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TV Review: Gold Rush: Alaska Premieres Friday

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Gold Rush: Alaska premieres Friday, December 3 at 10PM ET on the Discovery Channel.  The reality series follows the lives of six men who are struggling in the face of economic issues. They’re in debt; their businesses are struggling and they’re at the end of their ropes. With the price of gold at the highest point ever, they decide to leave for the wilds of Alaska trying to strike it rich mining for gold.

Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon is inspired by his father’s stories of mining. He decides to lead a group of men with absolutely no experience into Alaska to try and save their families from dire straits. They spend everything they own on the machines and equipment necessary to mine on a leased claim in south east Alaska. They’re not off to a real great start when they hit their own car with a backhoe. It’s fairly obvious that they really don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to operating big equipment, especially when they take chances with things with which they have no experience. At one point their inexperience results in a chain snapping, nearly killing someone.

The six men going to Alaska include Todd Hoffman, age 41 who has a background in aviation and his father Jack Hoffman who has a background in gold mining. Joining them are ex-realtor and snowboard instructor Jimmy Dorsey, mechanic James Harness, construction supervisor Greg Remsburg, and retired sheet metal worker Jim Thurber.

The trip to Alaska itself is loaded with problems, including vehicle problems, flat tires, treacherous roads and crossing questionable bridges with their heavy equipment. They have four days to travel 2,000 miles to meet a barge carrying their heavy equipment. The trip ends at Porcupine Creek where Jack’s father mined for three seasons in the 1980s before he nearly went bankrupt.

From what I see of the first two episodes, this is going to be a fantastic series. It sort of reminds me of Deadliest Catch because none of the guys really seem to know what they’re doing. Each episode has me more convinced they’re all going to kill themselves or get stuck in a river somewhere. I’m looking forward to tuning into more episodes each Friday night!

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  • RDB

    When it comes to the subject of ‘Gold Rush’ Alaska, I don’t know where to start. Didn’t Todd Hoffman think to buy and read ANY books on gold mining before he went charging off to Alaska? In the first season they wasted so much time digging down to pay dirt and them lost the claim to ‘Dakota’ Fred who claim jumped them using inside information. Didn’t any of the Hoffman crew think to use the available bulldozer to cut off the overburden and get down to the pay streak? Come on guys, this isn’t rocket science. Maybe it didn’t make good TV or something.

    Then they go up north to a second claim and couldn’t figure out how to get and keep their wash water clean, again missing the gold with a poorly set up sluice. They lost more gold than they caught, and I could make a fortune just out of their tailings. Why they dumped the trommel is beyond me, as a trommel will process more material per hour than that other pile of junk they ended up using, and use a lot less water to do it. Then they go back with an even bigger pile of junk and guess what happens, they lost more gold than they caught, again.

    Now it’s the reverse helix trommel debacle. So you lost the caulking out of the reverse helix, so what, put a damn riffle tray under the back end and keep running for god sake. But that aside, it’s the lack of planning that bothers me the most. Too much of the wrong equipment, too many people standing around with the thumb up their butts. And, please tell me why everyone had to stand around doing nothing instead of getting back to work while they process the recovered material. Clean out the riffle tray, put your back up matting in place and resume running material. Also, what about two shifts? With the amount of daylight during the summer in Alaska (I’ve been there and done that) they could be running twice as much material… Oh wait, they don’t have enough material, and no one is looking to see where they can get more. No miner starts off knowing everything, most learn by doing it, and reading up on how others did it. Yet it seems as if both crews don’t lean a damn thing. All in all, I just wish I have an investor that would back me on a project like this, and forget about the TV cameras.

  • RDB

    Just watched the last episode (Jan 18-2013) and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All Todd seems to do is stand around and bitch about the equipment. He dumped the only piece of equipment he had running and sat on his ass waiting for the supposedly ‘super’ trommel to arrive instead of using it until it did. At least he was getting some gold out of it. Them his super trommel arrives and the motor burns out. (What a joke for a new machine and no spare parts). Couldn’t they have found an old diesel engine to fit in and work. So they sat around for some more. Then they got is working and the caulking comes out of the reverse helix and lets gold pass through. So what does Todd do? He shuts it down. Didn’t he think you put a riffle tray under the back end and keep running? And didn’t he think about re-running his tailing? Shoot, I could make a fortune just out of his tailing from the first season, let alone the second. Having mined for gold in the Amazon, far from ANY repair or parts, I had to make sure I had everything I needed before I got on site. No where do I see a mining plan, or an anticipation for future events, such as running out of pay dirt (at either site). It’s no wonder their investor is so upset with them. I just wish I had someone to back me on a project like this.

    Having built reverse helix trommels, I was never satisfied with how it worked, too many unknown things happen with them. I design and build straight trommels with a good recovery systems at the back end and catch 98 percent of any available gold once you have the riffle tray dialed in for the material you are running. Being a miner as well, I know the ups and down of gold mining, and how to plan and anticipate what might happen and prepare for it, but I guess that doesn’t make for a good reality show.

  • Debbie

    I hate this show – saw them sacrifice a innocent goat last night that was so disturbing – will never watch this show again.

  • bob kay

    Todd and crew I was pulling for you guys to get 2oo hundred ounces.Can’t stand fred.Pulling for you next season.Good luck

  • michael ferguson

    todd is a fat stupid fool

  • new prospector

    Besides if nobody touched this ground again,it wouldn’t take more than 5-10 years for the Alaskan jungle to grow back. They get alot of rain up North.In 15-20 years you wouldn’t be able to tell they were there at all. Is “idiotically” a word??????????

  • new prospector

    Then DON’T WATCH!!! “Peacelover” Or is it whiney Dirt Worshiper,Hippy Flower Child,Anti-anything? It’s a tv show,grow up.

  • peacelover

    This show disgusts me! They idiotically destroy the environment and it hurts my soul! They are greedy capitalist and the damage they have done will never be able to be undone!

  • Wayne

    Please all of you people on the show,,,,,,go back and finish 5th grade, all of you can’t carry on a conversation as well probably spell, I got an idea all of you click your helmets together again and make a wish just like Dorothy on the wizard of OZZ did with her heels, maybe monkeys will fly out of you butts and show you how to find gold !

