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TV Review: Heroes – “Better Halves”

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Maybe considering Heroes as NBC’s Lost was giving it too many props too soon. Tonight’s superpower du jour was predictability, but a kickass cliffhanger was its weakness. Until the end came, the show was a bit too predictable and there were no surprises or intelligent twisting of the plot.

I knew from the get-go that Eden was a plant. She just pops out of nowhere with her shy wallflower innocence. The lizard’s name is Mohinder, oh, how sweet! Plus, how could Mohinder (the man) trust her so quickly? Further proof that men are too stupid; trusting the words of a woman just because she’s so pretty. Dude, it’s New York! Wake up. But she made Daddy meals; that’s good enough for him.

You are a scientist sitting on what could possibly be the next world-changing break in evolution and you tell everything to the little pixie down the hall? If they found your father’s home in India a day after he died, isn’t possible they found the apartment in NY, after they found you in a cab in NY? Out of 18 million people, they found YOU. Not so smart after all, are we, Mister Smarty PhD? But then as he leaves, she plants one on him; how could he not want to stay? Is she a mutant for hire working for Mr. Bennet?

Our funny-man, Hiro Nakamura, and his reluctant sidekick Ando Masahashi call Isaac Mendez’ studio. Isaac tells Peter Petrelli not to answer, that it was some Japanese guy leaving him messages. Peter picks up and tells Hiro what future Samurai Hiro told him in the train frozen in time in last week’s episode: they must save the cheerleader. Peter and Isaac struggle to put the paintings together that tell the story, but one piece is missing, one of the pieces Simone took away to sell. But with this love triangle going on, just how complicated will it be to get it back?

Save the Cheerleader, save the world. But things never are so simple. Hiro and Ando are prevented from leaving by last episode's cheated poker player, who wants his winnings back by having our Japanese duo play in a private poker game. When Ando notices one of the players is armed, he panics and takes Hiro into a storage area. Meanwhile, we hear a ruckus in the game room.

The players are being massacred ,but you quickly realize it’s not someone human doing the work, as the door is nearly smashed in by a body with such violence, the blood leaks in through the cracks. Hiro begins to doubt himself because of his inability to do anything about it. He feels he has failed at being a hero. He has his first hero crisis all heroes from ancient mythology to today’s new mythologies, like The Matrix, must go through. If the hero doesn’t suffer in these stories, it weakens the story. To be a hero is to rise above your being.

Meet the Bio-parents. Papa Bennet pulls one out of his… hat, by finding Claire's birth parents pretty damn quickly, who she later refers to as her bio-parents. Please tell me no one fell for that. I’ll give Claire the Cheerleader a break, for being young and stupid — and way too pretty. See what I mean? But it’s not like she has an inkling of what her Father Mr. Bennet, aka Horned Rim Glasses Man, does for a living. No one does. He’s so boring and suburban, you’d never think he was black ops secret agent man. Which has yet to be determined, but he’s obviously on to the mutants and has at least one working for him.

It seems, we find out during a discussion between Claire and her adoptive mother, that she may have a weakness. As a young child, she had "a cough" severe enough that it needed a genetic background investigation. So perhaps, like David Dunn (that's Bruce Willis in Unbreakable), she can choke on something. But a light bulb definitely went off in her head when she learned this little factoid and that Daddy dearest has been deceiving her in some way. Or maybe the illness was simply the trigger for her abilities.

It also seems as though Miss “Schizoid Embolism,” Niki Sanders, was triggered when her husband “left” for the Pen. In this episode, she tells him, “When you left, I became a different person" and he finds out just what she means. I must admit to not guessing D.L. Hawkins' superpower and was wondering how he got into the house. Niki lets D.L. stay the night. It's a restless night for Niki, who sneaks out in the middle of the night and comes back and, of course, doesn’t remember anything. What did she do? Well, when D.L. and Niki go visit some of D.L.’s colleagues, we see dark-side-Niki’s handiwork with bodies torn in half. It seems to be her signature move — no guts, no glory, I guess. She later confesses to doing it but not remembering.

