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TV Review: Heroes – “One Giant Leap”

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One good sign for Heroes’ future – with each episode, the number of people in my living room watching it grows by one. If this is happening elsewhere, the ratings should be really nice for the climax during the November Sweeps.

TV Guide will be featuring the cast of Heroes in their October 19 issue. The mark of a good show is when it can improve on its lead-in, and Heroes has done it big time.

Claire's predicament is proof that, in the Heroes-verse, superpowers are based on cerebral activity. Claire was fortunate her power of regeneration has a standby mode if her brain is temporarily disabled through severe injury. Hmm, looking at where she was stabbed, I'm wondering if her medulla oblongata had been severed. With her brain unable to connect to the rest of the body, she entered a state of apparent death. When the spike was removed, the brain was able to re-fuse the medulla and initiate revival.

Unbreakable had a similar aspect. The hero was invulnerable to physical damage, but drowning caused apparent death until the lungs were cleared.

One thing about Claire — someone, presumably the pathologist, removed the spike. Where was he when she revived? At least Claire revived before her ribcage was opened, so she should still have all her organs inside. She's going to be complaining about her breasts' placement, though! I want the football player dead or at least crippled. And one wonders how many more rapes he's committed upon schoolgirls too intimidated to press charges.

Sylar is consuming the brains for sure. Whether they are eaten or otherwise absorbed is a question for later although, according to the Fed, not all of Sylar's victims suffered mutilation. Unlike Peter, Sylar retains the use of the powers he absorbs. Maybe Peter's non-lethal absorption is the reason for this.

So far, Sylar's demonstrated powers appear to be telekinesis/psychokinesis, cryogenesis, superspeed, invulnerability, and armor skin, or some other means to absorb the effects of a police pistol. If Sylar has victims in over a dozen states, that implies he has eight more powers as yet unseen. There are a couple of ways consuming the brain could transfer power. As far as Sylar, in relation to the missing brains, the traditional cannibalistic belief is that consuming the source of an enemy's power gives you that power. You eat a warrior's heart to gain his strength, for example. So the brains have to be the source of the powers.

We are still at an unidentified road where the writers can lead us anywhere. A new episode premieres Monday night, October 16 at 9:00pm on NBC.

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  • I thought this was the most contrived episode so far, some good material, but not that great scripting. Still, it does portend some good eps in the future, hopefully.

  • My favorite show next to Vanished this season. Hiro is my fave 😀

  • Renee

    manfred, to your vanished comment, I CAN’T BELIEVE they killed off the main character

  • Can’t wait for tonight’s show…I just hope they dont screw the show up like they are doing with Lost over at ABC…enough with all the unanswered questions already, let us know what the heck is going on!!

    Anyway, Heroes rocks!