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TV Review: HGTV Dream Home Giveaway

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It’s that time of year again — the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway. Every year HGTV builds and decorates an incredibly large house in an incredibly beautiful area. After 6 weeks, they give it away. Previous homes have been in places like St. Marys, Georgia and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This year’s prize is nestled in the hills of North Carolina in a way that redefines “nestled.” At 5000 square feet, it adds a whole new dimension to the hills.

For a dollar, you can buy a lottery ticket and dream. It costs nothing to dream about the Dream Home. In addition to the online pictures and floorplans, an hour-long tour is airing at regular intervals on HGTV. My daughter Amanda and I got up early this morning to watch it before starting our real life. The house sleeps 11, including a separate guest area with its own entrance, sitting room and laundry room (how long are they staying?).

I liked the plasma TV above the fireplace and the sitting area in the kitchen so people can talk to the cook. With a low table and comfortable chairs in front of a window, it looked more appealing than my kitchen table or my kitchen island, both of which were purchased on a promise that, yes, my family really would sit in the kitchen while I cooked for them. I am thinking of trying comfortable chairs and replacing the wooden kitchen door with something that looks out on the backyard. Without a TV in the kitchen, though, I have little hope for company. With a TV in the kitchen, I have little hope for company that acknowledges my existence. Still I watched the Dream Home tour and dreamt of the attentive family chatting away in front of the spectacular view.

Amanda liked the kids’ bunk room and the doghouse outside. Our current home is not set up for dogs. The steady stream of cats (including a ever-changing litter of foster kittens) and chickens and other assorted small creatures has never satisfied Amanda’s desire for a dog. I promised we could get one when we move to the Dream Home. I also promised she could fill the bunk room with her friends.

So we made plans. Would we move to North Carolina, or vacation there and rent it out? The dream is most fun when you plan to move. The prize includes $250,000 in cash that ought to cover taxes. Selling our current home ought to give us enough to make the transition. There’s a new SUV included in the prize too.

Towards the end of the show, Madeleine, Amanda’s twin, came in to toss cold water on the fun. She informed us that we had very little chance of winning and even less of a chance of moving to North Carolina if we did win. I shooed her away.

Undaunted, Amanda looked at me and sighed. “And to think I was going to let her use the sauna.”

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About Justene Adamec

  • The Carolinas seem to have insane deals on property by the standards of New York or California. Everytime I see HGTV (I say see because my wife’s fam is obsessed with it) it seems there’s some huge ass home being talked about in North Carolina for $600,000, or the price of a two bedroom condo here in SoCal.

    By the way: I need the dream home…

  • I love to live beautyful dream home in onenth my life .

  • A story reflecting on our experience of our 2006 HGTV dreamHOME tour is located here

  • Steve Stratton

    The way I see it, if it’s possible to have a child, which is an amazing thing considering how many people can’t have children, and we did, your chances can’t be all that bad of winning the HGTV dream home, that is, if it’s a real contest. I do have my doubts.

    You gotta ask yourself why most of the secondary winners always live in the midwest and especially on the eastcoast, and why the big winner is always maimed, handicapped in some way, or just can’t make ends meet. Go figure. Don’t rich people win things too?

  • Brian

    Yeah, I lived in SC and it does have great prices, but the pay is commensurate, too. If you make $50,000 a year in SC, you’re doing great.

    I personally don’t know how people afford homes in CA and NY. I see average looking houses for sale at $600,000! What kind of a salary do you need to make to afford that?

  • John

    I sent my name, address, and email address to HGTV for the home giveaway.. Biggest mistake of my life. Once HGTV got my email address I was, and still am flooded by unwanted SPAM.. The crap never stops. I’m almost to the point of changing my email address.