Finally, it happened — I was waiting for it to happen. It was time that Niki and Evil-Niki had a little chat. Seriously, they were sitting next to each other. Evil-Niki tells Niki, she’s the one who gets the job done, that does what has to be done to survive. And that she has D.L.’s money from the robbery that sent him to jail. That she slaughtered D.L.’s crew. And that she has to take the money and run or else D.L. would take Micah, their son, away from her. And lo and behold, Evil-Niki was right when she’s caught taking the money out.

We also find out he’s got a temper when he tried to impale Niki after finding her with her hand in the cookie jar. But then again, betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. Our first taste of a mutanto e mutanto fight was interesting, though tame. But the dude can move through walls, solid objects, and people. This explains how he just walked out of prison. It left us with a great cliffhanger, too. Is Niki dead?

With certain producer/directors like Whedon not afraid to kill off major characters in his series, I wouldn’t be surprised if Heroes went in the same vein. But I doubt it. Niki and Doppelganger Niki are far more interesting personas than most characters on the show — so far, I have to add. And just what kind of superpowers must Micah have with full mutant parentage?

To be continued, indeed. I just hope all this predictability was only an appetizer for a bigger arc. Please be great, please be great, and please be great.

Tonight’s episode gets a downgrade from the usual five stars, to 4 outta 5. Maybe that was predictable also.

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  • ClubStyle_DJ


    Good review, BTW. Personally I missed the first two episodes of Heroes. I half assed watched the third and started getting into it with full concentration these last couple.
    I’m not a big fan of “cliff hangers” or 2 part episodes, I always think something is going to come up and i’ll miss it, (which usually happens). Interesting theory on Micah, he can probably fly, stop time, walk through walls is indistructable and can physically split into two different people. However I’m reminded of the end of Hide & Seek when cute “innocent” little Dakota Fanning’s character draws a dual headed self portrait. (the kid playing Micah is a “real life” child prodigy on the piano among other things too ya know). Evil Nicki will probably be the dominate character now and sweet Nicki will be in the mirror. Now there’s a plot twist for ya.

    Keep up with the review, ya done good.

  • Thanks you 😀

    The Niki reversal could be a good twist…

  • Baronius

    Wow, I had a totally different impression of the episode. I thought it was great. D.L. went from being an off-camera murder suspect, to a loving father and husband, then a dupe, then a mutant who may have killed one of the stars. Some of the episode was predictable, sure, but the D.L. story covered a lot of unexpected ground. And between him and Eden’s (not-so-shocking) revelation on the same episode, it’s got me wondering about every minor character we’ve met so far.

    Will Niki survive? I think the cheerleader is too young to be a breakout star, and Eden probably won’t be a major character, so Niki’s going to be the pretty face of Heroes. Then again, having someone strangle you through your chest always hurts, so I don’t know how she’s going to make it. Either way, I’m interested, which is a good sign for a first season show during November sweeps.

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    OMFG “HEROES” ROCKS and there’s NO FRESH commentary about it!…. Somebody needs to light a fire under you people. There’s a fresh comment about Britney “freakin” Spears’ stupid life today…but nothing on HEROES (as per a ROLLYO search…) WTF. Am I the only person watching this show? I guess I’ll have to break out my HS creative writing text book so I can BC with myself.

  • Thanks ClubStyle_DJ. I share the sentiment. But then I could never get celebrity worship. How did trailer park trash like Britney ever become so popular? (a rhetorical question)

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    So Micah is a “super” after all, and a TechnoSuper at that. ATM’s are gonna be spitting $20’s at him as he walks by…LOL And evil Niki has a name. I was reading a blog that called her ikiN, thought that was cleaver. Heroes has got potential. Of course I thought “Comander and Chief” with Gina Davis had potential too…look what happened to that.

  • Thats why my mantra is often “please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don’t suck ” 😀

  • ClubStyle_DJ

    11-20-06 heroes episode:
    Kind of an anti-climatic ending for a super-hyped climatic ending…huh? Let’s chant the mantra together…please don’t suck….please don’t suck… PLEASE DON’T SUCK.

    (Funny… I still hear a faint sucking noise) LOL

    PS: why the hell doesn’t anybody have a regular write up on this show…?
    Answers own question with
    see line above PS