
    Thanks for your perspective which I so enjoy. At this point, after reading so many points of view, it would seem that there has been a corporate decision, for this smacks of a “nondisclosure” agreement – since neither Fox nor NBCU have made a formal statement that I have seen. I may well be wrong, but I have worked in a large institution that once focused on creativity and human well-being, and for the last twenty years developed the corporate approach to letting people go who displeased those in power. The political manipulations are sometimes so intertwined that it is almost impossible to know who decided what.

    Not sure whether LE’s personal values and public stands have influenced this – hard to get a take on it. The timing seems odd from the outside looking in, but there is no doubt more here than meets the eye.

    However this has come about – for quite awhile or suddenly – I don’t think criticizing anyone in the cast for not intervening will set things right. I don’t find insight in condescending remarks to fans from the creative team – better to say nothing at all, or learn diplomacy – but that apparently is the culture of the technological revolution that did not exist in the era of “Cheers,” “ER” or “MASH.” OTOH, there are insulting comments from fans that may provoke that. I have always admired Hugh Laurie for admonishing the associate director who spoke rudely to extras, and insisting that the director apologize. To me, that was a breath of the fresh air of civility and principle.

    There is a wide and diverse perspective in this fandom, multicultural and intergenerational, and that is a credit to the concept of House and to the cast.
    Whatever comes of this news about LE, I hope Season 8 will offer a drama that is on a par with the best of “House,” yet continuing to develop the character and his “journey” and personality. An ambiguous ending in the last episode would suit me just fine.

  • ruthinor

    Yes, based upon their worth to society, actors are overpaid. So are sports stars and most of all, the top 1% of the rich in the USA. It’s not fair to compare an actor’s salary to that of the general population. It should be an internal comparison. Lisa Edelstein is NOT a victim. But neither are the other people on House due to her leaving. She didn’t break a contract. But in TVland, female stars often are paid less than male stars and are let go more easily. No one here knows why she’s leaving. It’s all just speculation. And how important you think a character is to a show depends on one’s individual taste. Personally, Chase is the only one of the original 3 fellows that I found interesting. I still think he’s the most interesting of the remaining ducklings. They could get rid of the rest and replace them with others and I wouldn’t care much, especially Foreman who IMO is a bore, was a bore and will always be a bore. I’ve always liked Wilson and think he’s essential to the show. I also wish they hadn’t killed off Amber. I consider House, Wilson and Cuddy to be the backbone of the show. They’ve been together for 7 years, and to me, the absence of Cuddy leaves a large hole in the show. RSL does the show for money only. He has often stated that he prefers the theatre, and that he finds TV less fulfilling. He has done little to promote the show, unlike LE, who has frequently been the spokesperson for the show in interviews etc. I wish LE the best in her career. She seems like a decent person.

  • The Other Barnett

    Maka makes a good point about Edelstein’s leaving in comparison to Leonard and Epps. I remember reading somewhere when the show was first considered, it was supposed to be a true ensemble medical drama. If anything, Epps and Leonard had the most potential to be the “Greene and Ross” (ER) of the show. Edelstein made herself more marketable by being on this show. That she chooses to move on is perfectly fine, but she is no victim here, either. And, I don’t liken her to someone who leaves the show in a difficult situation, in fact it could re-invigorate the storylines – with the right writers. Lets be honest, Huddy was something of a drag on the show this season.

    Debra, taking into consideration Ruthinor’s reminder on who has custody of Rachel, the likely storyline if Cuddy is killed off (and yet Rachel is still coming under House’ care) would be some kind of illness bringing Paula Marshall (Cuddy’s sister) back on the show. Would it be an interesting ending if we see House limping off into the sunset holding Rachel’s hand? There is no way Shore would do that, though.

  • The Other Barnett

    How many postings have said “I’ll never watch the show again, I loved Huddy/Cuddy”…OK, fine, go ahead and walk away. As others have said, there is a reason the show is called “House”.

    Now, back to the episode…which was not only the best of theseason, but the best since “Help Me” and “Broken”. Barb, I agreed with the commentary about the leg. I said in the previous posting you made that it has been about the leg and the family he comes from. But you made it more clear and eloquently stated….House sees the surgery on his leg as the defining point of his unhappy life. I also agreed that hugh Laurie did an incredible acting job….the moment he looked at Cuddy and shared his confidence in her in avoiding amputation…incredible!

    You also mentioned the writing team that wrote this show. You also mentioned some of their other recent episodes. You are only helping my argument (made over many different postings) that the writing staff is to blame for the show’s inconsistency. Shore may lend his negative view of the world and have influenced it, but there are ways to “fall gracefully and with panache” and the writing team for this knows how to do it well. Has anyone eles noticed that the show has improved since Bombshells?

    I loved the interaction between House and Rachel. It does show that House did care about the girl as more than a pretext to keep with Cuddy. She is clever, inquisitive, and irreverent for someone who age. Of course he would like her. Remember the pride he showed in her lying to the pre-school representative? BUT, I am seriously concerned that this is a potential option for “House the opportunistic addict” to come around for the finale. Could he use Rachel to manipulate Cuddy? Could he do something that would scare Cuddy into thinking that she and her daughter are not safe? That is definitely what I would not want to see, but if it is written and presented in a machiavellian/Iago-ish manner, then it could definitely be great television.

    Some have complained about the notion of House grabbing Cuddy as being unacceptable. I’m not so judgemental on this. It is a drama and it is to be expected that something aggressive should be done from House’s perspective (and without the tumor option). Think about it, House went to rehab and counseling in order to get away from dangerous psychological state. He is assured upon return that the feelings he had for Cuddy the previous season was not vicodin-riddled. Then he sees her moving on without him, he sees life not being fully improved even when he is trying to think in a more healthy manner, and (I think) he is doubting his diagnostic mojo – to the point that he is ready to go back to vicodin, when Cuddy becomes his angel. She saves him, she makes love with him, she inserts him into a semi-normal life (including Rachel, his partner in crime), and then she drops him when he stumbles when trying to be there for her. He is ready to pop! All he needs is something to happen between him and Cuddy that either teases his emotions or misleads him to a false assumption for him to throttle her. It is understandable, even if it is not right.

    I lied the taub storyline. It was something nice to take me out of the intensity of House’ situation. Maybe this baby allows for a more mature Taub, though I bet it creates some sparks (not-so-positive) between him and his ex-wife.

    Chase and 13 should have had a story earlier. They work well together. That scene of 13 being tossed to the floor and Chase’ face after that….golden! I have spent nearly two months wondering whether House and 13 could hook up, am I too shallow to wonder now if it could actually be Chase and 13? It would certainly provide some heat, and it would possibly bring Foreman back to a storyline with him being annoyed with his ex being with Chase. Imagine the House-ian comments, too!

    Finally, I’m sorry to see Lisa Edelstein go. But its not the obvious point of losing a good character or a good actress. It is more of a sign that next season is the end. Cuddy has been important as a plot device for years with this show. I have never seen her as important a stand-alone character as Wilson, Foreman, Chase, Cameron or 13…but she has been important in getting the story along in almost every episode. Now a new person must be brought into the equation and that has to be tough.

    May I make a story recommendation, Barb – and I am curious for your thoughts. Cuddy chooses to move to another teaching hospital in California. Maura Tierney comes in to serve as an Interim-Dean. Her character is a former lover of House’ and is also a former girfriend of Wilson’s (or mistress is better term). She has a sailor’s mouth and uses her sexuality in a more blatant manner than Cuddy ever did – but she is also a better poltician than Cuddy. She is a trauma specialist and is back in the USA after ten years in Africa with Dr.’s without borders. Anyone? Anyone?

