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TV Review: Flipping Out – Season One Finale

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It never fails. I stumble upon a television program that amuses me, and I then discover I'm watching the tail end of the season. Last night, I stopped my channel-surfing on Bravo's Flipping Out and I found myself engrossed in the pandemonium created by Jeff Lewis, the show's main personality/set of lips. The reality TV series chronicles the overly collagen-injected Lewis "flipping" real estate in Los Angeles as he barks orders, rants about onions in his lunch, and generally behaves like a first-class jerk. He's loathsome, but he's that comical brand of crazy that Bravo knows how to capture so well.

Jeff's supporting cast consists of business partner Ryan, housekeeper Zoila, executive assistant Jenni (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Julia Louis-Dreyfus), second assistant Stephen, and trash guy/third assistant Chris. These folks must get paid handsomely to put up with their employer's endless supply of tirades and diva-like behavior, although I will say their jobs don't appear to be too demanding otherwise.

In last night's season finale, Jeff was moving to a recently purchased home in Ben Lomond. While the gang of assistants cleaned and packed, Jeff revealed a little of his oddball side as he and his two dogs met with a pet psychic. How else is he supposed to ensure a smooth transition and prepare the dogs for their new home? Despite the lunacy of hiring a psychic for his pets, Jeff's noticeable love of animals is certainly one redeeming quality.

The eccentric activities don't stop there, though; next up, a home blessing complete with incense, chants, and a group prayer circle. The renovation crew must love slaving away in the sweltering heat, peering through the window while these tarts exorcise the demons. We soon find out, though, that the construction workers have had their revenge.

It seems that Jeff neglected to provide a porta-potty on the job site, so the workers used the home's crawl space as a makeshift bathroom (which is exactly what he deserved, in my opinion). Jeff then expects trash guy Chris to clean up the mess, offering to pay him another $100 as if that makes it less insulting. Chris refuses, stating, "I'd rather eat dog sh*t than clean that up."

The season closes out with the cleverly-titled MANDATORY Employee Appreciation Cocktail Party, which Jeff describes as, "just another thing that is hopefully going to get me into heaven." As Jeff is making the rounds and thanking each employee for his/her contribution, he starts to well up and actually begins to cry. He has a human side after all (either that, or the caterer put onions in his hors d'oeuvres).

At the end of the day, Flipping Out is simply fun, lighthearted entertainment that really hits the spot after a few martinis. Sometimes, mindless reality television is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • Kimberly

    Please…Please, Do Not mention Jeff’s lips!
    I, for one happen to believe that they are natural. He is amazingly gorgeous. His body is serious! He is obsessive-compulsive, but, life is short and he IS the boss! I would work for him in a heartbeat! And He does appreciate his employees.
    Chris does need to step it up a bit though. I really think that he should keep Chris part-time and Bowman, full-time. Bowman is fabulous, cute and he REALLY cares about Jeff’s pets.
    Jeff is very self-aware of his actions and behavior. It’s a great show and I am rooting for Jeff!