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TV Review: Eureka – “What Goes Around Comes Around”

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After this week's episode, Eureka has finally come to the close of its third season. Just in time, too. With the Emmy awards just around the corner, the big guns of television are on their way. Not only does the Law and Order franchise compete with CSI and its spinoffs for votes, new shows scoot into place. They want more than anything to hold their timeslots past the holiday hiatus, so well known actors draw viewers in (with luck) and scripts are wrung out for all they're worth.

Back to the science gurus… Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) is holding the fort until Allison, the head of Global Dynamics, comes back from maternity leave. What is on her plate? Just a super collider. I can't begin to tell you what it does, but secrets to the universe, apparently, should be opened. Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is concerned, and rightly so. Things in town seem to go more than a little wrong on a fairly consistent basis.

I'll spare you the culprit's name, but it may come as a surprise. Here's a hint — it's not a guest star.

On the home front, Zoe (Jordan Hinson), Jack's daughter, hears about her college possibilities. She's headed for Harvard! Early admissions, although she applied much later than the typical teen in town. The reason has to do with the few years of residency. Ferguson and Hinson have several nice moments as the reality of a child leaving home for a journey towards adulthood is difficult to handle.

Tess also has a big change in her life. A group in Australia offers her a job, which is helpful since her current one is over when Allison comes back. Jack tells her to do what makes her happy.

Only the writers know if there is a chance of a comeback for either of these two. Newman is off to Eastwick, where she plays a woman who meets a man and weird things begin to happen. Sound familiar? She sounds like a prominent part of the series, so Tess is not likely to return anytime soon. Hinson is another story. She will soon be seen on Hank with Kelsey Grammer. This is not the lead role, so chances are greater. Of course, brand new shows could be canceled by the holiday hiatus. If so, look for either Tess or Zoe in Eureka sometime late next season.

Fargo (Neil Grayston) gets in trouble as usual. It's not entirely his fault, for once. Being severely anemic equals lots of iron. This fact helps define the moment everything goes haywire. Leela Savasta makes her second appearance in town as Julia Golden. She and Grayston take on a storyline of developing love. Watch for the pillow scene — smile-worthy for sure!

While Savasta is a tad lackluster, Christopher Jacot is better as Larry Haberman. The smarmy foil works quite nicely for Jacot, who brings all he's got to the table each time he's onscreen.

The best part of all? Zane (Niall Matter) shows up too. After being cold from his head to his toes during an ice adventure ("Have An Ice Day"), seeing him in his element as a physics expert is delightful.

Season four promises to be a continuation of where the finale ended. How is not known yet. It also is rumored to be a full 22 episodes. I'm not sure where the scheduling gods intend to put everything. Either start a whole lot earlier, or split the season in two. The latter option might actually work.

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  • Roxanne Lopp

    Please don’t take this show off the air. It is sooooo good, we really look forward to it. Hopefully, it won’t change too much. ha