  • bbt

    We are all assuming that the House people are guilty why LE is not comming back next season. Maybe because of her leaving (LE) the writers had to change very fast the episodes of this season. We will probably never know really why LE is leaving – everybody lies. But I do know this: Where else can you make that kind of money per year and hardly work. LE doesn’t work 14 hours a day, get’s at least 4 month vacation per year and still makes 2 millon a year, a free trip to Israel (with luxory), etc Like someone said before, overall she had very little air time. So how much did she really work?.
    I do like the chemistry between House and Cuddy and I wished she would have stayed with the show, but that’s the real life. Maybe in 2 – 3 years if we still care, we will find out what really happen, Greed? A better oportunity? A rich husband?, who know’s and frankly right now I don’t care, but let’s not pretend that we have all the facts, and we are in a position to pass judgement. Hoping for a great final episode and a great season 8. In my book, House is still the best show on TV.

  • ruthinor

    With all due respect Maka, when someone’s contract is up they are free to make whatever decision they wish to make. She didn’t do anything illegal. And despite all the rumors about who is making what and who took a pay cut, the truth is that nobody really knows other than the parties involved. No actor is obligated to sign a contract they have no wish to sign. And unless you have superhuman powers, you have no idea what is going on in anyone’s mind. Furthermore, IMO, it was the creative team that was incredibly harmful to the character of Cuddy, not he other way around. I wish LE the best of luck in the future and I will miss her presence on one of my favorite shows.

  • Maka

    @76 – byzantine

    Lisa Edelstein’s decision is incredibly harmful to the creative staff of the show, who now have to pick up the pieces of her abrupt leaving and still flesh out an acceptable storyline for Season 8. Think of her as a key player for a sports team who suddenly decides to leave because the pay isn’t good enough. Now think of this key player as leaving the team before the last two games of a championship (couldn’t work that way, but bear with the analogy). The whole show and it’s fans lose out from her decision.

    And she wasn’t the only one of the main cast who was asked to compromise in order for there to be a season 8. Both Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps both agreed to feature in a shorter number of episodes, and Epps accepted a pay cut, meaning that they would get paid less for what is still a tremendous amount of work. Only Lisa Edelstein, who apparently feels that she can move on from House after abandoning the show in what is likely the final stretch, refused to compromise.

    Because of her decision, the rest of the cast and the creative team will now have to work extra hard to give this fantastic show a satisfactory concluding season. And as I said before, this show is what turned Edelstein from a B-list actress working guest spots to a household name. You’d think she’d feel more gratitude to House than that.

  • ruthinor

    If you believe Bombshells, Cuddy asked her sister to care for Rachel if she should die.

  • Debra

    With all the talk of children, leaving something behind when you’re gone, House needing to change, etc. Do you think it’s possible the writers may be planning to kill Cuddy and have her leave Rachel under House’s guardianship? A little far fetched, but it would be interesting. What do you think?

  • Debra

    With all the talk of children, leaving something behind when you’re gone, House needing to change, etc. Do you think it’s possible the writers may be planning to kill Cuddy and have her leave Rachel under House’s guardianship? A little far fetched, but it would be interesting. What do you think?

  • byzantine

    I have been reluctant to comment about anything going on in House fandom today but I cannot help myself here. I have only one thing to say @ Maka (# 75)–your statement is plain ugly, and on top of it it is written under the veil of anonymity. Ungh…Goodness gracious, where is the civility for which I respect this blog and its readers.

  • Maka

    Olivia Wilde got a boost to her salary alright: She and Paul Jacobson were elevated to regular cast, a role they’ve been playing for two years. A role which Jennifer Morrison held onto a season after she was cut from the show.

    Edelstein was a darling of the creative team when her character and acting steadily devolved into a one-dimensional joke. Edelstein would have been an industry nobody without House. It’s strange to see her feel such little gratitude for the show and creative team who essentially made her career. She was already making millions off of this show. The only reason why she quit is that she feels she has better opportunities elsewhere, which is horrifically disloyal.

    Hey, Edelstein, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. You will not be missed.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I’ll just bet that OW got a big boost in her salary, and they then offered LE a big cut. Sad but true in the entertainment business world. If that’s true, LE has all the right in the world to go her own way.

    It’s not like LE won the People’s Choice Award or anything. Oh…wait…

    Given the timing of her announcement, I just bet it’s a maneuver to get a better offer. Maybe?? I feared this was going to happen.

  • RobF


    After a mostly lacklustre season, they give us one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    With all of the Chase/Thirteen “sometimes you have to break a promise”, I was actually surprised to see in the last scene that House still had his leg. I was already imagining the CGI and other tricks they would do next season to show one-legged House.

    I really can’t guess what’s going to happen. They have a habit of giving us false hope into the final episode, only to smack us down — or vice versa. This time, they’re making us think that House has finally learned his lesson, that he can’t keep pushing people away, he can’t do everything himself, etc.

    So, will he take the next logical step and come in from the cold? or will he do something self-destructive with lasting consequences?

    Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better, as I’ve been avoiding any spoilers whatsoever. I haven’t even seen the network teaser for the next episode.

  • BrokenLeg

    60 @Annie

    As you say :“House is already in a horrible place right now, and I expect that he won’t be all fine and dandy after this season’s finale. So, if Cuddy leaves, where can House possibly go? Into a deeper depression?” Yes, my dear, that must be DS world, painful, dark, neurotic, but money guided.

    Also yours :“There is no House without Cuddy”. Barbara’s “triumvirate” theory is as yours I think. Both Cuddy and Wilson balanced House.
    And this had nothing to do with H/C relationship of any kind. Is that way as the show was developed and initially thought.
    I hope that as far as it sound all is a simply “money business” affair, both parts reconsidered their positions, and LE will come back, at least for some episodes at the very end of the next season. To a well written role. If her communicate is not given precisely to induce this turmoil asking her turning back, who knows. Or is a •producers ”probe balloon” to increase audiences of 8 season.

    And about that campaign, we are not important or relevant ones, but we are a lot of possible quitting viewers all over the world. Don’t underestimate that. Don’t believe that nonsense about “the percentage of a percentage”. Anyone has a friend, that has a friend, that has a friend , that….What to do? We can go to the Show Recaps web part of FOX [H]ouse MD, to the “After Hours” comments part, and send millions of messages asking to return back Cuddy and LE, and give her the money wasted on stupid stuff expensive to produce.

    And it’s so sad that disrespectfulness and rudeness used in previous GY tweets. They wanted the audience debating until the end of season, and chose to use the wrong way. Events make that those words can hurt people now more than then. In my country there are a proverb that said more or less “your last word will remain inside your mouth”, about to be cautious when using your words publicly.

    69 @2 lightworker
    Of course NO ONE has the right of deprive us of our humor sense ( by the way, how fanny number assigned to your post….)Not even DS, LE or anyone, but now I’m just drained. I’ll follow you renting Murphy Brown as a shock therapy, was such a big show (I always envy that painter she has at home, doing everything else but painting walls). And I’m now at home really broken legged, unable to work, and with my favorite way of bringing some joy to my boring days…. totally smashed. I’ve lost even my objectivity, I think.

    We’ve talk enough previously in other posts about how poorly are the women written on [H]ouse, so THIS that happens now is a pure consequence of that. Absolutely. And I follow your steps on that matter, UK addressed.

    About HL saying something about House adopting Rachel, is out of context now. Every possibility closed. December was so long ago. Remember? It was Christmas. Now we are on May. Spring is blooming.

    I agree totally with your last paragraph: “The politics and values in which the show exists must surely be exhausting for anyone with principles, and I see why in the first photos in London and Paris after the last House ep was wrapped, Hugh Laurie is so transparently joyful and high with his new music venture that has been quite well received, including a contract for five more albums, and now he is moving on to make “Mr. Pip.” He has given us his all in a grueling schedule as he played “House” for seven years, which he graciously acknowledges as his ship coming in. Now he can sail that ship where he chooses. That’s good for him and good for his fans!”
    He’d given much more than received on [H]

    Ah! And at this point I miss some Barbara’s comments!!