  • john miller

    Love the show but getting tired of seeing 45 minutes of past shows to get 15 minutes of new show. Don’t know about them killing bears and messing up Alaska, just love to watch the American dream of striking it rich and the beauty of Alaska. I have the same back problem as the welder on the show, so no I’m not packing yet so don’t be so hard on us who just want to watch and dream.

  • Woody

    Just watched the first two episodes, its not bad, just wondering why they would bring their families likes its a camping trip, if everything is on the line they don’t need the distraction of their kids getting hurt. I could understand maybe if they were there for like a year or so but it’s only 3 months.

  • new prospector

    Well….since I like to look for gold myself,I’ll keep watching.I have to say though I’m starting to loose intrest already,and they have only had 2 shows of the new season.If it’s just a repeate of the trouble of getting the gear set up to run in a new area,they will loose me.Lets see some mining!! My great grandad was in the klondike durring the real gold rush,if for no other reason I’ll watch this show for that.I hope it gets better…..

  • NothingsReal

    I could’nt believe that anyone could be as stupid as these 6 guys and it seems I was right! cause I Found out that the majority of the show is scripted. I would’ne be surprised if the bear they supposedly shot was BS as well! There is no such thing as reality TV cause everything on TV is scripted Bullshit, the news included! Someday people will realize that we need to live outside this box called network television and to refrain from grabbing onto someone elses scripted dreams of delusional grandeur!

  • Taylor

    hahaha. this show is ridiculous Frank belongs in retirement home and looks like he has no idea what is going on. The rest of the Fat a** misfit crew from oregon have no experience and find almost no gold. Luckily there in contract with discovery so we get to enjoy another season of watching 6 idiots run around with heavy machinary and people will always watch it because someone is going to die eventually. Btw I’m pretty sure the cast of Jersey Shore could find more gold than these numb nuts.

  • Max Power

    I couldn’t agree with all of you more….& what I don’t get is; WHY if they are nearly broke, would all of them bring up thier families to help eat all the food & resources(fuel) that are costing MONEY ! Then to have them do nothing but piss around kills me…I mean what happened with Todds kid is a PERFECT example. How much did that fiasco cost in lost time & money ???
    YOU NEED TO ADAPT (and just to be clear, adapting to the wildlife is not shooting anything & everything you see…& then what you don’t see, you go looking for ???!!!!)

    Max Power

  • new prospector

    Well, here it is in September now.Found a bit of gold this summer and not ready to quit yet,going every chance I get.Still haven’t heard anything about a second season for this show.With gold up to $1800-$1900,there should be one.I guess time will tell…..

  • New Prospector

    What happened to “season Two”It’s middle of June now and I have heard nothing…I don’t think I’ll hold my breath on it! They did say there was going to be a season two though. Still way too much snow here in Idaho to go prospecting,getting a little depressed,my “Gold season” is almost over and I haven’t even got to go!!Mark,I wondered why nobody else noticed that was no grizzly!Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  • Mark Lytle

    I agree with the realistic views here. Though the season is long over. I live where the black bears are waking up now and hungry. I left a few posts at discovery.com during the season.
    My concern first was ‘one’ the eraly on determination to shoot a bear. The old dip called it a grizzly – it was a well fed cinammon colored Black Bear… they show the bear in the episode then go into the wood and find game trail and scat and shoot a perfectly peaceful and non-threatening BLACK colored black bear – NO GRIZ GRAMPS! So they see two bears, and you can tell the difference very easily between black and grizzly – one is a red-orange – the other black and they ‘got that bear’ then ate it.
    All the rest is either a poor poor reality show as you guys are right – these were ‘special’ people – retards – in a place they should know a little about coming from Oregon. Buts its amazing – at the same time I also have lived in Oregon and now in Nevada and YES most of these stump-jumpers are really really stupid and because they have roots here and you don’t – me – you can’t fit in – let alone get any respect. I am not stupid enough to be on that show… ‘no guts no glory’…. thats the fall back phrase for everything it seems.. amazingly dense thick and drain-bamaged culture of people. Duhhh…. which way do he go… which way did he go… looney tunes and reno 911 have a true basis – this stuff is real.

  • New Prospector

    Just found something interesting,look up “gold rush,discovery channel show” the one that says Jimmy Dorsey.It gives some “behind the scenes”comments from Dorsey.Like the gold rush stars going to the hamberger place across the river for lunch,and going to town to play basketball!!Seems they are not quite as remote as they claim,and goofed off even more than we thought.I figgered alot of this was scripted and made up,but it sounds like most all of this is phony!!Oh well,i guess,still kinda fun to watch.

  • Heck yes bro

    I agree with william r.. the old man needs to quit praying for riches and start focusing on listening to people who actually know about gold mining. Honestly, I think this is just a made for TV program invented by the discovery channel and none of theses guys except for the new old man have any idea about mining for gold.

  • william r

    I used to like the show,but the more that whining drug addict gets away with,especially towards the new old man that came on to oversee the operation,never show dis-respect to your elders, I’ll be watching another show next season if harness has’nt changed his ways,he’s afraid the old man might show him up,also someone needs to tell pop’s you aren’t supposed to pray for riches. good luck to the good guys?

  • Heck yes bro

    I think they are all a bunch of whiskey dicks!

  • New Prospector

    Well the season end show just finished.They did hit that pocket of gold!They say a season 2 also.Too bad that hole is all going to sluff it again over the winter.It sure gets me itching to get back after it myself!Winter can’t last forever,can it? Good luck to all you folks out there that are also looking for that yellow dirt!!This has been kinda fun,never messed with one of these computer talk spots before.Adios

  • New Prospector

    Back in the real gold rush days my great grandad met “soapy smith” Jack london too!

  • Pete

    At least Soapy Smith was real!

  • mojo

    Just wanting to know whats wrong with the dump truck just sitting there empty? Why not fill it with the excavator and dump it by the grizzly and use the loader just to move the tailings.

  • CincyNate

    WOW, these guys dont have a clue. They have a proven gold miner (that has a very strong personality) trying to guide them and wont listen. They are very unorganized and LAZY…….LUNCH! Are you kidding me? 120 days and its all on the line, you eat and work. That is not the work ethic that has America as being the most productive workers. Dont get me wrong, I admire the risk they are taking but people like that remind me of the idiots that where flipping houses in Cali going 100k over budget and 3 months over schedule and the house out appreciating their mistakes. If gas is an issue then bring all the dirt you can up to the wash thatday, then start the wash basin to preserve gas. Just simple stuff like thatshows the lack of commen sense in the camp. So glad the cry baby is gone.

