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TV Review: Heroes – “Fight or Flight”

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Molly is feverish and won’t wake up. Mo is more than a little pissed at Matt for making her look for her dad, the Nightmare Man. Matt’s afraid to go see his father since he hasn’t seen him in 25 years. Gee, Matt, gotta say, I don’t feel sorry for ya. Buck up and confront your dad! Mo gives him a piece of his mind, but Matt decides to go ask Ma P about her dad before he goes on the hunt.

Monica is being questioned by the cops. She doesn’t really own up to anything and she won’t ID the guy who tried to rob the Burger Bonanza.

Moving on to Ireland, Caitlin closes the pub up early for a little afternoon delight with Peter. Caitlin wants him to open the box and face his past. Instead, Peter distracts her with a kiss and they move on to the back room. Bow-chicka-wow-wow…

Over at the docks, Will (Dominic Keating) tells Elle (Kristen Bell) that Peter is over at the pub as she inspects the shipping container he was found in. As she leaves, we see her run her hand near one of the shipping containers, lightning shooting from her tips like one of those plasma storm balls from the '80s. If I touch her will my hair start floating?

Ricky comes back to the pub with a guy from the docks for his own afternoon delight. Nah, just kidding. The guy has some info to tell Peter – about Elle looking for him. Ricky sees how Peter cares for his sister so he sends Peter up the hill with Caitlin to her flat. Turns out Caitlin is a painter in her spare time. They open the box and there’s not much in there. A passport, an open-ended ticket from New York to Montreal, a couple dollars, a picture of Peter and Nathan – though Peter doesn’t recognize his brother. Peter eyes a blank canvas and he starts to see a picture on it. He grabs a palette and brush and goes all milky-eyed as he starts to paint. Caitlin is… surprised, but doesn’t seemed to be all that freaked. After all, her boyfriend throws electric shock balls at people. Why not paint without seeing? Maybe he can shoot lasers out his ass, too. Personally, I’d run for the hills.

Nathan, angered that Matt is questioning his mother again, tells Matt that he’s not going to let his mom sit in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Matt tells Nathan he doesn’t want her to either. That’s why he’s off to Philly to see his dad and he tells Nathan about Molly. Nathan offers to go with him since he hates to see anyone travel alone. Matt decides to let him come since Nathan can get them there faster. “I’m not a cargo jet, Parkman,” he says, but Matt’s already started walking. Great line. Pasdar works well with these dry comic lines. It was Nathan and Hiro last season, now it’s Nathan and Matt. Hmmm… If Nathan carries fatty Parkman (who looks like he already gained back the weight he lost on Weight Watchers), what speed could Nathan achieve going south by southwest on a partly cloudy day with northwest winds at 10 knots?

Will you choose what’s behind Door Number 9? Matt and Nathan are at the door but Matt can’t bring himself to knock. He confesses to Nathan that his dad walked out on him when he was 13 and he hasn’t seen him since. He hesitates. Nathan reaches over and knocks on the door and tells Matt, “He’s not your dad today. He’s a suspect.” Matt finally bolsters up some courage and busts into the apartment and is faced by his dad wielding a shotgun. Nathan, smartly, hides behind the foyer wall. Matt disarms his dad and slams him against the wall, cuffing him. He wants to know what his dad is doing in Molly’s dreams. Nathan wants to know why he’s swinging a shotgun. Daddy Parkman motions to a picture on the table. It’s a picture of him, ripped from the big picture of the Gang of 12, a Kensei symbol in red over his face. Nathan tells Matt, “Read his mind and let’s go.” Daddy is surprised (?) Mattie can read minds, but laughs it off. “Go ahead. Read my mind.” Matt tries and is met with resistance that is painful and he is forced to stop. Daddy urges Matt to uncuff him and he’ll tell him the whole story.

Back in New Orleans, we finally get to see Noah Gray-Cabey play the piano as only a virtuoso can. (Gray-Cabey played Carnegie Hall when he was three!) Monica comes home after a hard day of kicking ass to the dulcet tones of Micah playing on her mom’s piano. She sits and chats with him as he plays. Just as Monica is telling him that she never learned to play the piano, her fingers start to fly over the keys like a pro. Freaked, she steps away from the piano and walks away. Micah reveals his powers to her so she isn’t so freaked out by everything. He thinks she’s like St. Joan from the 9th Wonder comic book. What did he call her? A muscle mimic? A copycat. Micah thinks it’s cool she can learn anything in an instant. They take to the streets to see what Monica can do. They find themselves at a park/basketball court where some girls are doing the double dutch. “I love coffee I love tea. I love the boys and the boys love me.” Go Mo-ni, Go Mo-ni. She expertly dutches the double and brings smiles all around.

Mo calls HRG and like the petulant mistress, berates HRG for not being around. In fact, HRG is with The Haitian and they are walking in Russia – no, green screen – no, Russia. Mo tells him that he’s taking Molly into the Company. “The moment you trust them with something you care about is the moment they have you,” HRG warns. “Remember whose side you’re on.”

“I’m on Molly’s,” Mo says and hangs up.

Matt’s dad is so proud of his son and he starts to tell him that his power just manifested out of nowhere. He, too, can read minds. He goes on to tell Matt and Nathan how he and the others found each other, like they were connected somehow. That they used their powers for good, but some got a little cocky and used their powers for their own gain. He tried to use his powers to stop them. “But it’s so much more,” he tells him of his powers. He decides he has some stuff he can show Matt and motions him to come into the other room. Once in the other room, the door slams shut, separating Matt from Nathan. The room Matt is in goes dark. Matt finds himself in a jail cell.

