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TV Review: Glee – “Funk”

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When Glee is good, it's great, and when it's not so good … well, it puts me in a funk. Yeah, see show, I can randomly use the title of the episode too. It's one month away from regionals (and one episode) and there's no real sign of them practicing or even caring about it other than bringing the fact up in ordinary conversation.

Jesse is back with Vocal Adrenaline and now hates the other kids for … some … reason? First complaint: this isn't explained at all. Now if he said that he'd been planning this all along to mess with Rachel before the competition, that would make sense. But we know he did it under Shelby's orders to get closer to her daughter. Let's say he did it for both reasons, but just a few weeks ago he told Shelby that he genuinely cared for Rachel and didn't want her to be hurt. Then we didn't see him again, and now he's all 'I hate everyone and I'm making you all suffer.' And he tells Rachel when he eggs her that he loved her. What? Is he just saying that to be a jerk or did he and somehow thinks she betrayed him? A little consistency on this would be nice, Glee. Maybe in the finale he will say "I planned this all along" and it'll be fine, but for now it seems very confusing.

Vocal Adrenaline and Jesse take over their auditorium to perform a short and awesome version of "Another One Bites The Dust." I do love me some Queen. They're great and well choreographed as always. The kids are left shaken and upset, and in a funk. Get used to the word funk. You hear it over and over and over and over again. Will learns from Sandy that the only thing Vocal Adrenaline can't do is funk because they're soulless, so he encourages the kids to perform their own funk numbers.There's assignments this close to regionals? When the heck do they practice their real numbers?!

The room was TP'ed by the other team, so Finn and Puck reunite to go slash all their tires. The two spend a lot of time together in this episode, which is nice because they used to be friends, but they haven't addressed the fact Finn's still angry with Puck. He seemed to be fine with singing "Beth" last week to Quinn on behalf of Puck. Anyway they both get punished, but instead of letting them be kicked out, Shelby wearily suggests they just pay them back. Finn and Puck get a job working at the same place Will's crazy ex-wife works at.

Terri, oh how we've missed her, signs the divorce papers with Will. It's a very awkward and painful scene and poignant because of it. She warms to Finn because he reminds her of 16-year-old Will, so she agrees to try and help him research funk and do a good project. Finn, Puck, and the other employees sing "Loser" by Beck. That was fun. It's so nice that they're letting Puck sing more now. He's got great stage presence and a smooth voice. Finn, Puck, and Mercedes perform "Good Vibrations." Oh Finn, don't try to rap, it's awkward, but it is sweet all the same. Quinn gets a group of pregnant girls to back her up while she sings "It's A Man's Man's Man's World." The actress has clearly been getting vocal coaching, because she sounds much better than previously in this song. It's weird to watch them all dance, but it is actually a good performance and solid for her storyline. The entire Glee team hugs her afterward.

Mercedes and Quinn bond later, and Mercedes offers for Quinn to move in with her. She's been having trouble with Puck's angry mother. This developed friendship between the two was unexpected, but it works. Rachel is egged by Jesse and his gang out in the parking lot, which is horrible and she really does look heartbroken over it. The boys are furious about this, even Kurt, and though they mention they like her being their punching bag, I think it comes from a real place of togetherness. Will persuades them to try and scare the other team by bringing the funk. Listen. The last song "Give Up The Funk" is a fun one, with them doing their trademark dancing around and being goofy and entertaining, but it is in no way as stylized and professional as the way Vocal Adrenaline moves. The simple truth is their quick Queen performance earlier was better than this, and I'm not sure as an audience member I can buy that they would be worried after seeing it.

A professional performance like the kind they'd need to win the competition needs to be excellently choreographed and perfectly sung. New Directions has a fantastic singing group, there is no doubt about that, but they're sloppy and untrained when it comes to dancing and the performance aspect. Sure they've got big hearts and you enjoy watching them, but is that enough to win a real competition? Honestly, it wouldn't be, not if Vocal Adrenaline continues with their stronger productions. Yes they have more money and more support, but competitions aren't fair. Yes this is a TV show and some things you just have to go along with. Don't get me wrong, I want our team to win, and I know the underdogs always pull through, but do I honestly think they're better? Not really. Not yet. But they have next week to prove otherwise.

In a side story, Will tries to seduce Sue and break her before the Cheerio's championship that weekend. It is so uncomfortable (but amusing) that it is hard to recap. She falls for it, he stands her up, they fight, and then she mopes for days. Will realizes her cheerleaders are people too and they get screwed over for his actions, so he feels bad. He apologizes to Sue and she goes harsh right back on him. They almost kiss at one point, and everyone has to wince at that. Brrrr. It's like hell has frozen over.

Hey speaking of Will's love life now that he's single, where is Emma?

Next week: the end!

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  • Are you aware Funk is actually before Theatricality? For soem reason, they aired in backwards order.

  • Emma returns in the finale. So does Jesse.