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TV Review: Game of Thrones – “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

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Being a woman in the Seven Kingdoms can be, well, a bit of a bear. Lady Brienne could tell you that first hand.

So could Sansa Stark. She’s seen her father murdered, has been held captive by the horrible boy King, has not seen her family in ages and is now being forced to marry Tyrion Lannister. Leave it to Margaery Tyrell to bring a bit of light to Sansa’s somewhat dark world. The future Queen reminds Sansa that Tyrion is kind, has never mistreated her in any way, quite handsome and very experienced in the bedroom. Nothing like his nephew Joffrey (I don’t think anyone will ever forget what he did to Ros). Sansa is grateful she was able to dodge that bullet and thanks her new friend for the advice.

Shae is not happy. Her man is marrying someone younger, more beautiful and highborn. Tyrion doesn’t want to marry Sansa, or so he says. But Shae smells a rat and thinks Tyrion isn’t as upset about his pending nuptials as he claims. So he tries to placate his lady by giving her a gold necklace as a gift. Wrong move, Halfman. All Shae sees are gold chains, the kind used to remind her of the station she holds in life. She wants out of King’s Landing and asks Tyrion to go with her. He refuses, because he is a Lannister and has a duty to his family, but truly because Tyrion enjoys the intrigue, mental maneuvering and political games. Will Shae stand by her man while he weds another woman? Or will she get the Seven Hells out of King’s Landing for good?

Arya has had it with the Brotherhood Without Banners. She is still upset about how the group betrayed Gendry. Beric Dondarrion tries to explain to her that Gendry was given to Lady Melisandre because it was what the Lord of Light required. But our Rebel could care less about Lady Melisandre or her Red God. She wants to be with her family in Riverrun, but alas, the Brotherhood has other ideas. Instead, they make plans to ambush a camp of Lannister soldiers, delaying Arya’s reunion with her mother once again. But our Rebel is done waiting and runs away from the Brotherhood, only to be captured by her mortal enemy, The Hound. What will he do with young Arya now that Clegane is no longer on King Joffrey’s leash?

Lady Catelyn is worried. King Robb and his army should have been at The Twins by now, but the rain has delayed them. Robb, Edmure and The Blackfish don’t mind waiting one more day, but Catelyn knows better. Walder Frey is a petty man and she knows he will take the delay as an insult, Mother Nature be damned. Robb reminds his mother that having Edmure marry one of Frey’s daughters is a great match for all concerned. Catelyn, however, reminds her son that Walder Frey wanted not just a son-in-law, but a king. Will Catelyn’s words come back to haunt the King in the North?

Ygritte is learning how different she is from Jon Snow. While walking to Castle Black, Ygritte spies a stone building, wondering aloud if it is a castle. Jon tells her it’s a windmill, which is something she’s never heard of before. Jon tells Ygritte that if she’s impressed by the windmill, she would practically “swoon” at the sight of Winterfell. “What’s swooning?’ she asks. Jon tells her it’s like fainting. “What’s fainting?” Clearly Ygritte needs to learn a few things. One thing she did learn was the fact that Orell is in love with our favorite redhead. He wants Ygritte for himself and thinks she only loves Jon because he’s pretty (well he is). But Orell knows something about Jon that Ygritte doesn’t and thinks she would change her mind if she knew “what he really is.” What does Orell know that we don’t?

Lady Brienne has had nothing but trouble since she swore to take Jaime Lannister back to King’s Landing. And her time at Harrenhal has only gotten worse. She was forced to wear a proper gown (which oddly enough, looks weird on her), is being held hostage by Lord Bolton’s men and now has to fight a bear. Literally. The normally selfish Jaime was uneasy leaving Brienne behind and decided to turn back. When he arrived, Brienne was in a pit, fighting a large grizzly bear with a wooden sword. The things people do in Westoros for fun. Although Jaime is now minus his famous sword hand, he did not hesitate to jump into the pit and help Brienne escape certain death. Methinks there’s more to Jaime’s act of heroism than meets the eye.

The only woman who seems to be having her best week ever is the young Mother of Dragons. She’s got her people, an army of highly-trained and loyal soldiers, and, of course, her dragons. Yes, it’s good to be Daenerys Stormborn. After laying waste to Astapor, Dany has her eye on Yunkai. But unlike Astapor, the Yunkai’i are not so easily defeated, so says Jorah. Dany sends Grey Worm to deliver a message to the Yunkai’i: surrender the city. The Wise Masters send Razdal mo Eraz (played by George Georgiou), who arrives in a palanquin carried by slaves. Razdal offers gold and a ship so that Dany and her people can leave Yunkai in peace. While Razdal is making this so generous offer, Dany throws a piece of meat in the air and her dragons, which are getting bigger everyday, become a cloud of wings and teeth in front of their Mother’s guest. Dany then gets straight to the point and tells Razdal she will spare his life as long as the city surrenders and all slaves are set free and compensated. Of course, Razdal thinks Daenerys is mad, rudely turns down her offer and threatens to put her in chains. In front of three fire-breathing dragons. Really, Fancy Pants? No matter. Dany’s babies made sure Razdal left with his life, but not with his gold. How will the Yunkai’i respond? Will Dany be able to take Yunkai as easily as she took Astapor? Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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