  • Smarterthanthem

    These guys are a bunch of idiots. They will never make it unless the network has someone do the work for them. I hope that they don’t bankrupt their families. I’m sorry there is no way I would loan my brother $40,000 if he was that big of a dumbass.

  • toilet paper user

    I see a lot of rocks…

  • New Prospector

    Thanks Mojo,As for Dorsey,I think he’s done.Unless he’s alot more stupid than I think,I bet he’s glad to be shut of these folks.Good or bad,I’m looking forward to tonights show….I hope they don’t kill the new guy.+5 degrees and snowing here again…going to be awile yet ’till I get my gold pan back in the water!

  • mojo

    New Prospector,weve been hand mining are claim also, hoping to bring in the machinery this spring if we get all the permits in order. Goog luck to you also

  • New Prospector

    Mojo, Sounds like you are doing alot better than I am.I live in Idaho so I guess we are neighbors.My summers findings only amounted to about 5-6 grains,but it’s fairly corse stuff with a couple of mercury coated “nuggets”.Now that I’ve found a spot that has some,I hope to do better this summer.My biggest problem is where I found the best,is a closed area.I’m going to have to move upstream and hope there is still some there.On the other side of town from me,there is a tromel operation that is averageing 3-6 ounces per day,but they are digging 40feet deep to get it.Pretty hard to do that with a hand shovel.Still,I had alot of fun looking and am looking forward to a better year.It’s one thing prospecting for fun and not finding very much,and trying to make a liveing on it like the guys on this show.Not finding much then would take all the fun out of it for sure!!Well,GOOD LUCK TO YOU! I hope you do well this summer.With 3 feet of snow on my “diggings” it seems like along time from now!

  • mojo

    I hope the glory hole contains some good nuggets or lots of flakes because im ready to see some. So does anyone think they will bring back dorsey or is done with the whole show? I guess we’ll find out in the last 3 episodes. New Prospector I cant wait either for the snow to be gone this has been are worst winter since 96 in MT and construction has been dead so im ready to find some gold,All the claims around us are finding 1/2 to 2 ounces a day with just smaller set ups so bring on spring.

  • New Prospector

    AARRGGG!! No riffles in the sluice box!!Your most basic and inportant peices of equipment are the gold pan and the sluice box,this is where the gold is trapped.The Grizzly,Shaker box,and Tromel wash the rocks off and separate the bigger rocks from the rest,but none of that collects any gold.Didn’t they study the gold mining basics?I like this show,and I have been rooting for them to do good from the start,but they have to try a little.Its getting harder to feel sorry for them all the time.Exspanded metal works pretty good,but not for the amount of dirt they are running.From the looks of it,they only have about a 6 foot section of exspanded metal total.The new angle iron riffles they made I think are too close together as well.Water swirling behind the first one is going to clean out the next one too much.They should be at least 4 inches apart.It will be fun to see if the take picks up now or not.They are bound to find more than before, but I think they will still loose most of the fine stuff.I hope they at least put miner’s moss under the riffles!The new guy better tread lightly or he could have an “accident”.I hope they realize that they need to listen to him if they want to make it.At least he’s willing to help,even if he wasn’t invited.I have to say though,I look forward to each show.Some folks were saying this would make alot of people want to quit their jobs and go North to strike it rich looking for gold.I think there is little to worry about,who going to want to copy these folks??I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can go prospecting again,but I won’t quit my job anytime soon!!!!

  • Mack Berwick

    O.K. I’ll say it. I love the show. I even watch the repeats. And
    Dorsey, you are the break-out star! What’s your next gig? A
    panel spot on “Idol?” I know you must be in meetings with the dudes from “Dancing with the Stars.”

    I hate to break your cover, but weren’t you that annoying kid on
    “Partrige Family?” The beard was great and so was the acting, especially on the wave table episode, but I knew it was you right away. Anyway let’s hear more from you. Perhaps a blog with inside stuff from the show or how things are going in Hollywood.

    Anyway I hope to see you driving that F-150 back to “Porcupine Creek” soon cause the show ain’t going nowhere without you.

    How bout that Susan Dey? Boy, I’d like to meet her if she’s not too old.

  • Jimmy dorsey

    Everyones a critic…but yet they are watching the show…

  • jman the canuck

    I agree mojo. Going to keep watching as well. After all as far as reality shows go this is the most acurate one out there. Some people think mining is just dig a hole and get the gold. It should be obvious to most people by now that this mining takes skill,preparation, knowledge, hard work and a great deal of time. Good point about the kids also. Most kids never learn to appreciate and respect the outdoors. It will be an experience these kids will never forget.
    Nice to hear someone like you with common sense mojo and good luck with your prospecting next summer!

  • mojo

    I know this it a reality show and if you notice most every show on tv is.I had to lol at some of these comments about the show. 90% of the comments are negative about the show but they all tell you what happened every week.The more you watch the higher the ratings go up and i have watched every week. Being a prospector for twenty years i know alot of the things they show are made up because its a reality show. I do agree with a couple peoples comments like the bear, anyone can buy a bear license in alaska and how many bears do you think get harvested every year in alaska? I also own a claim and getting a permit to bring in heavy equipment is a long process and im pretty sure they got all the permits to do what they want to do or they would of been shut down the first day they started.Ive been mining it with just a high banker and a pan,but come this summer im going to bring in machinery and tear up the ground and when im done it will look better then when i started due to it was mined 80 years ago and i will have a semi load of scrap iron they left behind.For the comments on the kid being there i say great for them the kids that is.Well at least the kids are not at home watching tv and playing video games,their getting exercise and learning about the great outdoors.Most people who are commenting on the show probly have never camped,hunted,fished,mined,etc so if you havent you dont need to say a thing.My kids were just babies when i first started taking them into the outdoors and when they became older i never once worried about them because they knew right from wrong and we ate many bearritos along with deer ,elk and moose. So am going to keep watching and hope they strike it rich

  • jman the canuck

    Well said New Prospector.

    Most Canadians such as myself frequently visit the good old USA and we here up north kind of look up to your country and share your values. So you are right… Lets get back to the show.

  • New Prospector

    jman the canuck,Good for you! There is no place for that kind of thing.This is suppost to be about what we think of a tv show,not complaining about somebody’s comments and name calling.If it wasn’t winter and cold outside I wouldn’t even be looking at this.It’s sort of fun seeing what other folks think about this show,but there is enough argueing on the show,we don’t need it here!I live in the good old USA,not everyone here is an asshole!Now,lets get back to the show…..

