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TV Review: Game of Thrones – “The Climb”

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Secrets are dangerous things. In the Seven Kingdoms, they can mean your life.

The Tyrells have secrets. They want Sansa Stark and Winterfell for themselves. Unfortunately, Tywin Lannister is one step ahead of them and informed the Queen of Thorns about the change in plans. Lady Olenna put up a good fight, stating that Cersei was “too old” to marry Loras and there was no guarantee she could bear him a child. Tywin could care less, and offers up an ultimatum: either Cersei marries Ser Loras or The Knight of Flowers becomes a member of the King’s Guard, meaning he will never marry or have children and Highgarden will belong to the Lannisters. Lady Olenna knows when to throw in the towel and conceded.

Jon Snow has secrets. He’s pretending to be a traitor to the Night’s Watch, but deep down he is still a Crow. Fiery Ygritte knows the truth and doesn’t care. All she cares about is that she is his woman and that Jon is “loyal to his woman.” But be warned Young Snow. Ygritte is not to be trifled with and told him in no uncertain terms not to betray her. Because if he does, let’s just say Jon will have much more in common with Lord Varys than he’d like. Later on, while climbing to the top of The Wall, Ygritte and Jon lose their footing, but are stopped by the climbing rope before they plummet to their deaths. Their weight is too much for Orell, who decides to cut them loose. Jon makes a mad dash to sink his spike into the ice, just in time to save Ygritte from falling.

Tyrion Lannister has secrets. He’s being forced to marry Sansa Stark even though he is secretly seeing Shae, who is already suspicious about Tyrion’s interest in her young charge. Shae’s suspicions will come to a head, as Tyrion has the awkward task of telling Sansa of their marriage plans in front of his true love. Talk about being the bearer of bad news.

Lady Melisandre has secrets. Although Stannis is hiding away on Dragonstone, still smarting from his defeat at Blackwater Bay, the Red Woman knows a way to help her King. She travels to find the Brotherhood Without Banners, where Thoros of Myr greets Lady Melisandre by speaking to her in High Valryian. The conversation makes Arya and the rest of the Brothers uneasy, so Thoros reverts back to English. Later, Melisandre meets Beric Dondarrion, where she is astonished to see that he has been resurrected by the Lord of Light, using Thoros as a vessel.

The Red Woman is intrigued and asks Beric, “You’ve been to the Other Side?” Dondarrion crushes her hopes, answering, “The Other Side? I’ve been to The Darkness.” So much for going into the light. The Red Woman remembers the reason for her trip and has Gendry taken from the Brotherhood. Arya, distraught that her friend has been betrayed, calls Lady Melisandre a witch.  The Red Woman sees something in Arya’s face, “brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes.  All forever shut by you.”  Before leaving, Lady Melisandre tells Arya that they will meet again.  I have no doubt they will.

Theon Greyjoy has no secrets. But his tormenter sure does. He is a lunatic and a mad man who loves making Theon scream, preferably in agony. He also loves a good game, and the Mad Man plays one with Theon, who must guess where he is being held. Theon makes a desperate guess and blurts out “the Karhold!” The Mad Man is taken aback because it seems that Theon has won the game. But alas, the Mad Man is also a liar and begins to torture Theon again. Although I know who the Mad Man really is, I won’t say since it was never revealed in this episode. But take heart fellow viewers. The Mad Man’s identity will be revealed all in due time.

Lord Bolton has secrets and unfortunately, they involve our heroine, Lady Brienne. While having dinner with Jaime, Lord Bolton revealed that Brienne would be staying at Harrenhal when Jaime returns to King’s Landing. Jaime knows no good can come of Brienne remaining with Lord Bolton and his men and insists she be released. But Lord Bolton is not someone who takes kindly to the word “insist” and said as much. What will happen to Lady Brienne once Jaime is back on the King’s Road?

Lord Baelish has loads of secrets. But one thing that is not a secret is his desire for power. Lord Baelish wants the Iron Throne and he will use any and everyone to attain it. He is not above killing those who betray him, as good time girl Ros (played by Esme Bianco) found out the hard way. I have seen some shocking things on Game of Thrones, but Ros’ death caused me to literally blurt out an expletive. To be turned over to Joffrey and killed in such a manner had to be one of the coldest things I’ve seen on television. That and the nonchalant way Joffrey left his room after his bit of “fun” with Ros. Secrets are, indeed, very dangerous. But not as dangerous as a man who craves power above all else. As Lord Baelish said to The Spider, “Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.” How much farther will Lord Baelish go to reach the Iron Throne? Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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