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TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy – “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked”

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Synopsis: Derek confronts the Chief after learning about his drinking problem; Izzie returns and hopes to reconcile with Alex; tensions run high between Teddy, Owen and Cristina in the aftermath of Cristina's startling confession.

With the long-awaited return of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) to Seattle Grace Hospital, "I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked" was sure to be a crowd pleaser. The episode surely didn't disappoint. We are left wondering: did Izzie return and then leave again?

It's too confusing to keep track of the cast members lately. People disappear, reappear, and then they're part of the main story again. Grey's really does deserve the description "primetime soap opera." Honestly, can you name any other primetime television show that has their stars die, and then come back, and then leave again? Not unless you're watching clips during the Daytime Emmys.

It's not like complaining will do any good. Heigl, who adopted a child late last year, is taking personal time to be with her new daughter, an honorable leave. You could counter with the fact that actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, recently gave birth to a daughter, but she's been on set and in almost every scene (even if at one point it was only from the chest up). With the onslaught of new cast members in the last few months, half of the new cast didn't appear in this week's episode.

So, Izzie came back. She's not working at Seattle Grace again; she's just making life miserable for Alex (Justin Chambers) who woke up in bed with Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) the morning Izzie was due to return. Obviously someone found them in bed together — how could it be Grey's if someone didn't walk in on them the next morning? Meredith berates them for being juvenile or some such and tells them that "no one needs to know" — AT THE EXACT MINUTE Izzie walks back into Alex's life. Whoa, how's that for coincidence?

Back at Seattle Grace, Chief Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) has been hitting the bottle, but not the operating room. Other surgeons have started to notice and Derek Shepard (Patrick Dempsey), also known as McDreamy, blackmails Meredith into letting him tell the hospital board about the Chief's drinking problem.

Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) still have their love triangle, which is seemingly more of a love duo, with Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) showing up every now and then and confessing her love for Owen and making him run right back into the arms of Christina every time.

Of course this episode includes a lesbian sex scene, which I can only imagine is for the guys because my boyfriend looked up from his "work" (read: playing video games) to notice. It seems that Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) and Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) enjoy each other's company and even though Callie ends up with a terrible case of chicken pox in this episode, Arizona is there by her side. Well, she's by her side after freaking out and lying about never having chicken pox. These two women seem perfect for each other and I can only hope that a relationship like this will last, despite the lies.

Who won't be back next episode? It's really hard to tell. Izzie seems to have left again, even though Meredith got her old job back. The Chief was confronted by the hospital board at the end of the episode and while I don't think he's going to be departing, it'll be interesting to see what his role in the next few episodes will be.

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