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TV Review: Frozen Planet

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I absolutely love watching nature programs. There is just something about the amazing beauty of God’s creations that has always gotten to me. It doesn’t matter if I’m watching a program that focuses on rain forests in Brazil or polar bears in the arctic area. One of my favorite nature programs on television has always been Planet Earth. When I found out that Frozen Planet (by the same directors as Planet Earth) was going to premiere March 18th on the Discovery Channel, I knew I had to watch it. When I was contacted with the possibility of reviewing a screener DVD, I was beyond excited.

Frozen Planet, as you’d expect, focuses on the earth’s polar regions. I know you’d think living in Vermont, I’d have seen enough snow but to be honest, I absolutely love it. Frozen Planet focuses on a variety of different areas including the northernmost areas of Norway, Greenland, the Antarctic, the South Pole. You see not only beautiful photography of the ice caps, ice bergs, frozen tundra and the ice sheets shot from aerial views. You also get to get up close and personal on the ground with some really cool creatures like polar bears, wolves, penguins, and caribou! There are even a number of beautiful under water photography scenes of killer whales, seals, and fish. This series also includes the very first complete filming of killer whale “wave wash” behavior.

Of course, it’s not only the animals you learn about, you learn about the weather and how it impacts their lives. You learn about the seasons and how they change and how that impacts things like the glaciers and the ice covering. There’s a brief discussion on global warming and how that’s affecting the region. You get to watch huge ice sheets crash into the cliffs and fall into the water below creating ice falls and then icebergs that would dwarf the largest buildings in the world. It took over four years to film this series!

You have definitely got to tune in for these. The photography alone is phenomenal. It really looked like I could reach out and put my hand in the water as I was wtching. You really feel like you are in a plane flying low over the snow. I will put in my standard disclosure with nature movies – These are wild animals and death is a normal part of any life. There are moments when the inevitable happend and I cried that may make a younger child (or overly emotional woman) upset. There was nothing shown during these scenes – it’s more knowing what happened than seeing it happen. Narrated by Alec Baldwin, Frozen Planet will run for five weeks, with two back-to-back episodes bookending its premiere and finale nights.

Episodes will premier as follows:

“The Ends of the Earth” (March 18)

“Spring” (March 18)

“Summer” (March 25)

“Winter” (April 1)

“Frozen Planet: Making Of” (April 8)

“On Thin Ice” (April 15)

“Life In the Freezer” (April 15)

Make sure you tune in to watch each episode. I was able to watch the first two episodes and I cannot wait until I can see them all. This is truly just as amazing as the Planet Earth series!

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