  • jman the canuck

    Dean Paffard
    Thanks for your comment and I will stay in Canada. After all there’s a reason our enconomy stayed strong and your’s in America went down the tubes and still is. This show is made for the average American IQ and your reply proves my point.
    p.s. notice I called you by your correct name. Typical Yankee arrogance with your name calling.

  • West Point Glen

    Everyone is dissing these guys. Sure they are all dumb. Todd is clearly homophobic supplanting his lust for anger with the way he treats Dorsey. As there are no rest stops or Walmart glor holes where he is at, he is in as much withdrawl as the loser mechanic guy. Have you seen the way he looks at Dorsey?
    These guys aren’t dealing with their problems but you are watching them, so get off your ass and stop watching TV and do something!

  • New Prospector

    Personaly,I feel sorry for Dorsey.He never had a chance.Before they even left they were blameing him for things like the flat tire.Granted,he dosn’t seem too smart,but he was trying his best.He had guts enough to take a huge gamble on the adventure of a lifetime.Good idea? Probably not,but the only sure bet with gold is that you won’t find it if you don’t look.My great grandad was in the Alaska gold rush,he didn’t find much either.He went to work as a hunter to feed the mining camps and in that way found more money.He mined the miners.In the early 1980’s I was in Alaska,tryed some panning but didn’t find much.I had very little idea what I was doing,I’ve learned alot since then and wish I could go back and try again.The point I’m trying to make is that nobody is born an exspert,we all have to start someplace.I don’t think these guys thought this trough too well,but at least they are there doing it!How many of the rest of us would like to try to make a dream come true?Whats stopping us?Lack of money,lack of guts, or something else? These guys could still get lucky and hit a nice pocket full of gold.Chances are small,but thats gold mining!!

  • Raldo

    To all you neer-do-wells, tree humps and sunnie soldiers. Get of Tods’ as! He’s a grate leader. Yeh, maybe a little stupid and a little genaticaly defichunt–but a grate leader any way. I ask you, who else but Tod could get a cru of semi-empluyment, grune men to give up good unempluyment checks and food stamps adn go to alaksa and pisson a bear’s bed. Boy tha was funy. Wilbur & I Laff and Laff. Any way tod you ar grate.

  • Lucky Lindy

    Face it. The show sucks but the comments are great!

  • Dean Paffard

    jman [Edited],

    Stupid is stupid, I have never seen a collection like this on TV.

    All the other comments are correct.

    Jman thanks for the commentary but stay in Canada.

  • jman the canuck

    Yes people these characters are not miners.
    They never once said they were. These people are every day Americans who decided to do something different to make some money. The claim they are working is an established claim. They are not raping the land as some drama queens like to think. The bear they shot was legally shot with a tag. We’re top of the food chain, get over it animal huggers. Finally the drama they
    show on each episode is for your entertainment people that.s why I know you will watch every week. Think about it,who’s going to watch a show about professional miners working a claim. (boring)
    So remember this is just TV do not take it too seriously. After all I don’t think all people can be fooled that easily.

  • Bobby G

    A bulley who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, a half wit father, a junkey mechanic, a bunch of fat wives, a sensitive realator, all using equipment they know nothing about in a place they have no business being. Bravo Discovery Bravo.

    Next season take Dr. Drew and his “celebrity” rehab crew and place them in Alaska. Same show but better odds at finding gold.

  • Almost Whole

    I’m really confused. Grandpa McCoy smashes his steam shovel into Jim’s truck, forgets to buy oil, starts a dust-up with a cub bear, mucks up the “wave table” and talks with the most annoying, screecy voice in Alaska with the exception of Sarah Palin
    ….but then it’s poor Dorsey who gets his ass kicked and run off the claim stake.

    Who puts this shit together? Charles Manson?

  • Bill the Brush

    Thank god for Alaska siphoning out all of the Aholes from the lower 48.

  • Steve Stever

    Just saw the episode where the mechanic is so heroic in dealing with his back pain with his sick mother in the hospital. What a load of shit, the guy is just an addict just like every other pill freak I see in the ER every night “Smurfing” for vicodin to sell.

  • Lowell Buttersworth

    The shooting of the bear was pathetic. The irresponsible kid who has no business there left food out, the bear found it as that’s what bears do. They scared him off and decided to track him down and shoot him. The bear was no threat whatsoever. Technically, these fools baited the bear in order to kill him which is against the law in most states. I am not against hunting and am not an animal rights activist, it just disgusted me to see such morons who can’t support themselves in their hometown go to Alaska and kill an animal as a result of their own foolishness, a bear had more right there than they ever will. At least the bear knew how to take care of himself and his or her family, unlike any of these “gold miners”.

  • Who’s your daddy

    What a bunch of clowns. Digging holes everywhere, drinking from a stream with bear crap. I am surprised they are not going out on a night hunt to catch Leprechauns hiding the gold.

    However, will give Dorsey some credit, he hit some gold with that wife. Honey, if you want to stop sleeping on a futon come over to my place.

  • New Prospector

    Like I said before,THANK GOD FOR IDIOTS WITHOUT THEM WE WOULD ALL LOOK BAD!!!!Any bets on a second season??Love the show or hate we are all watching.

  • bs

    WTF is up with these guys? Spend all the money and time screwing off when they could have gotten a ton of gold with a few high bankers and all those people. You could even let the kids help load scoops of pay dirt into big high bankers, no safety issues. I count at least 12 people standing around eating, s**ting, using electricity, water, bathrooms, etc. No one is working! At finding gold that is. Find some gravel that pays, bulldose the overburden to the outer limit of the pay dirt, then start at the outer edge of the pay dirt excavating back toward the camp the good dirt, running it through the collection system(s). Pretty simple stuff. Even people with buckets and four or five washing stations would be better than what they are doing! You could get four or five ounces a day with all those hands if they would just close their mouths! I mean come on guys you have tractors and such, but still takes months to find any gold. I personally could have found over five ounces with my metal detector and sluice box in the time it took you guys to set up your camp! No one on this show has any clue how to find gold; the show is a big disapointment because of the characters. Oh and Jimmy you need to take a good look at yourself bro! You are a dissfunctional individual. For the sake of your family I think you should get some help from a professional for you mental problems! Its totally obvious from watching you on TV for a couple of hours that you have an undiagnosed condition that will be the end of you if not treated.