  • Alex

    LE leaving the show it’s great, now there’re good chances I’ll have back the show I used to love, no more stuid soap opera, no more boring and silly romance, no more annoying huddys whining because they want more sex, more kisses, huddy baby and nonsense like that.

  • BrokenLeg


    I share all your post, but I specially subscribe this part:
    “The show has lost viewship over the years because it is TOO DARK AND TOO UNREALISTIC. Not one character is happy or even content! I don’t agree with David Shore’s outlook in life. People adapt to their circumstances. Does David Shore think therapy is a waste of time? I think the only way this show can end is with Gregory House in a pine box! “

    And I think too that Barbara’s interview with KJ was not quite up to date. Specially knowing that KJ is said a close friend of LE. In a few days the notices she has delivered become old, sadly old. The worst luck of a journalist!

    And the turmoil generated is so great that her next interview with those writers lack of all interest at this moment too.

    And KJ is some kind of hoodoo or jinx. After talking about JMO, she was fired too. Best stay away of that woman, actors and actress. Seems she always wears a yellow suit!!

    LE resignation leaves me with a bitter aftertaste. I will miss her, [H] will not be the same without her character (as it was until “Unwritting”)and her acting, and altough I respect absolutely her decision, looks like someone leaving a rudderless ship.
    And I don’t think that the resignation of LE is a good idea for herself. There are no often good characters in US TV for a middle aged woman. Too old to a fifty per cent ones, too young to the other. And she is neither a cinema or theater actress.

    Bye Lisa Cuddy, bye-bye lovely Rachel, Bye Arlene. Sad. Too sad.

  • 2 lightworker

    We will NOT let our sense of humor be destroyed in this absurd scenario! Our souls need to laugh! Laughter is healing and good for our health! So I’m renting the first season of Murphy Brown with Candice Bergen as self-therapy!

    As shocking and saddening as Lisa Edelstein’s departure is to me, I have to say, setting aside my emotional response to the show and cast for a moment, that although I have wondered why her part has been so limited in many episodes and if that had significance for her future on the show, the recent tough negotiations suggest that this is all about “Follow the money.” I think Lisa may be playing hard ball. I wish her well in that kind of battle. No one leaves unscathed.

    I do remember Hugh Laurie speaking about Dominika and her family, but was never clear what that meant. That dropped plot line adds to what feels like confusion as to where the showrunners want to run!
    I have made myself clear elsewhere about my disgust with women’s portrayal as hookers and green card manipulators, so I would rather that not come up again, and it would be worse if it were damage control and presented her as privileged in some way.

    @BrokenLeg – about Rachel; I recall an interview with Hugh Laurie last December in which he spoke about House considering adopting Rachel as a 51 year old man (his own age). Is that yet to come?

    @65-Josie…………Yes, it has become unrelentingly sad and makes my stomach churn. I loved the perspective House brought that lampooned authority and stupidity, and I can appreciate following a person’s development (“journey”), but with the unrelenting tragedy in our world, “enough is enough!” I actually enjoyed some of the “lighter” eps, like “Unplanned Parenthood” because they didn’t lower my energy. I could have embraced a more complex and sometimes angsty story arc of the relationship, because I like seeing screwed up people finding some sort of positive way, but that obviously was not to be.

    The politics and values in which the show exists must surely be exhausting for anyone with principles, and I see why in the first photos in London and Paris after the last House ep was wrapped, Hugh Laurie is so transparently joyful and high with his new music venture that has been quite well received, including a contract for five more albums, and now he is moving on to make “Mr. Pip.” He has given us his all in a grueling schedule as he played “House” for seven years, which he graciously acknowledges as his ship coming in. Now he can sail that ship where he chooses. That’s good for him and good for his fans!

  • Sandita48

    House will be fine without LE, if indeed those reports are true that she’s not coming back. There have been many times over the last seven seasons, including this season, that Cuddy has barely been a blip on the screen.

    This is House’s story, not Cuddy’s or anybody else’s for that matter. The show is called “House” for a reason and that reason is Hugh Laurie. Lose him and there is no show.

    I think my only disappointment during last night’s episode was that there wasn’t enough House and there was too much of the other two stories. I loved the scenes between House and Rachel…very obvious he was trying to comfort her when he was in so much pain.

    Interesting editing of next week’s promo. For me, there was no way to tell what the relationship was/is between between House and Cuddy after he angrily pushed her against the wall. Then the next thing you see if Cuddy sitting outside huddled under a blanket talking to the police about arresting House.

    Can’t wait for next week and season 8…if it’s the last season I will be sad but it will have been a great run for an outstanding show and actor.

  • Heather

    I watched this show just as much for Cuddy as for House. This is terrible news. I wish they would have cancelled the show rather than continue without Cuddy.

  • 08joanna

    I respect her decision, and will still watch this show until the bitter end, because House is the character I care about. Everyone else is peripheral, even Cuddy. Although, I will say that Wilson is essential. Don’t know if I’d keep watching without Wilson. But RSL is back for next year, and now that LE’s gone, maybe TPTB will come up with a more creative way for House to deal with life than to just throw him in the arms of Cuddy at the series finale. This development may even give them a chance to bring back someone with whom he had more chemistry, like Stacy or Lydia. Or make him find contentment without being in a relationship, which would be even more satisfying.

  • josie

    I actually enjoyed the show yesterday although I did have to make the effort to suspend my disbelief over House’s self-surgery. I thought Hugh Laurie was terrific. However, now that it’s the next day, I’ve lost all enthusiasm for the show. The show has lost viewship over the years because it is too dark and too unrealistic. Not one character is happy or even content! I don’t agree with David Shore’s outlook in life. People adapt to their circumstances. Does David Shore think therapy is a waste of time? I think the only way this show can end is with Gregory House in a pine box!

    Good luck to Lisa Edelstein. Run from this sinking ship as fast as you can!

  • Eileen

    One more thing…I will NEVER watch another David Shore or Katie Jacob’s (et al) show again. They screwed up the best show on television royally. Good riddance.

  • Eileen

    LE quit the show.

    Goodbye House.

  • BrokenLeg

    Rachel, Cuddy….and that someone who can monitor House properly, and balanced his darker side.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I had so much I was going to say here, but I’m done. Goodbye, House. This latest news has done it to me. As if things could get ANY worse. This is where I draw the line. I’m off to grieve.

  • Annie

    So I just heard about the LE thing, and all I have to say is that this is so tragic. House has been a great show, but it seems that they are setting themselves up for a truly horrible last season. Instead of going out with a bang, it seems that they’re going to end with less than half of their original viewers, not to mention missing the incredible dynamic between House and Cuddy, which was what drew me to the show in the first place.

    @57 BrokenLeg: “Like Wilson said to Cuddy, ‘Even if you’re not sleeping with him, he needs you in his life.'” — my thoughts exactly. House is already in a horrible place right now, and I expect that he won’t be all fine and dandy after this season’s finale. So, if Cuddy leaves, where can House possibly go? Into a deeper depression?

    TPTB has done some crazy things, and Greg Yaitanes has never been particularly caring to fans, but this is just ridiculous. I mean, Dominika, the freaking GREEN CARD WIFE is coming back next season, and LISA CUDDY IS NOT. How can TPTB possibly think that a character like Taub (even though I love P-Jac), could be more important than Cuddy? There is no House without Cuddy.

    So, either someone important starts a campaign and shows TPTB that they have made a huge mistake, so that they go running after LE and try to get her back, or next week’s episode will be my last House episode ever. If they really let Lisa leave, I will be so incredibly sad. I am not ready for the Season 7 finale to be my last episode…I was counting on Season 8 for some kind of closure. But if Season 8 does not involve Cuddy, I can’t see how I would enjoy it. I’d rather end on this season’s finale, even if it does not offer any kind of closure, then watch this show wither into a pathetic shell of its former self.

