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TV Review: ‘Game of Thrones’ – ‘Oathkeeper’

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Sers Jorah and Barristan and Daenerys

Sers Jorah and Barristan and Daenerys

  Cities are taken, a familiar face infiltrates Castle Black, and Brat King Joffrey’s killer is revealed (I’m sure many of you would like to buy that person a drink).  Let’s get to it.

Outside of Meereen, Grey Worm is learning how to speak English thanks to Dany’s Girl Friday Missandei.  The Unsullied’s commander is doing a fine job with his studies, asking Missandei when she was taken and whether she still remembered her family.  Missandei returns the favor, asking Grey Worm about his life.  The soldier says that he had no life before becoming an Unsullied, which Missandei denies.  She tells him that one day he will be able to go back to his old life.  But Grey Worm has no such desire to do that, he would rather stay with Dany and the gang.  Then he utters the words every slave since the beginning of time has said out loud or in secret:  “Kill the Masters.”  Just then, Dany interrupts the lesson, letting Grey Worm know that it is time to put their plan in motion.

Inside the city, the slaves of Meereen are talking amongst themselves about Dany’s actions of earlier.  Many are ready to fight, but more are afraid of what might happen if they fail.  As they discuss their options, Grey Worm and the Unsullied sneak into the city, using the underground sewer as their way in.  They enter unseen, until they find the very room where Meereen’s slaves are huddled.  Grey Worm lets them all know that he was captured as a baby and made an Unsullied, but then Daenerys came in and changed all of that, basically saying that it’s better to die free than in chains.  The masters are outnumbered, so the Unsullied provide the slaves with swords and continue with Dany’s plan.

A slave master is walking through the city until he literally sees the writing on the wall.  He happens to look up and sees the House Targaryen flag flying above the city’s pyramid.  The master starts to walk away until he sees a group of sword-wielding slaves, ready to pounce.  They surround him and, well, you already know what happens.  As the remaining masters are rounded up by the Unsullied, Dany makes her way through the newly-freed slaves as they toss their broken collars at her feet, chanting “Mhysa!  Mhysa!”  She ponders what to do with the masters and decides she will crucify them as they did the slave children on the road to Meereen.  Ser Barristan offers his advice, stating that injustice should be met with mercy.  The Mother of Dragons has other ideas, saying “I will answer injustice with justice.”  Crucified slave masters it is!  When will Ser Jorah, Ser Barristan and the rest of the men realize that Dany is the boss and dragons show no mercy?

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister

Back in King’s Landing, Jaime is practicing his swordplay with Bronn, who shows the Kingslayer how to fight dirty.  He gets in close to Jaime, then takes off his golden hand and slaps his face with it, knocking him to the ground.  Bronn wants Jaime to forget everything he learned about swordfighting before he lost his hand and fight to live, even if trickery is involved.  Bronn asks if Jaime has seen his brother Tyrion.  When he answers in the negative, Bronn tells him about Tyrion’s trial by combat while being held at the Eyrie.  Jaime was the first one Tyrion requested because he knew his big brother would be there for him.  “You going to fight for him now?” Bronn asks. Good question. Jaime finally visits his brother, trying to make light of his situation.  The two brothers play a game of Awkward Questions, each asking the other question they aren’t sure they want answers to.  “Are you asking me if I killed your son?” says Tyrion.  “Are you asking me if I would kill my brother?” counters Jaime.  Both brothers are under their sister’s watchful eye.  What will they do to survive?

Sansa is on her way to the Eyrie with Lord Baelish.  The sneaky Littlefinger reveals (sort of) that he was responsible for King Joffrey’s death (get those drinks ready).  The necklace Sansa wore during the wedding feast was the source of the poison used to kill Joffrey.  Sansa is confused because Littlefinger gained so much working for the Lannisters.  But Lord Baelish is a shrewd man, saying, “A man with no motive is a man no one suspects.”  And now that the King is dead, he has allied himself with a more stable sort of bedfellow.  Lord Baelish wants it all (which may include the fair Sansa), and he will do whatever is necessary to get it.

Almost-Queen Margaery learns that her grandmother will be returning to High Garden.  The Lady Olenna proved to us all that she is one to be reckoned with.  And the story she tells her granddaughter of how she came to marry her husband Luther only solidified that fact, stealing him away from her sister when her own intended proved unsuitable.  She removed the “twitchy” Targaryen from the equation and took what she wanted.  And Lady Olenna did the same for her granddaughter when she helped rid the world of Joffrey (drinks for her, as well).  “You don’t think I would let you marry that beast, do you?”  Now that’s an awesome grandmother!  She advises Margaery to work on Tommen quickly before Cersei turns him against her.

Bran Stark

Bran Stark

A familiar face has made his way to the Night’s Watch.  Locke, Roose Bolton’s man, has found his way to Castle Black and Jon Snow. He befriends Jon in hopes of finding Bran and Rickon and disposing of them in order to secure the North.  Which may be easier than Locke imagined now that Bran, Hodor and the Reed siblings have been taken hostage by the Night’s Watch mutineers after a weird chain of events.  It all started at Craster’s Keep, with the mutineers drunk and doing very bad things.  One of the women comes in with Craster’s last newly-born son.  The baby has to be taken to the White Walkers, which is left up to Rast (Luke Barnes), the traitor who stabbed Lord Commander Mormont in the back.  He leaves the poor babe in the cold, then hurries back to Craster’s.  Rast tries to be a big man by harassing Jon’s captive direwolf Ghost, but jumps back like a punk when it rushes the cage.  In the woods, Bran and the gang hear the baby crying.  Bran jumps into his direwolf Summer and searches for the baby.  Summer gets distracted when it hears his brother Ghost howling for him and gets caught in a trap and injured.  Bran tells everyone what he saw and they all sneak to Craster’s, where they are found and captured.  Mutineer leader Karl (Burn Gorman) learns that he’s holding Brandon Stark of Winterfell and knows he has a valuable prize.  At Castle Black, Jon asks his brothers to help him wipe out the mutineers holed up at Craster’s Keep.  At first, no one volunteers, but eventually some do, including Locke.  Jon knows that Bran may be there and he wants to save his brother and Castle Black at the same time, if he can.  Will he be able to make it there in time?

Brienne of Tarth

Brienne of Tarth

At King’s Landing, Cersei is drunk (again) and ticked off (again).  Mind you, she did lose a child, no matter how horrible he was.  The Queen Regent (I think) is annoyed that Jaime has visited their brother.  Jaime admits that he doesn’t believe Tyrion murdered Joffrey, which annoys Cersei even more.  She wants Halfman dead and his wife’s head on a spike, and she wants Jaime to do it.  But instead, he keeps his promise to Catelyn Stark and asks Brienne to find Sansa and keep her safe.  Jaime gives her his Valyrian steel sword, a new set of armor and Tyrion’s squire, Podrick.  Brienne says that she will find Sansa for her and for Jaime.  There’s definitely some tension there!  Will Jaime and Brienne forget convention and finally get together?

And what of the wee babe in the woods?  Well he’s now being cradled by a White Walker, who takes him to a clearing and lays him on what looks like an ice altar.  Another Walker, this one with clothes on picks up the babe and then touches a finger to the child’s cheek, turning his eyes a clear blue.  What the heck?  Why do the White Walkers need the babies?  What does it all mean?  Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO.



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