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TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy 2.3

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Meredith takes Christina for a jog, hoping it is going to work as a mood elevator. They discuss the stupidity of sleeping with their bosses and what is now ruined as a result of those relationships.

Christina hasn’t yet told Burke about the pregnancy and doesn’t want to. She is assigned to work on a surgery with him, but she is not feeling or looking well and passes out in the middle of the surgery. Because she is pregnant she needs special care from Addison Shepherd. Burke finds out about the pregnancy from the chart on the wall stating Christina’s condition.

Meredith’s mother comes into the ER and yells at Meredith for bothering her at work. Meredith runs to hide behind a wall and everyone is worried about her. Meredith asks Dr. Webber to visit Ellis. Dr. Webber is uneasy about Ellis’s condition and is doing all he can to avoid dealing with her. Ellis thinks George is her ex-husband Thatcher and will not let him examine her until he and Alex find a way to go along with her Alzheimer’s. They find a lump on her liver and send it off to see if it is cancer.

Moments after Meredith tells him off, Addison and Derek kiss next to the premature baby they are working on. She admits she still loves him. Alex and Izzy are seen hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Alex shows part of his sensitive side to Meredith allowing her to believe Izzy that he is a decent person.

When the biopsy for Ellis comes back benign, Meredith finally admits that she is not ok. She sits outside and cries. She cries for her mother, she cries for Christina and she cries for Derek. She cries over being exhausted and not wanting to do it anymore.

This was definitely an emotional episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Dr. Bailey showed her human side and that she cares about her interns. She tried to protect Meredith and stood by Christina when she was in surgery. It also continued with getting some depth into more of the characters. So far I think this season is even better than the first. Grey’s Anatomy really is stepping up to the plate to be great television.

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  • I know this is a few episodes ago, but I keep thinking about that scene where Meredith’s mom screams at her and she goes to hide: she’s simultaneously the professional, not wanting to upset the patient; the adult daughter, feeling the pain of her mom’s illness and hospital appearance; and the little girl hiding from angry mommy. Subtle, silent, and amazing. If I could, I’d give Ellen Pompeo an Emmy vote based on that scene all by itself.