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TV Review: Fringe – “The Man from the Other Side”

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Before discussing this week's heartbreaking episode of Fringe, I want to remind you good people that the soundtrack was released on Tuesday. The music from the show is amazing and the soundtrack has already made it through three gym visits. You can purchase the CD on Amazon, as well as the MP3 download version.

This second half of season two has centered around the relationship between Walter Bishop and his son Peter. Walter, portrayed by John Noble, has been tortured by the prospect of telling his son the truth about who he is. Juxtaposed against the fact that their relationship has actually never been better, you can fully understand why. Peter’s existence before becoming a civilian liaison for the Department of Homeland Security was nomadic. At this point in his life he feels centered and content. While forging an intimate connection with Olivia, he has also reconnected with his father and gone a long way toward forgiving him. All that ended in this episode.

The shape-shifting soldiers from the alternate universe returned under the guidance of Thomas Newton. Newton is attempting to bring something over from the other side. In order to accomplish this feat, three rods must be triangulated to create powerful vibrations to synchronize the two worlds. Newton tells his soldiers that they are working for a character called “Mister Secretary.”

Walter is able to jog his memory and realizes what the plan is. He creates a counter-vibration device intended to interfere with Newton’s device and close the portal to the other world. The showdown takes place on a bridge. Walter’s device is not working. Peter, flanked by a gun-toting FBI agent, jumps in to fix the software glitch. Olivia takes Walter off the bridge.

The vibrations created by the opening of the portal, disintegrate the FBI agent. Peter, surprisingly unharmed, can see a man on the bridge attempting to cross over. Finally, Walter’s device kicks in and the portal closes. The immensely powerful vibrations created knock Peter flat on his back. However, neither Peter nor the man on the bridge is killed.

The love for a son would drive just about anyone to do just about anything. Walter Bishop is not without blame for his actions. There are places where science should not trespass. Messing with the natural order of the universe is not something you want to do. I feel genuinely bad for Walter. He is not an evil man. Nevertheless, he seemingly has lost his son again.

Peter has realized a truth that would rock anyone to their core. No one can tell him how to react. I can only hope he realizes the immense love that drove his father to create a device to travel to an alternate universe and bring him back. Hypothetically speaking, would Peter do the same for his son?

Fringe has been moving steadily towards this epic father-son confrontation and now we have the first phase of the battle of the Bishops. Is the mysterious “Mister Secretary” the man from the other side — the man who was on the bridge with Peter? Could the unthinkable be true, that “Mister Secretary” is actually Walternate? How awesome would that be? Your guess is as good as mine, but I can’t wait to find out. Not too sure about next week's show… Fringe: The Musical?! I am quite certain about one thing, I will be watching.

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  • I’m a big fan of Fringe. Makes me upset when I hear rumors of the possibility of it being cancelled. I’ve been enjoying the build up of the story between Walter, Peter and Olivia.

    Great write-up!

  • Lazaro

    Cristina…Thank you for coming over and checking out my articles. I love your blog. Season 3 was green lit in March. Lets hope they do not change their minds. The show has really gained in popularity so that really does not make sense. To cancel that is.

  • Lost my enthusiasm after the pilot, too much of a “yuck” factor, but love the three leads. I’ll have to give this a try again.

  • Kate…The “yuck” factor is always there. My wife loves the show and just turns away during the gross scenes. However, the actors are fantastic and the writing clever. I love the way the show pushes the boundaries of our perceptions. Give it another shot…