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TV Review: Heroes – “Fallout”

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This episode demonstrated, yet again, what makes this show brilliant. It juxtaposes and blends contradictions left and right: ordinary moments with extraordinary ones, noble intentions with ignoble actions, courage and doubt, humor and fear. There is no plain, old-fashioned good versus evil dichotomy on this show. Would fans have it any other way?

Claire was finally doing what many teens do when backed into a corner — leveling with her father, HRG. HRG returned the favor – somewhat – just enough to blunt her relief with bewilderment about his actions. And what were they doing as they discussed her special ability and his fear for her safety? Drinking chocolate milk, like any other parent and child.

HRG and Sylar were eerily similar. Both have seemingly benign intentions — HRG wants to protect his daughter and Sylar just wants to be special. Yet Sylar murders people and HRG has done things he’s “not proud of.” When the two men were confronting each other, it was hard to tell who was creepier, although Sylar’s sociopathic tendencies give him a definite edge.

Peter’s self-doubt escalated, despite the amazing courage he showed when he rescued Claire (with the full knowledge that rescuing her was foretold to lead to his own death). Nathan’s personification of Peter’s insecurity was chilling; Nathan was so nurturing as he told Peter “The world is bigger than you” in Peter’s dream. More than chilling, that moment was so typical; many people have relatives/friends who are their biggest doubters in an attempt to “protect” them.

Niki/Jessica is the most obvious juxtaposition. She also raises the most questions. Is Jessica a separate entity, the ghost of Niki’s sister, who materializes with superhuman strength to provide ruthless protection? If that is the case, then what exactly is Niki’s special ability?

Or is Jessica part of Niki — the antisocial aspect of Niki who has gotten out of control, as Niki herself asserts? In this instance, Niki used her sister to personify a strong, but unacceptable, side of herself, just as Peter used Nathan in his dreams to personify his self-doubt.

Personally, I prefer the second option, but I’m biased; I’ve never been into psychics or mediums. Let the debate begin!

Watching Hiro and Isaac share their knowledge of the future revealed that foreknowledge is not always pleasant. Both were admirable, though. When Hiro learned he really was going to confront a T. Rex, he simply made plans to find that sword.

Isaac took the news of his impending decapitation well, given that he did not go rushing off for a hit. He knows the future is not set. Yet it made Ando’s sentiment (“I wish destiny would lose our number”) understandable.

Matt needs to learn about the silent Haitian fast before his brain implodes. Speaking of imploding brains — poor Eden. Rumor has it Eden’s demise was hastened (by about six episodes) due to a salary dispute. For the most part her character seems expendable, but who will poor Mohinder have to talk to now? And can Sylar still take someone’s abilities if their brains are mush?

January 22, 2007 is when we start to get more answers. Curse these holidays!

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  • ClubStyle_DJ

    E.D. Once again good recap. However the lack of response to the show in BC has forced me to another blog. I finally got an answer: Jessica/Niki hit DL twice with that giant pea shooter. Love the bullet that phased through his head. Hated that she hit Micah Split personality or not. Altho I don’t know any cases where a pretty blonde woman walks up to a cop and asks to be arrested and it happens. Maybe on a perfect world in an alternate universe. I think Niki’s power is the super strength, because reguardless of who’s mental personality is outside it’s still physically “her” doing the fighting, choking, body slamming & screwing. errr aaaahhh shooting I mean. Eden wonder why they just don’t pull a Bewitched Darin switch like the old days, I sure another hottie actress would love to step into that part. Oh well guess they’ll have to introduce another HRG lackey. Hey maybe Niki can channel the dead sprit of Eden. and adapt her powers. HRG’s bound to meet her… if she’s in jail (I know it kinda contradicts what I said about physically…NM) So Petey boy is the cause of it all. hmmmmm. I don’t know, it was a dream sequence, containing people he hasn’t met yet, and this show is is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
    OMG the Hatian speaks!

    See ya in January,

  • E.D. Jones

    CSDJ, I’m glad you liked the review and sorry you feel BC hasn’t been responsive! On my other blog at TVGuide.com, one person had a good explanation for what happened with D.L.- he didn’t have warning with the first shot, so he was unprepared when the bullet hit his shoulder, but he was prepared for the second bullet and was able to protect his head. Makes sense to me.

    Hitting Micah was a clear demonstration that Jessica has gotten out of control, and I agree that Niki/Jessica’s ability is superhuman strength- as long as Jessica is actually a part of Niki. (I think she is, but I can see the other side.)

    I think HRG has another lackey with the Haitian guy, now that he speaks. They don’t like to recast actors much anymore; I’m not sure why. I don’t think Eden was all that essential, though.

    This show has certainly found the balance between answers questions and providing new ones!

    See you in January, too!


  • We’re finally up to date on the shows and now we have to wait til next year??


    Great job!!

  • E.D. Jones

    At least you got caught up! If you really need a “fix,” try reading the Heroes comics on NBC’s Heroes website.

    I can’t vouch for them because it would take several years to download them with my dial-up connection (perhaps that will become a holiday project), but others have said they give more information.