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TV Review: Everwood

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“A Kiss to Build a Dream On”

Everwood’s fourth season begins with celebrating an unexpected wedding. Irv and Edna getting married isn’t much of a surprise to anyone who has watched the show. Delia admits to her dad that she mailed an invitation to Ephram, but Andy warns her that Ephram might not show.

Forced to actually see each other after Andy has confessed his feelings to Nina, she realizes she has to choose—Andy Brown or Jake Hartman. Andy and Nina both confide in others with tales of what happened between them. Moments after Andy kisses her, Jake surprises Nina with a vacation to Hawaii. They haven’t spoken since. That is until he confronts her in the diner—which went less than stellar. She tells Andy there are reasons why she picked Jake. This news upsets Andy.

Jake and Nina bought the diner and he wants to name it Sam’s. Nina tells him she loves him and realizes just how much Jake means to her. I don’t think she was completely sure in her decision before, but she is now. She confesses to him what happened with Andy and then apologizes to Andy over all of the confusion.

Amy has a new haircut and it’s pretty cute. She offers a guy in medical school to be Bright’s roommate. He’s been working a lot with her mom and I think Amy has a thing for him. Amy senses a rift in the relationship with her mother. Rose lets her know that she feels patronized and her unease at Amy giving up Princeton to take care of her. She also feels bad about needing her children so much and worries about future resentment, but it opens up a doorway between them that had always been closed.

Bright is excited about Hannah returning to Everwood from her trip to Jamaica. Bright feels that rooming with Reid would give him inferiority complex issues. Reid uses his plasma TV as a source of motivation for Bright to choose him as a roommate, but Bright feels ok with Reid because he’s gay. He goes to pick up Hannah, but she feels awkward at first. In classic Hannah fashion, she lets her mouth run a mile a minute in an attempt to guard her heart. Bright kisses her once again and she clams down.

At the end of the reception, Delia spots Ephram, who has returned from Europe. Will he stay for a while or run away again?

This season Everwood is on The WB on Thursdays at 9/8c.

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