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TV Review: Gilmore Girls 6.5

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There was a fire in the Dragonfly Inn’s kitchen. Richard Gilmore set up the inn’s insurance, so it requires Lorelai and Richard facing each other once again. Naturally, it turns into another confrontation about what is going on with Rory.

Luke and Lorelai dine with Sookie and Jackson. The entire meal Jackson and Sookie are yelling at their children. How unpleasant.

The ladies in the DAR are having a crisis because they can’t sell all the tables for a fundraiser. Rory is brainstorming for them as to how they can fix this jam in the last week before the event. Emily feels left out that Rory is the one saving the day. And save the day she did, she sold out the event.

Logan’s parents show up to the event—unannounced—and Rory must put her personal feelings towards them aside. Then she realizes that if it weren’t for Logan’s dad, she wouldn’t have quit Yale. Richard Gilmore discovers this truth in the bathroom with a confrontation with Logan’s dad. Emily takes it upon herself to share her opinions on the matter with Logan’s mother too.

Paris’s parents apparently owe the IRS quite a bit of money and thus all their funds are frozen. If it isn’t one thing with Paris it is another thing to complain about. She needs to get a job, but hasn’t ever had one.

Miss Patty has her annual recital. Lorelai goes with Sookie while Luke goes camping alone. Or so we are led to believe. Luke returns early, not having enjoyed camping on his own. Or at least not appreciating his banishment to the woods.

This was a good episode. I think it finally dawned on Richard and Emily what is going on with Rory. It seemed as if Richard’s heart was breaking at the end.

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  • Betty McDonald

    I live in Scotland. The last episode we saw here wasin july 2005 with Rory going to live in the pool house. Can you tell me when Hallmark channel will be showing the next episodes as I really miss the gilmour girls.
    Thank you.

  • pcs51

    PLEASE! What did Luke say to Lorilei(sp) the final line of the episode Oct 25,2005? To remember they were in his truck just after leaving her parent’s after a rough ending evening. All I could tell from where I was because it got a little inkling of a smile from her that cheered seemed to cheer her up slightly. THANKS I know someone out there knows.

  • Maria

    I really miss the Gilmore Girls on the Hallmark channel. I have given up waiting for the next season so I’ve just ordered it from wowcd.com instead!

  • Orla

    i really miss gilmore girls on hallmark channel and nickelodeon! i live in Ireland and as far as i know its not on any other channels! i really want to watch gilmore girls. i’m not allowed to buy them! please help me!

  • Tina Stewart

    The last episode of the Gilmore Girls I saw was when Rory went to live in the poolhouse and Lorelei asked Luke to marry her. I don’t know which series that was but I know that there is another. Please Hallmark bring this great programme back!!!