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  • I was disappointed in this show too. Brit believing in leprechauns was stretching her naive character too far. I agree the songs were very weak, except maybe Candyman. Quinn’s little plot was really freaky. She wanted to go all straight Good Girl and she was for a while and then she tries to have Child Protective Services take the child away? That is insane. I mean, really, she needs a shrink. Who would let Quinn have any child? they ought to just have her suicide and be done with it. Or Puck should have been arrested for having the drugs on him… it did not provide any depth to the show, it only set up the kiss (which I agree is creepy) and gives evidence to Quinn’s mental instability.

    I’m not thrilled with this season so far. I’m mad at Rachael for not giving up the part in the play to Mercedes. I just think this whole season has been designed around the graduation and how these kids can disappear with a bang rather than keeping the integrity of the show.

  • You are absolutely right. Candyman was fantastic! I don’t want Quinn to die, though. :( I want her to get better. Given Ryan Murphy’s obsession with happy endings for Glee, she probably will, but I don’t approve at all of this dark storyline.

  • yeah, Sue is great… we don’t need more evil in the show…

  • Daniel Aarts

    Daniel’s performance was kinda flat. Pokerface when being bullied? :/

  • Daniel Aarts

    Damian, I mean

  • Raunak

    The show was absolutely dissapointing. I mean, Santana, Mercedes and Britney leaving the group? We all love the show because they sing so well together and now there’s two glee clubs and there’s this whole other Quin/Puck/Shelby story going on at the corner which totally confusing. Where’s the singing? Where’s the whole feeling good about yourself and being united, being a family thing? Glee is turning into a normal drama show. I don’t watch Glee for drama, I watch because it’s inspiring and NOW IT IS CERTAINLY NOT DOING IT’S JOB.

  • Lea Michele Fan

    The first three episodes this season were promising, though not *great*, but this one was extremely bad. It made “Night of Neglect” look like the first season finale. It was like Santana was given Sue Sylvester’s lines with the way she was talking and it was like she was given recycled Mercedes “I deserve to be the star, not Rachel!” stories. Rory is the only reason to tune into Glee anymore. He’s so damn cute and sweet, and a bright light in a frustrating show to watch. Ryan Murphy would be insane not to sign Damian McGinty on past his initial seven-episode contract. I’ll happily watch Glee next season if Rory will be there. I can stomach more bad writing just to see the sweetest character on TV. If Damian’s not signed on for next year, I won’t watch next year.