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TV Review: Gilmore Girls on a Girls-Only Roadtrip

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So Gilmore Girls finally sees Logan turning into the jerk we knew he was from the beginning. I knew him being the productive nice guy was too good to be true. With Richard Gilmore not cooperating with Emily after his heart attack, the three Gilmore girls are on their way to Charlotte via a road trip. But Logan tracked her down and showed up at the wedding to talk to her. Rory has grown up and Logan’s showing up to make a grand gesture isn’t working anymore. I’m proud of Rory for sticking to her guns and being angry with him. Unfortunately, things were tied neatly with a bow in the end anyway. Who has these big conflicts that resolve themselves so quickly and nicely? It is unrealistic. But then, I don’t really like Logan anymore anyway.

Lane and Zack cooked dinner to lure Luke to her house to ask him to be the Godfather for her twins. The last episode, Lane asked Rory to be the twins’ Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai was the adult Lane always felt able to talk to about anything without feeling judged. I think it is great she feels Rory can be that for her children. Zack’s freaking out about becoming a father is hilarious – completely understandable but hilarious.

It was nice to see Emily, Lorelai, and Rory having a pleasant time watching a movie and eating junk food together in the hotel at the end. I know their relationship isn’t perfect, no one’s is, but it is always refreshing to have the glimpses of happiness. That’s what has endeared Gilmore Girls for so many years and I feel it had been lacking last season. The show is more interesting now that it is actually the girls and not one at a time anymore. The show didn’t work with Lorelai and Rory not speaking; the charm was missing.

It would be nice for Lorelai and Emily to have a real conversation and resolve some of their issues. Lorelai tried to acknowledge that it must not have been easy for Emily when Lorelai left, but Emily didn’t take the bait and seemed cold. While I get that Emily is not as warm as the rest of the Gilmore family, it would be nice to see her character evolve a little more.  Either have the issues actually dealt with or move on already. The little tease of a resolution is getting old at this point.

I do wish the episode showed Lane going into labor instead of merely mentioning it. There could have been quite the comedic element with Lane and Zach freaking out, Lane’s mom trying to control everything, and Luke just trying to keep the balance. The four of them have fairly good comedic timing, for shame they didn’t get to exercise it.

It was strange to throw the Mia character back into the mix. Her importance to Lorelai and Rory is obvious, but her wedding seemed rather random. That and the actress playing Mia was completely different than when she appeared several seasons ago. Mia was suddenly younger too.

However, the change in writing staff has been noticed too. The witty banter is missing. And a level of the substance that was underneath the story is lacking too. I think the writers on staff are just trying to do enough to make the episodes last the rest of this season and be done with it. I’m fine if they end the show. I would much rather Gilmore Girls end instead of dragging on and becoming a bad show. But make the end compelling. Give us a reason to want to know how it ends instead of simply hoping it dies a painless death.

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