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TV Review: Haven – “Welcome to Haven”

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Call it X-Files Lite or X-Files fun, maybe even the new Twin Peaks, but I’m planning on plopping down each Friday night, or as soon as I can get to the DVR, to watch the new episodes of Haven, SyFy Network’s new drama. The first episode premiered last night and was a little rough in places, but mostly because it strove to introduce a whole menagerie of characters in a short amount of time while throwing out a handful of plot threads. Not in the least was the heroine’s potential missing mommy being on the front page of the local newspaper twenty-five years ago.

The television show is based on The Colorado Kid, which was written by Stephen King for Charles Ardai’s successful Hard Case Crime Line. The original book was meant to be one of those quick paperback potboilers that got churned out back in the 1960s (before television and video games managed to get a stranglehold on male entertainment). The book introduced Haven, the small town in Maine that has BIG SECRETS.

There’s a lot of weirdness in Haven already, including the suddenly shifting earth beneath the town that creates sudden sinkholes in the middle of streets and gives the impression of something burrowing beneath. Then there’s the young deputy, Nathan, who has a rare condition that doesn’t allow him to feel pain, or anything else. The case that brings FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker to Haven involves the mysterious death of an escaped convict who appears to have been shot out of a cannon – because of the distance he was thrown, there aren’t any gunpowder marks.

Emily Rose stars as Parker. She’s starred in guest roles in several police dramas and steps naturally into the role of an FBI agent. She’s attractive, strong, and vulnerable. And she has the missing mother figure in the show.

Lucas Bryant (Sex, Love & Secrets) plays Nathan and is engaging as a homeboy detective who can think well beyond his modest upbringing, and is quite the modest, strong-jawed hero.

However, there’s already a romance triangle working because local bad boy Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour – also of Sex, Love & Secrets, Secondhand Lions) has already taken an interest in Audrey. Plus, he’s also saved her life and seen her naked.

The mystery in this episode plays out rather quickly and it’s really a no-brainer how everything ends up. But to be fair there was little time to introduce the viewers to this world and get a story going. The newspaper guys riding the two-seater bicycle is awesome, and so are the other residents of the town.

Best of all, though, the scenic shots of the town are amazing. My wife has always wanted to go to Maine, now I do too. Most of all though, I want answers to all these mysteries that have been introduced in this series. There are twelve episodes to go.

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  • Michelle Ishibashi

    Hi, nice review. Just one thing though, the TV show wasn’t shot in Maine. It was actually filmed throughout Nova Scotia, Canada.