  • Big City

    What a collection of underachievers, bone heads and extra-y chromosomals. These guys couldn’t find bear shit in the woods.

    Get that old man on a short bus and bring back Dorsey’s hot

  • goldie

    The entertainment value of the show is watching how much will go wrong and if after all the trouble they have went through if these guys are going to hit it big. What I find funny is how they keep repeating how little time they have but you see them building luxury cabins and sitting around alot. The only reason the other guys are turning on Todd and Jack is because they have got their hopes so high only to have all of these setbacks and not finding any gold. Jack said “I don’t want to get anyone to excited but we will have at least $100 grand by the end of the week and a million by the end of the season.” Why would you tell those people that! Now if they all aren’t millionaires by the end of the season they are all going shoot Jack like they did the poor bear! Oh but I forgot, Jack is ready to die so it’s ok.

  • John

    They need an MSI extraction table to stay in business. Panning that much sand is going to seriously hurt their earnings.

  • goldfever

    i love the show.. i give them all credit for putting up with all the BS from let downs to attitudes.. No guts No glory right! isnt that what jack hoffman says?? [Edited]

  • New Prospector

    Everybody seems pretty horrified that they shot that “poor bear”.I don’t believe that bear(or any of the others)was a threat to the safety of anybody,but they did say they were going to eat it so whats the problem?I love bear hunting and have eaten all the ones I’ve shot.The thing you realy need to remember is that this is a TV show!If it was boreing it wouldn’t last.Any excitement they can come up with is good for rateings.I do like to watch this show,but like the rest of you I think these guys are more of a threat to themselves than any bear could ever hope to be.The “grizzly bear” was a brown colored black bear,and not a realy big one at that!I’d rather watch this show than anouther stupid sit-com,cop or lawer show any day!These guys have alot of flaws,but they are still doing the things I enoy,prospecting and to a point,hunting.

  • Kyle

    any of you geniuses happen to notice the fact that Halstead had a bear tag? they shot and tagged one bear…totally legal…oh yeah you tree huggers forgot that part….oooh booo hooo they shot winnie the pooh!!!!

  • Jay Holmes

    @ Heather, of all the stupid things them drinking the water is what you thought was stupid? lol, I’d agree with you, but being outdoors alot and camping alot, i can say fresh running water is fine, from what I remember it looked to be a spring, which would make it even better, thats what we have used at my house for years as the ground water in our well is salty from living close to the ocean. Besides, water is the least of my worries with these guys…

  • New Prospector

    You realy have to wonder how much of this is true,and how much is acting.Seem like alot going on besides mining.How was the flat tire Dorseys fault?There seems to have been trouble between these guys before they ever left home,if you can’t get along with someone why would you go into a remote area where you have to deal with each other without a break? Dorsey might not be the smartest fella around,but he needs to hit Tod in the head with a shovel!!One thing to remember,stupid people make the rest of us feel better about ourselves!!I hope this show lasts mostly for that reason,it is good entertainment.

  • New Prospector

    This is a fun show to watch,but these guys are NOT going to make it!Bears are not that scary to start with,they are not going to hunt you down and eat you.They have killed more bears than the bears have killed them.As a fairly new prospector I’ve found more gold than they have without the fancy equipment!

  • heather

    This has got to be one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched. What idiot does not boil their water when they’re drinking from a frickin waterfall?!? Did they see the unicorns purify it??? So stupid.

  • Gator Gauge

    Hope you don’t have a hunting accident. Too many of you idiots seem to fall out of your deer stands after eating all of that potted meat! AHAHAAHHAAAHAAA!!!!

  • Chris, I can’t tell what you mean by “as**oles”. Blanking out those two letters makes the word completely fuc**ng indecipherable.

  • kurac palac

    I can’t wait for Bear Season

  • Gator Gauge

    Killing that bear was ridiculous. I can only hope that karma takes care of each and everyone of them!!!

  • Chris Montel

    1/16/11 UNBELIVABLE…These as**oles go to Alaska…invade a peaceful area…leave food out (laughing and smiling about it!) and then go and hunt down an innocent bear and kill it. Absolutely WRONG! Everyone should boycott this stupidity and rise up against this shining example of mans stupidity! Kill the bear because it was sensed the food you idiots left out…kill the bear…Holy Mother of God does anyone else see how wrong that is!

  • randy

    well what can i say harness was wanting to go home to buy pills withdrawel yeah whats he doing there if so bad off

  • Chris

    I agree with Jeannel. I hope this bunch of rednecks gets fined out the wazooo for poaching bears and causing pointless destruction to the environment. This group of ameaturs is reckless, ignorant, and just plain clueless. Jack is an idiot. That old man is a stupid moron. Send him home. Better yet I hope Alaska DEC kicks them out and sends them home 100’s of thousands in debt. Leave it to the professional mining companies that will do it right.

  • Nancy

    I just started watching this show (Gold Ruch)and my opinion is:
    1. why would anybody in there right mind take a child to the middle of nowhere where there are wild animals that you are invading their space.
    2. killing them because they MIGHT become a threat is unacceptable and inhumain because it was the humans that left food there for them to come and get. Why not try getting rid of the kids that leave the food so the bears are not tempted.
    3. this show is about gold rush not bear hunting and I will incourage everybody I know not to watch a show that does not at least try to work with the animals that already live there instead of running out killing them.

  • mjk

    Stupidest show ever. NO respect for these guys. And the bear had to be killed why?These guys are ruining the environment, and just plain stupid.

  • frizzybear

    i think they r doing very well for themselfs, .just think there wore gold minnings yrs. ago and u can see the buildings still there.it takes guts to do what they r doing. if we had a chance we would do it. good luck guys, good job

  • Mike

    Sam I am a Barney, we are commenting on the show, you troll by commenting on the comment people. Read both of our first remarks and tell me who trolls. I hope your back never recovers. Braddah, how was sitting on inside rollers at Waikiki? I bet you got called a kook the whole time- the source of your anger

  • Sam I Am

    Mike and Weeder are both my bitches 🙂 Out of all the comments here, you had to reply to mine specifically because I was right on about truth of your miserable lives! Ha! I am recovering from major back surgery and this is the only time I’ve ever had cable- as I recover- and now I know why. I do enjoy life. I’ve had greater life experiences in one of my winters surfing Hawaii than you will ever have if you live to be 200! It’s amazing that my sarcastic jousting on here got your goats!..who knew I was so right on! I am sure you fat cyber trolls will reply cause that’s how you roll! Go ahead and prove me right 🙂

  • JOHN


  • Mike

    Has anyone ever seen a show where next to no one is likeable? It’s getting worse by the minute.