  • lenny

    Cuddy is Gone for next season! OMG!

  • stranger



  • BrokenLeg

    Due I’m at home and with my leg immobilized, I have time enough to surf the Internet. And watch bad news that, if certain, fully break the Barbara’s “triumvirate” theory. And also mine. LE quits and is out of the show next 8 season.

    As TVLine say today, the actress says, “After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

    If that is true, in great part is done to this season bad writing, the burning out of her character in a childish, teenager unexplored relationship, instead a well explored and written one, between two of the most attractive, special, uncommon, troublesome, lonely, tortured and broken characters of the TV world, relationship resumed in stupid toothbrushes and toilet seats problems.

    Like Wilson said to Cuddy, “Even if you’re not sleeping with him, he needs you in his life.” How to deal with that now?
    If it is true, and LE really quits, I’ll never understand the Executive Production team. Ungrateful people. They wasted in this season monster trucks and other stupid stuff the money that they are denyng to LE next season. Sad.
    @ 2 lightworker
    I’m so sorry, but I cannot make you laugh anymore.

  • Brain Child

    Well, Children, the point is moot.

    Lisa Edelstein released a statement that she will NOT be returning to the show next year.

    RIP, Huddy.

  • BrokenLeg

    45 @ Jessica aka JLCH
    @53 2 lightworker

    @ Jessica aka JLCH
    I totally agree with you.
    If the closure of the next 8 season, and the series, means the stupid closure of a circle by turning back House to the unworthy first season level, remaining him as a lonely, miserable, depressed, unhappy, dark, confused, even violent one, I would feel myself betrayed by DS and all his “ad lateres”. And almost every [H]viewer will feel that way too.

    I admire [H]ouse series because of Greg House brilliant although so dysfunctional character. I’ve was hooked to it precisely to that miserable antihero once so well written and always even best portrayed by Mr. Laurie. I know that House is a dark character. But I’ve seen during this seven years some baby-steps of behavior evolution to good. I’ve seen even his desperate research of some level of happiness. And I’ve seen increasing hints of humanity and some better empathy level.

    Maybe no one change totally during his/her life. One essentially remains who is. But adapts her/himself to circumstances. Mature during the living journey. Evolve. And evolution patterns let failures, let be able to fall to get up again, let do one step backwards only to be able to do two ones forward. But now both , House and Cuddy, are doing two steps backwards to do only one forward. This is not evolution but involution. It’s not even “not changing” as “TPTB mantra” says.

    And if TPTB do that way, returning to season one, I’ll thought that they do not respect us nor even their own creative writing integrity, that they are so proud of (but that I feel has yet been broken when the lack of ideas occur).

    50 @Frustrated
    You’ve read my thoughts

    53 @2 lightworker

    If I make you laugh, good. Laugh is a good therapy. Such as hugs.
    And about this part of your post :
    “You mention “forgiveness,” which I have wished for House and Cuddy, and wonder if such a spiritual value is seen as compatible with the perspective of the House journey by the show’s creator and could be a future step in the story, while keeping the integrity of the original concept. There have been references to spiritual concepts from time to time, offered with a light touch, counterpoint to the darkness. Rachel brings that with her open heart, as children have from time to time in earlier seasons”.
    Absolutely true.!!

  • Sheryl

    I haven’t posted here in so long . . . last night’s ep was so compelling, though, and I loved the scenes with Cuddy, Rachel and House. The promos for next week also made me angry.

    Just heard on Spoiler TV that Lisa is leaving the show, though. I’m really, really sad!

  • 2 lightworker

    @43-Broken Leg
    @26-32-35–Jessica aka JLCH

    You have both spoken the feelings in my heart and helped me with thoughts not yet worked through. I realize these are fictional characters, but the way they are portrayed affects me very much.

    @BrokenLeg, your humor saying TPTB show us a carrot and stole it immediately with the promo made me laugh – let’s hope the promo skews what really will happen.

    I didn’t expect a “good” House/Cuddy episode but do think the implications in the scenes with House/Cuddy/Rachel suggest a bond that will not be obliterated by human foolishness. Cuddy’s ambivalence seems to say one thing with her actions, and another in the cold way Cuddy has been portrayed (not only in this episode but for most of Season 7). This change in persona is noted here by others, so I will only say that I am confused by that and hope it will make sense next week. I did not find the surgery scene as visually horrific as anticipated, but perhaps the warning affected how I viewed that, as well as Hugh Laurie’s remarkable performance.

    You mention “forgiveness,” which I have wished for House and Cuddy, and wonder if such a spiritual value is seen as compatible with the perspective of the House journey by the show’s creator and could be a future step in the story, while keeping the integrity of the original concept. There have been references to spiritual concepts from time to time, offered with a light touch, counterpoint to the darkness. Rachel brings that with her open heart, as children have from time to time in earlier seasons. Some thoughts on forgiveness from spiritual writer Henri Nouwen that made me think of H/C’s broken relationship when it came to my mailbox from a spirituality website this week:

    “Forgiveness is the name of love practiced among people who love poorly.
    The hard truth is that all of us love poorly.
    We do not even know what we are doing when we hurt others.
    We need to forgive and be forgiven every day, every hour–unceasingly.”

  • #51 Eloise, I suppose it’s because every time House takes a step forward he gets thrown back so damn far!

  • Eloise

    Why are people getting so upset about the preview? It just shows him shouting and pushing her against a wall he isnt hitting her and I very much doubt he would. The promos are generally shown very much out of context so we should just wait and see the full episode I would think.

  • Frustrated

    I was less than impressed with this episode. I had very high expectations. What I came away with watching this episode was that I’m slowly losing any understanding for House and Cuddy. When this episode should have spent more time focused on House, we got (again) an exhorbitent amount of screentime wasted on 13. Have these writers forgotten that this show is called House MD and not 13 MD? I can’t explain it, but everything is just really weird with the way Cuddy acted. The only one that seemed to genuinely care for House was Rachel. Give that kid an Emmy.

  • Roxanne

    There is no good reason for Cuddy, Wilson, or anyone at all, to want a personal relationship with House.

    House is utterly worthless when it comes to personal relationships, and he always will be.

    Not even Hugh Laurie’s charisma makes House even the slightest bit socially appealing.

    Cuddy and Wilson are extreme fools. Not just run-of-the-mill fools. They win gold in the fool olympics.

  • Paulac45

    Great review of a fantastic episode, definitely one of the top 5 of the season.

  • Martha Lee

    I guess I will be the minority when I say this episode was OK. It does not even rank in my favorites of the show. Hugh Laurie and his performance was brilliant, the man’s acting blows me away. I really did not get misty eyed with the Rachel/House interactions (they were cute, but that is about it) and the self surgery was what I was expecting. Gory and very Housian of course.
    I fast forwarded thru all the other clutter of the episode, 13/Chase and Taub/Foreman (strip clubs and baby daddy really!) scenes. I do not care about any of them and I am tired and really bored, of all the storylines they invent/continue for these four characters. Meanwhile, the whole House/Cuddy interaction post break up good or bad has been paltry at best and makes no sense. Talk about ignoring plot holes.
    The departure from the normal episodes with the supporting cast taking lead, shows me that TPTB have no idea what they want to do with any of the characters.
    I was kind of hoping that this would be the last season of House. I really do not know where TPTB/writers can go, they are already repeating storylines as it is. But I will continue to watch only for Hugh Laurie. I can see after doing episodes like this why Hugh Laurie loves doing his music ventures.

  • Sue

    A great review.

    We as fans have to write to Universal and to Fox to make sure we have more seasons of House. This show should not end with season 8. House is the most intriguing character ever to appear on tv, and Hugh Laurie is the most compelling actor to inhabit a character. Whether the episodes are boring, interesting or compelling, Hugh Lauries’s interpretations of the character are must-watch.

