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TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy – “The Time Warp”

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Synopsis: Continuing his new duties, Derek reinstates the hospital lecture series; Bailey shares her first days as a shy resident; Callie looks back on a polio case; Richard recalls a case where he and Ellis worked on a virus known then as GRID.

As far as flashback episodes go, "The Time Warp" wasn't a terrible one. The episode was very choppy and a bit rough to follow at some points. I can't lie, I've been waiting for the whole cast to bust out in "The Time Warp" dance. The Drew Carey Show cast did it, why the hell can't the cast of Grey's Anatomy? If nothing else, it'd be a good change.

In the lecture series, Chief Webber (James Pickens Jr.) talks about how a young Chief Webber (J. August Richards) and young Ellis Grey (Sarah Paulson) diagnose a young male patient in the early 1980s with AIDS (then known as GRID). They catch a lot of flack from their chief and continue to do the surgery when everyone says they shouldn't. The patient lived through the surgery but died a few weeks later and as a result Ellis and the Chief end up at the bar.

The young Chief Webber and the young Ellis Grey have discussions that appeared in episodes before when Ellis was still alive and had Alzheimer's. They talked about leaving their significant others for each other. It also seemed that Ellis made Richard have his first drink of vodka, which would eventually throw him into a spiral leading him to the present time where he's no longer the chief of surgery and 45 days sober.

Back to the present, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) talked about her first days as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. Bailey butted heads with her resident and confided in a very long-haired Joe the bartender (Steven W. Bailey). She stood up to her resident, was commended by the Chief and was told she will "make a hell of a surgeon."

Callie (Sara Ramirez) faced her fears of public speaking with the help of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). Without the character recalling it, the plot warps back to when Alex lied to get onto one of Callie's first cases, a polio patient who was promised he would walk again. Callie did the surgeries, he walked again, oh and later she would have sex with Karev (is there a female in the hospital he hasn't had sex with?).

It really does seem like the writers of Grey's Anatomy have either lost their way or are definitely trying to stretch out the season with episodes that have no meaning in the grand scheme of the season. Flashback episodes are nice and all, but this episode lacked substance. Alex and Callie slept together. Ellis made Chief Webber have his first drink. Being an intern is hard. None of the story lines were a big stretch. Alex sleeps with everyone! Chief Webber had previously made mention of his drinking problem starting with Ellis, and it's not a mind-breaking surprise that being an intern is hard (isn't that what the last six seasons of Grey's Anatomy have been about?).

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