    Who would you rather kick square in the balls?
    Capt’n Todd or Dorsey
    I choose Dorsey and then borrow his wife

    Sam I am, fat, white trash, idiots, all because I’m commenting on a show that airs at 10pm once a week, really?
    Weeder- fantastic reply

  • Texas

    Reading the comments, seems like people all agree: These idiots would starve in a Safeway! No wonder they lost homes, jobs and respect. I lived in Oregon and this is not the typical Oregonian – hell most Oregonian women can operate a chainsaw better than these morons! Arrggghhh a bug, I’m scared and going home!!!!

  • CRIS

    Biggest bunch of unskilled Oregon morons ever to walk the earth. Where are they from in Oregon – Downtown Portland! Why bring kids to a place like this – great idea for a show but what a bunch of sissy Mary’s!

  • Phil

    I agree with the majority there, hoping Todd ends up broke and feeling dumb. I’m watching ONLY to see what else gets destroyed by the absolute TERRIBLE operating of the old man. He’ll likely kill himself or someone else here shortly.

  • Jay Holmes

    Home many guns do these guys need?! oh, and they all gotta toughen up,,and get a better sense of what size a bear is. Their idea of a six hundred pound menacing black bear, is a flippin bear cub whos taking the food that they leave out for it…Ive gone camping in bear country, and slept under a canoe, i mean seriously…

  • Weeder

    Sam I Am, yah you sound like you really enjoy life.

  • Weeder

    Could they not have found someone likable to do this show? Todd and Jack…….. jeez!

  • lkdgfouweyri

    Number 9: Quit complaining about the environment, you sound like a dope! Plus I’m sure you won’t watch, yeah right. Shooting wild animals is necessary if you want to eat and if you have to protect yourself.

  • anonymous

    Green Peace people are the worst

  • Sam I am

    Why is anybody shocked that a “reality” tv show is fake?? You are all the idiots who crucified Jerry Springer back in the day when you found out his “reality” show was fake too! Did that stop his show?..nope!..pretty sure it helped it. The best way to defeat this type of crap tv if you truly don’t like it is to NOT GET FAT WATCHING SO MUCH DAMN TV WITH YOUR FAT WHITE TRASH FAMILIES!!! I’ll bet everyone posting on here is morbidly obese. Networks give you what you want. You show them what you want by voting with your pudgy tv remote control sausage fingers. News flash! NOTHING ON TV IS “REAL”! THEY ARE IN THE ADVERTISING BUSINESS, NOT THE PUT-BORING-REAL-CRAP-ON-TV-BUSINESS! That’s why you watch- to escape your horribly boring “real life”! Get a life, cancel cable, and go enjoy life outside with some exercise! (P.s. The “news”…ALSO in the advertising/entertainment business.)

  • LD/Colorado

    Saw a bear in the mountains. Went home and told my dad,both of us cried. Get a pair dude! Todds a moron on a power trip who don’t know jack! Jack is going to kill somebody with that trackhoe sooner or later. Jimmy is going to hurt himself with a tupperware container as his wife calls it. Preacher man is going to find out his “bear proof” cabins are going to become toothpicks for an angry Grizz. The mechanic/do it all tradesman is going to need more morphine just to make it thru with all the know nothings there. Finally the guy who cries when his son sees a bear,guess he will just have a good cry! Out of the whole deal so far at least Todd had a friend who knew mining and Todd’s stupidity but was willing to go to Alaska and help out. Cheap entertainment that belongs on the Comedy Channel. I feel bad for the little girl. They should be taking her to a specialist,not the family doctor. At least these wannabe a miners have $ coming from The Discovery Channel so their three months won’t be a complete loss. Brought it on themselves. Hope the bears take the site back! Cmon Discovery, show some real gold mining. Like the old guy and his grandson that know what they’re doing and know that it takes years of hard work!

  • ehsfb2001

    These guys are morons. They run out of gas before the 4th of July and rush to town. How can they not notice thr rate at which they use fuel??

  • Lance

    At first the show appeared to have potential,no more. Supposedly sold everything they owned to try striking it rich in Alaska on a gold hunt. Three months to do it before the financing runs out. I’d have to say that is pretty unrealistic in my book. Should have just taken their money and went to Vegas,odds are probably better. Very poor planing on everyones part. Kids and wives do not belong on a job site. Drinking unfiltered or boiled water,just plain stupid. Not having a spare fuel tank on site or fuel deliveries already set up,no excuse. Hell,I’m suprised you found Alaska! Jack and Todd need to quit telling everyone they’re going hit paydirt bigtime until it happens. Too premature. I wish them luck but they need to be brought back to earth.

  • Mike

    Looks like everyone else shares my opinion about this trainwreck but somehow its good. Boss Man is a sensitive baby who I doubt has a GED, Long Beard is a determined yet clueless man who would be better off indian style with a bong, Old Man is off his rocker and would have more luck playing the lottery, has he helped out once? who brings a mechanic who isn’t capable of getting out of bed 50% of the time? Good call Boss Man. And finally preacher man, well, good for you you built a nice little house. All the scripture in the world isn’t helping this moronic crew. Long Beards wife said it best “what are they doing? daddy is picking through rocks with tupperware”. I like watching cuz I want to see how they cover up Discovery channel swooping in with pros and making it look like these schmucks actually did made it. A 24-7 cam on the old prospector across the river would make this show better. I vented enough, back to watching this trainwreck, please let them fail.
    To the guy who likened this to “whale wars”- that was dead on.

  • James

    This show is ridiculous on a number of levels. For one, the only gold these halfwits will get is the payday from Discovery; if it’s not already obvious, any geologist or commercial miner will let you know that these assclowns have as much chance of striking gold as you have of drilling an oil well in your backyard.

    But more damning, if you read any of the local Alaska coverage, it turns out our “miners” are also a bunch of Christian Teabagger conspiracy weirdos who went out of their way to mine in Alaska without permits or consent with the hopes of drawing government officials into a conflict so they could use the show as a soapbox for their idiotic agenda.