    Please go on as many message boards as you can and ask other fans to write in and demand that House return for many more seasons. House has 80 million world-wide viewers. Tell me they can’t make money on this show with that many viewers, and in reruns for perpetuity? Are they going to get rid of a known, universally-liked and loved program and character to take a chance on a new series that might not make it a single season? Not if fans demand that we have our show for many years.

  • #43 BrokenLeg: I too was a little annoyed after comparing what I saw last night to Barbara’s posts from last week. I wanted to feel good about this episode, that maybe some good changes were coming. But now? I feel betrayed. Again. When I saw the promo I was livid. If I hadn’t seen the promo I wouldn’t be feeling this way and I would be thinking Barbara was “right on”.

    Technically if you don’t view the promo you come away with a good feeling about the future but when you see the promo it ruins everything. Watching that promo pretty much stuck a knife in me. I was left with my mouth open yelling “WTF?” because geez, I’m really concerned they are moving my favorite show more downhill. Now I’m generally an optimist but I just don’t know anymore. They surprised us last season maybe they will do it again?

    I just cannot fathom another episode (much less season) of a depressed, lonely, miserable, unhappy, and self-destructive Gregory House. I just can’t.

  • Michele1L

    Good episode. Loved the interaction between House and Rachel. Haven’t liked Cuddy the last several episodes. A few of the writer/producers have commented that they’ve succeeded in getting House and Cuddy back to where they were before they became romantic, (the hositlity, etc.)but they haven’t. Before they became romantic, they were hopeful, as were a lot of us. At present, things look positively miserable, and I doubt they will end things on a upswing, since they did that at the end of season 6.

    The finale looks scary and quite odd — almost like a dream … we shall see …

  • BrokenLeg

    26-32-35 @ Jessica aka JLCH

    I totally agree with all your posts. And with almost all.

    I watch the episode on the Internet not waiting until the ( in my country)two weeks of airing delay due to Barbara preview.

    Frankly, I’m confused. It’s a great episode. Possibly it is the best until now in this season (“Now what” aside). But there was better ones on the past.

    On this one, there were three stories playing at the same time. Taub’s one is superfluous and dispensable (again the old story about an old satyr and a stupid young woman that, being part of the medical world is unable to avoid casual relationship’s pregnancies!!) . Ex-con, 13 and Chase, is a good one, but occupied too much timeline ( deal with some kind of shared guilty about everyone previous acts can be solved without that long “mise en scène”; after all Chase is no impressed when 13 told him that she’d been in jail). But JS made one of his best if nor the best performances ever.

    And finally, the main storyline ( remember the show is named [H]ouse…). After Barbara previews and posts probably I create myself so high expectations, that now are only partially fulfilled.

    I think HL performance is an award-winning one. Once again, a multisided one of such a great and enormous actor. He deserved it for the self-surgery scenes, but above all, he deserved it much more for his emotional ones. How big deal of forgiveness (do you remember infarctation?), tenderness , call for help, bonding, trust and desperate love were in such silent glaze at Cuddy’s eyes before entering OR. And how great moments are those interactions with little Rachel ( in the car, appearing as such a dysfunctional family , when Cuddy tried to avoid her watching him, he managed to calm the little child his own way and much better, reassuring her with that pirates story once shared so she barely can see the hard reality…)

    Also LE did a great performance despite her actual Cuddy role……Why is she so angry against House, being she who broke up? Why she do not deal with the break-up but avoid it even in a worse way House does, hiding her head under wing? Why is she so careless not waiting his wake up afterv surgery, if was able to be at the OR and managed to let Rachel with someone else? Why she entered the OR so angry and forced way? Why she do not realize and respect until now the peculiar attachment between Rachel and House? Why she acts worse than the BS House she blame so much? So many no answered questions.

    But who really, really stole everyone the show was little Rachel!! How acting can say so much without or with so little words!. Simply wonderful. Terrific.A breath of fresh air!

    And about Barbara’s preview, I must misunderstood her. A good “Huddy” episode, really? Essentially I see more bitterness than sweetness in it.
    And after that, so quickly, came that “Moving On” preview. It’s like TPTB show us a carrot to stole it immediately. For God sake,even in his worst moments House is unable to hurt anyone but himself, less Cuddy nor Rachel. So what this “change” now?
    I’ve said in other posts of mine that I’m an optimistic person who usually sees the “half full glass”, but now, someone drained the water in it while it was in my hands and I was watching!

  • Dmckoy

    As always, thanks Barbara for your review.
    I thoughts this episode was well done, one of my favorites of the season, even if it was also one of the darker ones of the season.

    I’ll start with House, that poor man. Self-surgery House? Seriously? That was tough to stomach, but Hugh delivered that scene with pure gold. I did get a heavy “dysfunctional family” vibe in all the House/Cuddy/ Rachel scenes. They reminded me of a divorced couple who has this extensive history together, care for each other deeply, only trust each other, but cant be together. And Rachel was great as the child who misses an absent “parent”. And although a bit harsh at times (and rightfully so), Cuddy nailed the bitter “ex-wife”, harping on his flaws role. The interaction between these 3 was sweet, dysfunctional, revealing, and I can go on and on..loved it!

    For 13/Chase, I like that they have such heavy life experiences to bond over. I respect the relationship that’s developing here, but I really hope it remains platonic. Not sure how I would feel about her having a sexual relationship with more than one person on the team. That fight scene by the way, unexpected and pretty intense.

    For Taub, well at times I enjoy his one-liners, but overall I’m indifferent toward him. Maybe becoming a father will add more depth to his character??

    Foreman needs his own storyline..period.

    So, my overall assessment of “After Hours”, it bought back for me what I felt this season has been lacking, it’s edginess. This show is known for pushing the envelope and they did that last night, after what felt like a hiatus. Kudos cast and crew! And wow, how about that finale promo??

  • espejoses

    #28I Agree with you, I have nothing against OW, not his character, but why insist on promoting it as a movie star in the series? It was as valid as an actress before jumping to the big screen? or is that simply are using their youth to sell a product that sells itself. Why belittle the work hard enough and competitive television actors meet the film. It is hard enough middle-aged actresses succeed and be valued as they deserve for their work and their characters, so too must fight against age. I am an adult viewers who enjoy the stories and characters relaes punchy and adult relationships. I do not want to sell only youth and beauty

  • rjw

    Terrific episode!Well written and acted,with a brilliant performance by Laurie.It was very painful to watch, and yes,I cringed when 13 put her fingers into her friend’s wound, and especially when House tore open his leg.Loved the interaction between House and Rachel.It will be very interesting to see what happens next week.The promos make it look particularly dire,but also know the promos don’t even begin to tell the whole story!Best episode of the season so far!

  • Jacquelyn

    I just watched the episode, and even though I knew what was coming, there were still parts that I couldn’t bear to look at. It was just too painful.

    I enjoyed all of the arcs in this episode. It was nice to see that bond between Chase and 13 reappear. Even Taub’s storyline was good this week, and not dominating. I thought it was interesting how none of them missed House until the very end of the episode.

    I see Cuddy’s defense mechanism against House to be along the lines of how she set up a defense mechanism by dating Lucas. It just isn’t working. She’s always going to come back to him. She’s trying to be like so many people in the world, who can’t admit the worth of someone like House – someone who is brilliant, multi-faceted, complicated, and yes, difficult to live with. Some people thrive on pain and won’t ever be what the norm dictates as “happy,” but surely they are deserving of love as well.

    I honestly still have hope that Cuddy will come around. That she’ll see that House really is worth it. And that she’ll finally let down that wall.

    On a side now, we’re exactly one year to the day from “Help Me.” How different everything was back then!

  • Kate

    That promo took away all the good feelings I had after watching this episode. I really hope the way they show things in promo turn out differently in the finale. House shoving Cuddy against the wall and Cuddy telling cops about House scared the hell out of me.
    Barbara, do you know anything about the finale?

