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TV Review: Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls opens with a town meeting. This one is worse than most of them with the presentation from Kirk as a ploy to make the town of Stars Hallow more charming to lure tourists. It is also the easiest meeting in that everyone agreed with the idea. That is, until Lorelai finds out the Dragonfly Inn is on Sores and Boils Alley.

Emily is wondering about Lorelai when Richard mentions he saw her after the fire. Seems everyone in the family refuses to be the bigger person and apologize to each other. Instead, they simply pump others for information.

Logan pops around again with a Hermes bag for Rory. Richard intercepts him at the end of the night and takes his turn at pumping information out of someone. Apparently Logan thinks Richard wants to check out Logan’s intentions towards his future with Rory. Once Emily finds out about the purse Logan bought Rory, she too is convinced something major is going on between Rory and Logan. Emily and Richard search the pool house for evidence of what Rory is up to. Rory tells Logan she loves him.

Someone keeps sending random packages to Lorelai. After opening quite a few packages containing what looks like tacky Home Shopping Network buys, Lorelai figures out from where the packages are coming. Emily is sending things to “smoke Lorelai out of her foxhole.” Emily threatens to give away Lorelai’s dollhouse. Richard brings it to her and says they need to talk about Rory.

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  • J Berman

    Thanks for this summary. I was recording the program, because I wasn’t going to be home to watch it, and my VCR cut off before the very last part (did this program last a little longer than usual?), so that I didn’t see “Rory tells Logan she loves him,” and “Richard brings it to her and says they need to talk about Rory.” But do we know anything about why?

  • -E

    What happened is Rory tells Logan she smoothed things over with her grandparents to make sure they weren’t expecting marriage. After that she told him she loved him.

    Emily wouldn’t send the dollhouse to Lorelai and wanted her to pick it up. When Lorelai didn’t come right away, Emily arranged for GoodWill to get it at noon the next day. So Richard brought it to Lorelai. The last line of the show very literally was “We need to talk about Rory” so no, they didn’t go on as to what.

    I assume it has to do with the direction her life is taking in general. Or that she is keeping so much of it private-and that seems to be a new thing for her.

  • -E

    Oh, and I don’t think it ran long, my DVR recorded the whole thing.

  • I think the important thing to note between Rory and Logan is that she told him she loved him, but he did not return the gesture, nor did he appear to want to – just offering the “I didn’t mean it with all the other girls, and I don’t want to say something I don’t mean to you.” He attempted to correct himself, but the meaning is still clear. Please let this be the beginning of the end of this ridiculous relationship. In the past two seasons, Rory’s portion of the show has grown to be something that annoys me a great deal, to the point that I’m hardly paying much attention anymore.

  • j.r.

    I thought it was a good thing that logan said that to her. I don’t want them to break up. Matt Czuchry (Logan) brings the show to a new level as well as his friend (Finn and Colin) Tanc and Alan. They are all very good for the show in my opinion. So Rory breaking up with Logan wouldn’t be good (in my opinion).

  • I think Richard went to Lorelai because he knows a) his plan for Rory isn’t working and b) he’s afraid that Rory will get too comfortable in the upper-crust society, and not follow through on her plans to be a Yale grad and a career woman.

    I think you also need to look at some recent scenes with Richard and Emily. When she prattles on, he’s not the least bit interested.

    Then consider when Richard looked at Rory on stage at the DAR event (after arguing with Logan’s father). The look on his face again suggests that he’s unsettled with Rory’s place in their society.

    To sum, I don’t think Richard wants Rory to become another Emily. Although he doesn’t like the way Lorelai became who she was — outside the traditions the Gilmores and their ilk expect — he respects what Lorelai has done with the inn, and with raising Rory.

  • rtrent

    Smile you’ve got Rory

  • I think I nailed where the plot line is heading …