    So in short, it’s a show about idiots for idiots. Enjoy.

  • George

    Good show, different. Between this show & Palin’s Alaska, man, Alaska is a beautiful state!

  • Mike Shay

    What a bunch of idiots…go home and don’t come back!

  • benkin

    Let me guess how things end up on this flagrantly staged show…They find enough gold to keep the show going, but not quite enough to retire…wow…I sprinkled some gold on the hole I dug in the middle of nowhere for no good reason…how hard to figure that one out…now we can have more seasons.

  • Prospector

    The show is okay and as someone that has been around the Descovery Film Crew, they want you to add a certain element of “suspense”. They came to film where I work for the series on “Really Big Things”, and they were always asking us to add Drama. The guys on this show are desperate. I love to hunt Gold, but it takes time. Focus on one area (not all over the place).

  • Brian

    If we all paid attention to the show then we would have known that you are allowed to shoot menacing bears, but they also stated that one member of the team had a bear license. When you have a license you can shoot any bear that license allows. Just sayin’… I agree though, that kid should get his but kicked and taught a lesson about how to respect the wilderness or you end up dead.

    In the end the combination of their financial situation, stupidity, and disfunctionalness make for great TV. I am hooked, but who really will be the stupid ones if they strike gold. Thats right, us for not doing it first. I give them all credit just for giving it a shot!

  • Su

    I just finished watching the first two episodes-good grief what a bunch of poorly equipped (mentally) for living out in the wild. My mom grew up on Kodiak and they never shot a bear ever. Those kids should be just fine-let em run and they will learn quickly. I’d like to see them enjoying their bear meat = Yuck! Losers.

  • John in Nevada

    Having spent the better part of twenty years in surface mines all over the US, I can honestly say I wouldn’t spend five minutes with these morons around heavy equipment. They are a disaster waiting to happen, and they know even less about mining than they do about equipment. they will no doubt go back home broke and dejected. Maybe I’ll go up and make an offer on their used equipment if any of it is still usable.

  • thomas

    fake fake fake

  • Joe

    I can’t believe all the people attacking this show. Point is the leader (Todd) and his Dad put this together as a reality show to cover the costs. Pretty smart, if you ask me. Any gold found will be a bonus. These guys have a good chance to end up rich.

    Naturally there is going to be drama injected for the sake of TV. Don’t be idiots and expect something different because that won’t driver ratings.

  • cleotis

    maybe i missed something in the first episode, but shouldnt those little cross-eyed inbred hillbilly kids be in school? what are they doing in alaska anyway? what kind of mothers do they have?(besides fat ones) the only glory holes you fags will find will be back in oregon at the bathroom stalls in your local walmart.

  • Chris

    This show is trash, mainly because of the cast they chose. The main fat guy Todd is the worst of them all. You need to discipline your kid…period. Don’t act all tough in front of the cameras. The only reason I can think of for urinating on the bear’s home and killing the innocent black bear is…well there is no reason. These people need to fail, declare bankruptcy, and get off my TV as soon as possible.

  • jack

    Kids arent in school in the spring? OSHA allows this? Its anitemare to watch people with no experience play with machinery, make no attempts at maintenance ie: snapped cable. Kids riding around BEHIND dump trucks. Irresponsible show. And the one “tough guy” get the hell out of my cabin guy…the other long beard guy might have just saved his kids life by talking calmly to them and he tosses him? kid seen standing on edge while they are trenching, with nothing sured up. OSHA WHERE ARE YOU??

  • Michael in Mount Vernon

    Update, I read elsewere, they already had a permit to drive the excavator in the river. They had a DNR type guy to watch. This was all cut out of the fake show. This show might as well be like that Trutv Repo show. Drama bullshit, liers, were is the Pastor on this? The show portrays they didn’t know the bridge would not hold the machine, and were shocked. All this was crafted acting. Lead by chief bullshitter Todd. He went out to sell this pile of crap to reality tv producers. The real alaska miners are shocked at the way there work is being portrayed in this fake tv show.

  • Michael in Mount Vernon

    This show is giant heap of turd. The stupid drama crap about loading the equipment on the ship, why cut it so close? The leader is a royal dick. Swamp Loggers is so much more enjoyable to watch than this crap. Shooting bears after your punk kids leave food for the bears to eat, give me a break. Constantly watching and hearing there vulger course languge with there church pastor, yea right.

  • becky flamand

    ok i guess you can’t have personal info just look me up on face book:) post falls idaho

  • becky flamand

    Ferzad i’m not quit sure what happened but i put my email on and when i got back on to check it was gone [Personal contact info deleted] if your interested in my claim .Becky Flamand

  • Jeannel

    Tearing up pristine wilderness and shooting innocent wildlife in Haines is an abomination. I live in Alaska with many grizzlies passing just 15 feet from my door, and have never had to shoot one. The people participating in this so called reality show have no business in Alaska. I hope they all go back to Oregon flat broke. Alaska does not need this kind of attention.

  • Dave

    What a bunch of dumb asses! The old man is a danger to everyone around him. What the hell are 10 and 12 year old kids doing there?

  • TJB

    I dont think this series will last long if they keep blasting every bear they feed. There’s going to be a lot of people complaining about that…and rightfully so.

  • L

    The parent of the kid needs to step up and teach that kid instead of shrugging it off. It was the kids fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L

    They had to chase down that bear – it appears the humans are menacing!!!!

  • L

    OMG! I can’t believe they shot that bear – they said they were allowed to kill menacing bears, but that bear was not a menacing bear – it was killed because of human error. I’ve been around bears and they don’t want to be around us as much as we don’t want to be around them. You have to keep your camp clean. If they had been in a National Park and a Ranger saw that food they would have been ticketed for “Major Food Violation”. They are a visitor in the bears home. Those bears have been in hybernation and are looking for food and stupid humans leave it out, the bears are only doing what’s natural. There’s no way of knowing if that was the same bear. Where’s PETA and the Humane Society – I do not like it!!!

  • will

    It seems like an alright show, and seeing that gold really made me want some haha. But those guys are seriously pussies. “My kid saw a bear because I brought him to Alaska and now I’m guna cry!!” what a loser. YOUR KID SAW A BEAR IN AK. WOW. didn’t see that coming. That bear definatly didn’t deserve a bullet through the heart. They need to cope with the animals, not the other way around. It was a beautiful bear too. shot it out in the woods without it posing any imminent threat of attack. pussies. i still want gold tho.