  • #36 Hazel I was thinking he wasn’t at PPTH, which would explain why there would be no repercussions from anyone but her. But then…in Ep 23 he’s at PPTH unless he was moved there for recovery. Nobody there would know the specifics of the surgery, just that he had surgery and was recovering. And her telling them she was the Dean at PPTH would probably allow her into the OR when he was in there.

    Just a guess…

  • hazel eyes

    Despite there not been enough Wilson in this episode, it was good.
    2 questions I have about the episode are
    1)Why when Cuddy found House SHE didn’t ring Wilson?
    2) Were they at Princeton plains Hospital and if they were, why was he in the ER corridor and not a private room? because she is the Boss of the hospital and he is a Doctor at that hospital.

  • #34 CathyB I sure hope you’re right. They really got us at the end of S5 and S6 and in a good way, I hope they do it again. We know that Lisa and Hugh finished filming their scenes last after everyone else wrapped and that the last few minutes are under lock and key. I would imagine just like last year nobody, not even the critics (??), will know what is contained in those last few minutes until it is officially revealed next Monday night. I hold out hope because I love this show, I love the characters, the stories, the dynamic, and I would hate it if it were ruined.

  • CathyB

    I thought it was a great episode. Unlike most posts, however, the promo for next week doesn’t bother me much. All of the promos from this week were played out in the first 10 minutes of this episode. I can’t imagine that they would reveal too much in the promo- just a teaser to get you to watch next week and see how it resolves.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I am too much in a tizzy to read your review yet, Barbara, but I will. I wanted to jump in and say what I’m feeling.

    Thought the episode was very good. Very good. But what have they done to Cuddy? She used to be a fave character, but now she’s so…dark and gloomy and barely caring.

    I’m working hard not to repeat myself. The preview for next week left me very sad, as I suspect it will be the last House episode I watch. They’re destroying a beautiful relationship and torturing House in the process, and I honestly don’t care to watch it. I don’t even care to go back and rewatch old episodes. I’m THAT hurt.

  • I watched the last minute or so of the writers Vlog (I hate vlogs since Bombshells, I really don’t want to know why they do things they do!) and I need some clarification. Lerner and Friend imply that last night’s ep was supposed to be the original finale (which in my book would have been GREAT!) but that because there were unresolved emotional issues which is why they came up with a 23rd episode. But others have told me that Fox told TPTB they wanted an additional episode, hence #23.

    If they were originally going to go out with unresolved emotional issues in the original finale (22) and move on to them next season, why is there the need to “resolve” anything in 23?

    So…if this is true and 22 was supposed to be the original finale, then the coma/dream sequence thing was never a part of the plan, meaning…they had to come up with some to resolve things in ep. 23. But if they were originally going to leave things hanging in ep 22 as the original finale, why not do that and carry over the unresolved issues to Season Eight? To try and “wrap things up” in 23 makes no sense. IF in fact that is their goal. G/L make it seem the purpose of #23 is resolve the unresolved.

    This can only go one of four ways:

    1) They have House really REALLY f*ck up and it ends everything with Cuddy and with Wilson permanently. This means no friendship, no relationship with either of them. Then we’re left with House in Season 8, alone AGAIN and miserable AGAIN, with no hope AGAIN, which goes totally and completely against what we saw take place not only with he and Rachel but with he and Wilson at the very end of “After Hours.” (Not to mention it goes against his desire to clearly make his life better). House knows he has to change, and yeah he even wants to change. He just has to figure out how. Assaulting Cuddy and trying to harm her in “Moving on” isn’t going to do that for him, if anything it will RUIN him. If he does assault her or harm her he winds up in jail. If he winds up screwed up in the head he goes back to Mayfield. Either way he loses his license, he loses the two people that mean the most to him and he loses EVERYTHING. And then we’re left with 22 episodes of the same old miserable House in Season 8. I’m so over this misery thing already.

    2) House comes to his senses and he and Cuddy talk and try to find themselves again. This means admitting their fears, weaknesses, their need for each other and try to go back to a place where they can work things out. They both try to change, with the help and support of one another. It will not be easy but they do have some commonalities, a BIG one is Rachel, who initially was seen as an obstacle really could be what brings them back together.

    3) House does something extraordinary from pure self sacrifice which makes Cuddy realize he really wants to change…which essentially changes everything for them, especially House.

    4) Whether a 23rd ep was in the original plan or not, Shore uses brilliant writing to make “Moving On” essentially inside House’s Head. Who knows? Maybe he went into shock and a coma during his surgery on his leg? Perhaps he died for a few minutes during surgery? Maybe he’s dreaming the events in this last episode and his brain is trying to solve the puzzle, making up this POTW but really it’s himself? Seems to me in the promo that the POTW is using him, targeted him specifically and may be filming it all as her latest show. This could be the one puzzle House can’t solve, he’s trying to determine what is real and what is not….seems to parallel his own life doesn’t it?

    There are so many questions about 23 already. How is House able to move about with just his cane such a short time after surgery? What is with the elephant? The beach scenes? The hairbrush? Why is House even treating a patient when clearly he lacks good judgment right now and needs a psych consult? Is this crash at her house really a car driven by House and if so, is he trying to wake himself up from this dream? (Of course sources say it’s not House that’s actually in the car when it crashes). And why, WHY on earth would House ever assault Cuddy? Even on his darkest days he’s never hurt her physically. Yes, he’s desperate and he loves this woman more than anything but it doesn’t make sense with what we just saw in the #22 especially when he tells her “I trust YOU! In a sense, he just basically forgave Cuddy for what happened during the infarction. He never came out and blamed her but he threw it in her face a few times and I am sure she feels guilty. By placing his complete trust in her, he was able to hand over some control over his life and put it in her hands. Huge step for House.

    I promise I will remain hopeful. But…if they do #1, if they take House down that long lonely miserable road YET again, if they take away from him the two people who mean the most to him, if they give him no hope, I’m done with the show. Because frankly as awesome as Lisa, Hugh and Bob are, I can’t watch my favorite show without having their dynamic. Enough is enough. I don’t care how riveting the POTW cases, if they lose the House/Cuddy/Wilson dynamic, what they used to have together, I’m done.

    I feel like the characters I’ve seen this season are not the characters of a few years ago. That means PEOPLE DO CHANGE despite what Shore wants us to believe. I may not have liked the direction of some of the changes but we can’t deny there’s been change. Ok so if you can change and go downhill, you can change and go uphill.

    Last night’s ep ended on a positive note, there’s HOPE and then BAM! there’s this promo and then the writers tell us the purpose of #23 is to resolve unresolved emotional issues. I don’t know what to believe. I am just tired of the same old misery crap.

    I hold out hope that the last few minutes of “Moving On” will bring us back just like they did in “Help Me”. We were ALL expecting the worst at the end of “Help Me” were we not? I know I was on the edge of my seat shouting, “OMG don’t take the pills!” The finales for seasons 2, 4, 5, and 6 were riveting and the finales of seasons 5 and 6 totally surprised me, but in a good way.

    I just don’t want to be played. I’ve watched this show since the beginning and I would like to continue watching to the end of the series. I just want to enjoy what’s left of it.

  • Jane E

    I very much enjoyed this episode and agree there were several excellent scenes. Hugh Laurie is absolutely an amazing actor He conveys so much through his eyes. As for House and Rachel absolutely wonderful and good for some watery eyes.

    I also liked your point about Cuddy. She really is not dealing with the breakup either and is hiding her head like an ostrich.

  • Committed

    I just find it interesting that at the beginning of this season most would have thought that Rachael would be an obstacle to the relationship. What do we get instead? The complete opposite. Despite all of Cuddy’s concerns (and ours) House found a way to bond with this child. That is at the heart of what makes this show fantastic. Another reveal of this complex and unlimited character.

