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TV Review: ‘Game of Thrones’ – ‘Two Swords’

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Michiel Huisman

Michiel Huisman

On the way to Meereen, Daario finds a way to talk strategy with Dany and flirt with her at the same time, using plants of the region as an excuse.  Daario may look a bit different now, but he’s still a charming and dangerous man.  And that may suit our Mother of Dragons just fine.  The flirtation is short-lived, however, when a crucified slave girl is found on the road.  And she isn’t the only one.  For each mile marker, a crucified slave will greet the Khaleesi, basically giving Dany and her army the proverbial finger as they get closer to their destination.  163 of them.

Brienne tries to keep Jaime on the right track, pestering him to remember his promise to Catelyn Stark to keep her daughters safe.  Jaime points out that Sansa Stark is now a Lannister, no one has seen Arya since her father’s beheading and Catelyn is dead.  But Brienne doesn’t let up, and hopes that Jaime will do the right thing.  Sansa meets up with Ser Dontos, the knight she saved at Joffrey’s Name Day ceremony.  In appreciation, he gives her a necklace that belonged to his mother.  Sansa agrees to wear it, giving the sad sack one last moment in the sun.

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams

And now we get to the part we’ve all been waiting for.  Our Rebel Arya and The Hound are on the move.  They’re hungry, tired and cranky.  They come across a massacre but keep moving.  Arya wants a horse of her own, but The Hound ain’t stupid.  He knows she’ll bail the minute she puts her little booty on anything resembling a horse, and as fast as she can.  The lack of money between them poses another problem, but The Hound reveals that he’s taking her to the Vale to sell Arya to her loony Aunt Lysa Arryn.  But hunger proves too much for them and they stop to stake out a tavern.  As they bicker about whether they plan on going in, a blast from Arya’s past walks out.  It’s good ‘ole Polliver, the jerk who stuck poor Lommy in the throat with Arya’s sword, Needle in Season 2.  She kept him on his “kill list prayer,” and now was her chance.  Before he could stop her, Arya makes her way to the front door of the tavern, just in time for one of the Lannister guards to see them.  They both walk in, seating themselves on the other side of the room.  Polliver, recognizing The Hound, makes his way over to their table, chatting them up about all of the torture and killing they’ve done so far.  Polliver invites Arya and The Hound to travel with them to King’s Landing, bragging that since they’re Lannister men, no one will bother them and they can pretty much do what they want.  Things take an interesting turn when Clegane says what all of us having been thinking since we were introduced to Joffrey:  “F*ck the King.”  Exactly!  After that statement, things get tense, things get bloody and Our Rebel goes to the Dark Side, sticking a couple of soldiers with the pointy end, including good ‘ole Polliver.  Arya get hers revenge.  And a horse.

Game of Thrones airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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