  • Joe

    I hope that Todd is a better pilot and fighter
    than he is a leader, no wonder he lost his flying business

  • Ferzad

    PatrickS, you tree hugging freak. What do you think mining is? Look all around you, and especially in your home. Everything you have, virtually comes from mining. How do you think the first miners did it? The main difference between then and now, is the modern way of machinery to do it. I am a prospector, and at least I do have a clue of what I am doing. Some people dont have that luxury when they are at there wits end of taking care of their families. So before you go blasting this show, take a step back and look. This was a previous mining claim, and your lack of attention wouldn’t have led you to make those statements.

    Becky, I would be interested in that claim. How can we chat about it>?

  • Hoz

    I’m watching and recording every week if for nothing else than to see what new flub ups these guys make. The last minute rush to the dock, uhh huh. Backing into your own vehicles with heavy equipment, Doh! Fording a trout stream with the loader, lifting and carrying a man in the ATV, nice move. Pops digging random holes all over camp, wowsa! Watching the look of envy on your faces when the neighbor Schnablel shows his pan of nuggets, great! Seeing you both deflate when said it took him 2 years of digging to find it, fantastic.

    The friction between Todd and Dorsey looks a bit over the top. Surely Todd isn’t that big of a douchebag, maybe he is. If so I hope Dorsey kicks his rear good,long and hard.

  • Joe

    I’ve seen both episodes and l liked them both. I hope they find something.

  • Mary

    Not to mention on the first episode that if your heavy equipment is too heavy for a failing bridge that you just get to drive your heavy equipment accross the river! 2 funny, I can’t believe someone didn’t mention this yet. Speak up tree huggers!

  • randy

    show is a total joke dumbasses kill all the bears then u wont have to worry godddddd anyone that would put there kids in harms way like that needs ass kicked then cry about it on tv i agree with these other folks on here they will destroy the area around them take it off tv now please

  • Gold Rush Fan

    Todd is a douce bag bully. Jimmy needs to grow some balls and stop letting him pick on him. I would never let anyone talk to me that way. Here’s a question…Who bring there kids to a dangerous place like this? You cant leave them alone so someone has to baby sit the whole time. Also did you notice that most of the time theres only 2-3 people kind of helping out and everyone else is missing. What a train wreck.
    They stalked that poor bear and shot him. How could they call that a menacing bear for coming into camp when Todd the douche bags son left food out? Then the kid smiles like his retarded dad when Jimmy tells him not to leave food out. They just shot the first bear they saw. How do they know that was the bear that come into camp?
    Somebody needs to smack that bully and give him a wake up call.

  • becky flamand

    i have a gold mine in beaver utah if intersted.becky

  • PatrickS

    Amen! This is an atrocity! They move their Hillbilly asses into an area where gizzlies and who knows how many other animals have been living quietly for how many years?! And yet, they have the balls to bitch and complain about the very place they have moved heavy equipment and humans with little or no skills into their living room! Seriously! Are they or the Discovery Channel going to move all of the trailer park crap out of this area when they leave?? What about all the destruction of the land from film crews, humans, refuse, waste and disposal that will likely be left behind when this horrible example of “Reality TV” is gone??? Wake up people! This is a gross example of corporate greed, disrespect for all!! Yes, it is true I flipped channels and saw this ridiculous idea for a show. Yes, I stopped to see what the hell was going on…. will I continue? Absolutely not! This is an abomination! Destroying nature again, the area will never be the same. And hilarious that they (producers) actually want you to believe $150,000 got this whole mess started?? Really? What will be the cost to repair this beautiful area after all the cameras are gone and the trash, human waste, destruction of land and the horrible “make-shift” living quarters are left behind for the future generations to come and enjoy? LOL! And really? They are going to shoot “wild animals”? These hillbillies moved into their territory. Yet, the bears will be the ones to take the loss! This is so ridiculous , honestly I would love to see a bear get some lunch!

  • Heck

    Move all that equipment to Alaska, & build houses to mine for only 3 months? What is up with bully Todd? I wish them all luck, it looks like they put it all on the line.

  • Philip “Duke” Dukesherer

    I am sure they have already “struck Gold” with the money they made from the History Channel. This is like watching NASCAR, you only watch because someone is going to DIE!

  • Hunter

    These guys have no clue. Do any of them, apart from the camera crew, have any wilderness first aid training? With Jack on the loose and not thinking things through somebody is going to die.
    Given the haphazard way they are mining they will be lucky to break even.

  • Jay Zuckerman

    This is a good show but the men are the stupidest I have ever seen. They DO NOT belong in Alaska let alone this show. Please fix it…..

  • jjr7997

    I don’t know where to start… Jack- you are old, you know nothing about mining, and it’s a good thing there is a man of God in camp to pray for protection over the rest of the people there or you would surely kill at least one of them with your lack of skill and disregard for your surroundings.
    Jimmy(Skinny guy with the long beard)- How could you hurt little Toddys feelings by chewing his dumb ass kid out for leaving grahm crackers out in bear country. I saw the preview to the next show and I saw how Todd threatend to punch you in the mouth. I’m sensing a pattern here that probably didn’t just start on this show. I hope you grow a set and beat his fat ass.
    Preacher man- Good job. No one died.
    Todd- Good job picking your crew. Your dad ( He couldn’t do it in his prime but maybe now that he’s old and senile he’ll be better.)and your whipping boy(Long beard).

    My guess is that these guys will fail but that wouldn’t be a very good show so that probably wont happen. Just like you can’t buy and move that kind of equipment to Alaska for $150,000. I disagree with the writer of this review when they compare this show to Deadliest Catch. I think the crews on Deadliest Catch know what they are doing. I would compare it to another Discovery Channel show calle Whale Wars. It reminds me of Whale Wars because the characters on both shows have no real concept of reality.

  • mike

    how are we to think this are tuff hard men when in 2nd episode one of this men is crying because a young small black bear came near his camp but thankfully did not eat his son,cmon.potential for an interesting and educational show if they leave hollwood drama crap out

  • jjr7997

    these guys are retarded

  • Lady04bug09

    They are at mile post 63 with one hour to reach the barge in Seattle after fixing a flat tire. Anyone who has ever driven on I-5 North bound knows that you could not even make it to Tacoma.