    I have to watch this episode again – there was just too much going on but it didn’t change my mind one bit about House/Cuddy. They deeply love each other. I am constantly surprised how well House knows Cuddy and how much, despite everything, he genuinely loves her. Just like his medical diagnoses, his love for her is so well thought out. The exploration of this relationship this season goes well beyond another knock to House’s attempt to stay sober or just another piece to the puzzle that is House’s mind. There is so much more to this one. It will be very interesting to see how it ends next season.

    I loved the pace of this episode as well. It was very quick, leaving little time between the three stories. It underscored the drama quite well.

    A great episode, a great review. Thank you.

  • Mars

    Great episode! I feel guilty, but I actually enjoyed no real POTW. I’m a total character drama whore. I would be fine if the show was more like this with flashes of patients and more of the personal life stuff. I know I gotta be in the minority on that one haha.

    The main thing I took out of this episode was that it was much like “Baggage” (also a penultimate episode) a year ago. You had a very noisy episode with House dealing with getting thrown out of Wilson’s, Dr. Nolan, Alvie showing up, the amnesia jogger POTW, etc. And it came down to something so simple for House. He was in love with Cuddy and things were boiling over for him b/c he could see no resolution in sight. It was about to collapse for him until the last few moments of “Help Me” when she walked into his bathroom.

    Well, the same theory for “After Hours” IMO. you have this very emotional, noisy episode and it ALL comes down to Cuddy again! House’s mental spurs his physical. I think his leg pain has really been on his mind b/c of the loss of his relationship with Cuddy. Much like “The Itch” where the thought of Cuddy made him scratch his bug bite more and more; House has slowly become more obsessed with his leg pain post “Bombshells.”

    I believe this will be the 2nd year that the last two episodes deal with the House/Cuddy romantic relationship. While last year dealt with the start of a romantic relationship this season’s will deal with the complete ending of that romantic ‘ship IMO. That letter from Rachel/HER was extremely telling. “I hope your leg feels better…I hope we can be friends?” Cuddy is essentially putting the notion of a romantic relationship on hold indefinitely until House changes his ways. I believe he knows this is exactly what she means when Wilson reads him the note.

    The anger will undoubtedly boil up again in the season finale, like what we saw in that CRAZY promo! But instead of ending on a extremely happy note w/ the promise of a blossoming romantic relationship like in “Help Me,” I assume we get something in this SF where H/C show signs of returning to a normalized working friendship. I can see a wild and crazy episode where we don’t know what to believe, but an ending where House makes the decision to “Move On” and get away from PPTH for a bit. The last H/C would be more of a somber, “I love you, will always be here as a friend, hope you can get your life together” thing from Cuddy…and maybe a hint of “maybe we can be together when you get better” type of dialogue. And BAM…we finally get resolution for Huddy! This also leaves writing options open for a possible and fan pleasing Huddy reunion for a season 8 series finale situation.

  • somy

    That was beautiful. I loved how there was finally some indirect acknowledgment of Cuddy’s role in the House’s original infarction. That scene in the OR was one of the most poignant in years.

    Although I’m slightly annoyed the strongest storyline in years was a B-plot in the Thirteen Show. Why is she always front and center? I know she’s a “movie star” but surely they know the types of movies she’s in are the kinds House fans mock. I watch House because I DON’T want to watch thye type of young bland characters that regularly feature on other shows. I wish they would play on their strenghts (House, Cuddy and Wilson) rather than focusing on that irritating teenage girl.

  • To alter the course…

    The House and Rachael scenes stole the show. Loved that Cuddy cared enough to show up when House called and to stay when he asked her to during surgery. Glad that Taub decided he wanted a baby. 13 and Chase had a great thread in the episode with Darrien.

    What a mess things are in right now. Hope things can be made better. Hope House and Cuddy can mend their broken relationship. They were much better together.

  • Barbara, as always your commentary is thoughtful and insightful. To be honest, reading it felt like you were inside my head. I’ve been saying much of what you have been saying about House this season.

    House really did come a long way when he told Cuddy he trusts her. That speaks volumes for a man like House. That scene between them—momentous. I also loved the bantering between them in the car, so typical, like a married couple.

    I too believe that the note from Rachel was from both Rachel and her mother. It was so clear when Rachel told her mother she missed House and wished he could come over and play with her, that he had a tremendous positive impact on the little girl and he does care about her. If Cuddy really didn’t want House going over there to play with Rachel she would have made up some excuse but she didn’t. Clearly she wants House back in her life again.

    I was hopeful that is…..until I watched the promo. I was thrilled after the episode and angry after the promo.

    Now I can’t believe they could go from the positive note we were left with in last night’s episode to yet another downward spiral next week. I can’t believe that everything that happened last night to “wake House up” could be for nothing, that it meant nothing. I can’t believe House, no matter how deep his pain, no matter how desperate he is, could ever hurt Cuddy. I know TPTB are trying to show us this dark House but seriously…

    I know things aren’t always what they appear to be and I’m sure as hell hoping I’m right here. There has to be some light at the end of the tunnel here for House.

  • Josie

    Finally they gave Jesse Spencer some good and deserved screen time! When Chase looked so sad, while asking Thirteen to come and drink a coffee with him, was my favorite scene.

  • Lucie

    Count me in as one of those who have that promo part where he pushes Cuddy against the wall stuck in my head. It was frightening and sad. What has happened to them? I’ve missed some episodes but it seems like it has gotten pretty bad. Yeesh!

    @#23-Jacksam4eva: I don’t think most people hate Taub, they just think he’s really boring from what I’ve ever heard. I liked him in “After Hours”.

    I agree that House and Rachel’s interactions were quite touching. They were just right, imo. And that scene where he asked Cuddy to stay that you pointed out was the most poignant of the episode.

  • Jacksam4eva

    Great episode, great review, great promo. That scene when he pushes her hardly against the wall, I still can’t get it out of my head. Especially since I spent most of After Hours hiding my eyes under splayed fingers.

    Anyway, I was wondering about Taub (yeah, I know, everybody hates him except for me but anyway): In season 5 (or maybe 6 I can’t remember) there had been a scene with Rachel in which they talked about having kids and if I recall correctly, Taub was definitely trying to make her change her mind, saying he didn’t really mean it when he had said at the beginning of their relationship that he didn’t want kids and wondering if they could somehow have a real family. She turned him down, asking him “do you think you can deal with the fact that I don’t want to be pregnant?” or something like that. I’m a little bothered by the fact that the writers seem to have completely forgotten that conversation. I mean, I know that having children with your wife and children with your girlfriend of the moment isn’t even remotely close but still, I was a bit annoyed that Taub seemed so opposed to the idea of getting a baby.

    But really, don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode nonetheless, it was a just a comment I needed to make. I loved the House/Rachel interactions, the emotional scenes with Cuddy, etc. That scene before the operation where he asked her to be there was just… Beautifully prefect. I can’t wait for next week.

  • Ibsen

    Hey, Barbara, after seeing this episode you said you thought it was something positive for Huddy. I agree with you. But after seeing the now infamous promo, do you still think Huddy has any hope? It looks like it’s on its way to obliteration. I think House will make a postive move to make better choices in life in season 8, but I’m wondering how that will impact his future with Cuddy. I’m curious as to what do you think might happen? The sorts of things we saw in that promo seem to destroy what little relationship they had left. I don’t see how they could be anything but enemies after this. Which is horrible to contemplate for the two characters we love and for the show’s future. I hate it when they’re at odds with each other, the show loses something big. But this–this is ten times worse. :/

  • dvbfan

    What a great episode ….. I really enjoyed watching this episode and this is the best episode of season 7 .

    I do not know what is going to happen for House but I hope , somehow he can find the right way to become a little happy .

  • Eloise

    Amazing episode, had me on the edge of my seat with the House surgery thing! The promo for next week looks interesting and does not surprise me that he shows anger they need to do some resolving he and Cuddy.
    But what programme are people watching if they expect a happy ending? not House thats for sure, the one thing they dont do is happy endings!