Nathan knocks down the door between them and ends up… on the roof of the Deveraux Building looking on the destruction of New York, the city he thought they all saved (from last season). What looks like snow falls on him, but it’s ash from the all the fires. (I write this as the California firestorm rages on and hope everyone is safe.) He goes from hand-combed hair while in the apartment to perfectly coiffed do when he emerges on the rooftop.

We then see Matt’s dad exit the apartment, a sinister look on his face. Off in search of Molly?

Matt and Nathan confront their own demons. Matt sees Janice and child, who claims the baby is his now and that he left them just like his dad left Matt. Nathan confronts his ugly grotesque mirror twin. Janice leaves and Matt tries to follow but the jail guard stops him. Nathan throws his twin to the ground. The jail guard throws Matt to the ground. Matt fights the jail guard. Nathan fights his twin. Nathan headbutts grotesque twin. Guard headbutts Matt. Something causes Matt to phase out of his nightmare/illusion but he’s being strangled by Nathan, who thinks he’s the grotesque twin. He’s able to get Nathan to see reality as the two catch their breath on the floor of Daddy Parkman’s apartment. One of the best scenes of the entire show.

Daddy’s long gone, but as Matt scatters some papers around in frustration, Nathan finds the part of the photo of Goldfinger Bob – looks like he’s next on the hit list.

Meanwhile, Ando has brought some scrolls to an archivist/restoration expert Some of the scrolls were damaged over time and he needs him to help restore it so he can read what it says. They start to read the one scroll which tells of how Hiro has helped Kensei complete the tasks he read about as a boy – all to further them along to rescue Yaeko’s father, the Swordmaker. Kensei, Hiro, and Yaeko make it up the hill and the see in the valley all of White Beard’s army. They have to defeat an army before they can fight White Beard. Hiro fears… but the scrolls are unreadable at this point and the expert needs more time to restore them. Does Hiro die? Does Kensei? Does Yaeko? Are there seven White Beards and not one? Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Sneezy, Cheesy, Wheezy?

Mo brings Molly in just to have Goldfinger Bob send him on another assignment. He hands him a taser. “Standard issue,” Goldfinger Bob tells him. They hear a ruckus in the hallway. They race out to see Niki busting up some guards. She knocks Mo down and puts a stranglehold on Bob. She’s almost suffocated him when Mo tasers her from behind, knocking her down. Wouldn’t the old Niki/Vicki just gotten up from the taser blast and been more pissed off at Mo? They get her back under restraints and just as Bob leaves, Mo starts to unstrap her, but Niki stops him and tells him she wants to be there, wants to be restrained. What she doesn’t want is her power, her sickness.

Monica channel surfs and stops on Channel 52 Brava where some Bruce Lee movie is playing. She watches and mimics the kung fu movements and nails it the first time around. Micah applauds her ability and Monica wonders what she’s supposed to do with her powers. Monica suddenly is speaking with a slight accent that she didn’t seem to have before. Did she also pick that up on TV?

She sends Micah off to bed and there’s a knock on the door. It’s Mohinder. He wants to talk to her about her powers. How did the Company know about Monica?

Elle wanders in to the Wandering Rocks pub as Ricky is closing. She asks about Peter but Ricky says he doesn’t know him, hasn’t seen him. Elle thinks he’s lying. She starts to leave, but instead locks the door, turns around and fries his Irish butt. Elle leaves a burnt carcass and a bad accent behind.

We find her later in her car talking to someone on her cell. She confesses that she had to kill some guy and it sounds like she’s being berated like a little child. Turns out she is. It’s her dad calling her in. He’s bringing her back home. Is her dad Goldfinger Bob? Someone else in the Company? Nathan? Nah, not Nathan.

Caitlin and Peter look at Peter’s new painting. Looks like the two of them in Montreal. She gets a phone call and the next cut is at the bar. Caitlin crying over the charred remains of her brother. She girly-slaps Peter as she breaks down. “I can’t hide anymore,” Peter says.

My Thoughts/Comments

If the Nightmare Man could see Molly and he can create illusions – couldn’t he have given her the illusion of another apartment?

This episode seemed to drag a little for me. I’m feeling like I did watching the second season of Lost. The first season was so spectacular and then the second introduced all these new characters, just as they are doing now on Heroes, that it’s lost some interest for me. They need to focus back on the main characters and intro each new character slowly instead of bombarding us with all these new heroes.

I don’t think Catlin and Peter have any chemistry at all.

White Beard reminds me much of the old martial arts movies I used to watch as a kid. One in particular comes to mind. The wife knows Crane style kung fu, the father knows Tiger style. They marry and have a child. The mom teaches the son Crane style but they dress him up like a girl to protect him from some curse. Father refuses to learn Crane style from his wife, saying crane style is for girls. Father goes to fight White Beard (the enemy always seem to be some sage old man with a long white beard – think Asian Dumbledore, but not gay). Father dies in the fight and son learns from his father’s writings how to fight Tiger style and defeats White Beard with a mixture of Crane and Tiger style. I think it’s called Fists of White Lotus. Total escapism.

Missed the ep? Watch it at NBC's website.



A favorite hero is going to die. Who do you think it’ll be? I’m thinking Niki.

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