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TV Review: Gossip Girl – “Dare Devil”

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Despite the fact that his father stole $200,000 from him last week, Nate was away helping him close up his boat. Chuck was apparently with him, because even though he’s King of the Universe, Chuck is in love with Nate.

In honor of their missing comrades, all the other kids spend the night hanging out at various dive bars and night clubs. In the world of Gossip Girl, nobody cards.

Here is my breakdown of the real world chances of getting into the depicted clubs:

Serena: She’s the bomb, they’ll let her in anywhere.

Dan: No chance, he’ll be carded until he’s 30.

Blair and assorted mini-Blairs: Dressed to kill, looking good, giggling – reasonable shot.

Eric: Are you kidding me? He doesn’t even look like he is really 14. Maybe if he flashes a 100 instead of an ID.

Jenny: No chance, the way she’s dressed, the fact that she’s obviously underage – that’s a bar closing waiting to happen. Later in the episode, she reveals that she doesn’t even have an ID fake or otherwise.

Since Dan revealed this week that he rambles when he’s nervous let’s take a look at:

The Evolution of a Stereotype

The Unsurpassed Original: Say Anything’s Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) – definitely working class and proud of it, but has no ill will toward anyone – rambles brilliantly funny and lovable monologues when he is nervous – willing to devote his whole life to Diane Cort, a girl seemingly out of his class, and she’s lucky to have him.

The Geekier TV Version: The OC’s Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) – has class issues even though he’s technically of the same class – rambles cleverly when he’s nervous – willing to devote his whole life to Summer Roberts, a girl seemingly out of his class, and he proves himself worthy of her love.

The Beaten Down Stereotype: Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgely) – has class issues – rambles in a fairly boring way when he’s nervous – willing to devote his whole life to Serena van der Woodsen, a girl totally out of his class, when he’s not busy judging her, and so far doesn’t deserve her at all.

In case, you didn’t realize it, this show is not a chick show, but instead is aimed at dorky guys dreaming of sexy true love. I’m one of them, and I definitely enjoyed the sexy, girl on girl kissing, slumber party. Congratulations to the producers of stopping just short of porn.

Dan’s Only Redeeming Feature

He seems to have mastered this suave Don Juan thing when Serena is flirting with him, not very believable, but impressive nonetheless.

How Stupid Is Dan – Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Says, “I can’t just take Serena to a movie on our first date,” apparently forgetting that he was about to do just that last week, the week before he was going to take her to his dad’s concert. He just keeps steadily regressing.
  2. Hating the rich kids he goes to school with, but assuming that he has to adopt a similar role to impress Serena.
  3. Picking a fight with about 14 drunk Wall Street guys.
  4. No sense of immediacy. When Serena told him she loved Vespas, he should have just stolen it and taken credit for renting one. Who’s gonna miss a Vespa for three hours?
  5. Loving Serena, but seemingly having no idea what makes her so awesome. And she is awesome. She’s low key. She’s flirty. She’s hot as hell. She seems to have a brain. She’s stylish, but not ostentatiously so. Face it, I deserve her so much more than that loser Dan.

If this is the hero of the show, he needs some work.

That Waiter

The kid is on a first date. Stop being an ass.

Least Surprising Plot Development of the Week

Blair’s must-attend annual sleepover is the same night as Serena’s date with Dan. Hasn’t this happened every single episode? Then again Blair apparently throws a lot of must-attend parties.

How Blair (looking more like Shannon Doherty every week) Deals With This

Unable to credibly lash out at Dan, she passive-aggressively goes after Jenny.

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  • Meg

    Nice review! I have not yet watched the show, although I power through the books like they’re popcorn. It sounds like the show is every bit as overdone, unnecessary, and overall enjoyable as the series is.

  • Jordan

    Great review!You almost don’t even need to watch the show. I actually, am most intersested as to what Jenny will accomplish and that maybe, just maybe, she could even make BLAIR jealous. Honestly, I dont think that Kati and Isabel have
    ever been called by their names…Good observation.

  • elisha

    yes their names are mentioned in the first episode when serena and blair are at the palace bar. watch it.