  • Emily D.

    I usually lurk on here but I have to ask what are they doing with House & Cuddy? The episode tonight was enthralling and moving but the ad for next week’s episode was jarring to say the least. Have we heard anything about what they have planned for their relationship? The two so obviously belong together I thought that they’d find a way back to each other somehow after their breakup but after seeing that ad and knowing it’s for the finale of the season, I’m starting to worry a bit that they might leave them apart for good.

  • Jamie

    I think we will get the real House/Cuddy breakup next week after House wakes up from being in a coma, he will break it off because of all of this stuff which has been going on in his head. The question is how long he has been out of it – my guess is he never made it to Cuddy’s place at the end of ep 14. There is just too much that doesn’t add up in the episodes since then, and surely it can’t just be bad writing.

  • HouseFaNN

    I loved this episode. Thought it was one of the best this season. It was just what house fans needed!

    I’m a little torn if i want to watch the finale. I am a big Huddy fan and I want to see how the season plays out, but that promo does not look promising for a happy ending.

  • bigHousefan

    After watching again, I loved that House was comforting Rachel during their pirate conversations recognizing the state he was in would be frightening to her. Cuddy tried to keep Rachel from looking at him, but House’s means were much more effective. Just beautiful.

  • BeeJ

    Oh man, just finished the epi and came straight over. For once I’m NOT late to this analysis/discussion lol!

    I really loved this episode. I found myself watching it like a mini movie or something…it felt like it could’ve gone on for another hour and I wouldn’t have cared. This director, Miguel Sapochnik does some really amazing work on House.

    All the stories were really strong even though once again Foreman was left out in a major way. I know Foreman isn’t the most popular character, but TPTB have to give him something next year…poor OE lol. I feel like he’s just collecting a paycheck sometimes.

    I also think this was the start of a final resolution to the House and Cuddy relationship. And in the season finale we get the final nail. Although I loved them together. It’s over! Like really over! I agree with 6- Spoilerchicka above, Cuddy is drained and House is the weight holding her down. No matter how much she loves him, she under any circumstance can NOT allow him that close to herself or Rachel until he shows months or years of improvement. I see it as a positive step forward only in the way that they now both know it’s REALLY over, and House needs to take his physical/emotional well being more serious if he wants to find some happiness or stability in life. A bittersweet episode indeed.

    Lastly…that promo OMG! How OOC for House to push Cuddy like that and possibly crash a car into something…??? IDK, something’s awry here, I feel it.

  • Audrey

    I agree with those here who say it was one of the best episodes of the season. The House/Rachel stuff was wonderfully done. The House/Cuddy stuff made me hopeful again for the first time in a long time. That is, till the finale promo.

    Looking forward to your interview with Garrett and Russel later in the week.

    I too have missed Garrett and Russel this season. I’m so glad they came out of hiding and wrote an episode. And what an episode!

    I’m torn about watching next week. It’s the finale and I really want to know what’s going on with House and with House/Cuddy. Him slamming her against a wall. Her telling the cop she doesn’t want him near her again. Things look dark in Mudville today.

  • Val

    Great review as always Barbara!

    The episode, however, left me bored again. Aside from House’s own storyline the rest didn’t have me interested about the other characters and w/o any PoTW (I didn’t really consider 13’s “friend” a PoTW) I felt the team was definitly lacking.

    Was glad to see that House did have an affect on Rachel. He did “bond” with her in his own way. Mr. Laurie and House’s story (RSL and LE included) was the best thing about tonight’s episode hands down.

    I am determined to stick with the show until the end, but it’s a bit difficult these days. Something’s missing…

  • MusicandHouse

    That is speculation based on what people have seen/heard

  • Jess

    Best episode of the season in my opinion. Can’t wait for the season finale, it looks promising.

    And great review!

  • bigHousefan

    Wow! What an amazing episode AND AWESOME REVIEW! What a tremendous script, brilliantly directed and stunningly played out by all but especially, the truly incredible Hugh Laurie! The bathtub scene was gut-wrenching and the pirate scenes between Rachel and House were gorgeous! I wish we could have seen more of that during the season.

    I loved the scene between House and Wilson, especially where House knocks Wilson’s hand away when he tries to support him and then finally admits he’s right. They are so cute together and sometimes remind me of an old married couple!

    I’m also so happy that we haven’t seen Dominika since FFG.

    Did I mention the awesome review? Thanks so much for posting so quickly! Wow all around!

  • BakerStreet

    I recommend renting Martin Scorcese’s movie “After Hours.” This episode borrowed much from it, in terms of storylines, tones and visuals.

  • Julia

    Run a car into her home? Does he really or is this speculation?

  • Joy

    Spoilerchicka, exactly my thoughts abt the next week’s promo. That tumor or whatever “experimental” stuff he shot himself would cause him serious Neurological damage…

  • spoilerchicka

    sorry but I do not see Cuddy feeling good about House in anyway after After Hours. She sees him as her albatross and he’s not making her life better. He’s haunting her. Until House gets himself together, she’s right to keep him out of her life. If House snaps in the finale and hurts Cuddy as the promo indicates, Cuddy will have been proven right to avoid House at all costs. The damaged man needs to fix himself before inflicting himself on innocent people around him (Cuddy, Rachel, Wilson). I found myself wondering if anyone else was finding House way more high maintenance that he’s worth? Seriously, why not call 911? At this point he called everyone but Cuddy yet he trusts her. house doesn’t want her to find him like that but he thinks she’ll finish the operation? How f-ed up is he? Cuddy seemed emotionally drained, exhausted and sad to be involved with House and unless this guy has a damn good reason to run a car into her home and terrify her, I think House may have become too dangerous to be around anymore. The only thing left for this to be explainable is perhaps the lab-rat meds have left one more tumor in House, most likely in his brain. Any other reason for his rough behavior toward Cuddy is unacceptable.

  • Joy

    This is a great episode. Hugh Laurie in an award worthy performance. That bath tub scene was just acted with brilliance. I believe that House, despite being difficult as he is, do care and have a heart. He is troubled in so many ways, in which “showing care” is a great challenge for him. I like the fact that Cuddy was the last person he called. Cuddy on the other hand, was very cold but you can tell she cared. What i saw with Cuddy too, was she was challenged by her emotions on whether be this caring person that she had been for House for all the troubles he had in the past, or build a wall between the 2 of them. Just superb acting from Lisa too.

    Rachel and House received the biggest “aww moment” of the night. The pirate talk? The couch scene? The letter which screamed “From Cuddy”…just great moments….On the other hand, The House self surgery earned my “puke bucket” moment as it did trouble to my GERD….”

  • Kayla

    For once during a House episode lately, I didn’t get bored. Lately the plots have not been the same as they usually are, but tonights episode was amazing. It was full of great acting to gut wrenching scenes. The scene of House in the bathtub had me at the edge of my seat. His acting was superb. As long as the other two small stories on the side. I am glad to see some sort of bond between 13 and Chase. I just hope both of them end up happy. Finally Taub is being a man. Owning up to the pregnancy and wanting to have the baby. I hope the season finale will bring back the feel of the old House episodes we know and love. Can’t wait for next week!!

  • Indeed I must. Fixed now, yes, with Season 8 on my mind.

  • MusicandHouse

    This was one of the best episodes of the entire season! Hugh Laurie was amazing and I have to agree that the House/Rachel scenes were some of the best. I hope you are right that any resolution between House and Cuddy will come through Rachel. It seems like this episode brought them closer together again, but based on the promo for next week, that may soon become undone.
    BTW You must be really excited about House being picked up for another season because you wrote Season 8 twice when you ment season 7 🙂

  • Stacy Scabin

    No matter what house does wrong he always finds a way out too many ppl care abt him and I finally and truly believe he has nothing but pure love and intentions for Cuddy and the baby I think he is finally growing up. Can’t wait for next season