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TV Review: Eureka – “The Ex Files”

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Memory can be a tricky thing. For some, the ability to recall in perfect detail is useful. Certain professions can benefit, such as journalism, medicine, or sports. Those in law enforcement understand the brain is often influenced to such a degree that whatever sticks is sketchy. Take, for example, eyewitnesses at a crime. Ask ten people who see a bank robbery in progress what the gunman looks like and ten different answers will emerge. Uh-oh! The key is seeing how many times certain details repeat. More than say, five, and the sameness should be noted as likely accurate.

Memories of the past are the latest issue to deal with for everyone. Mostly, these are romantic in nature. One is a whopper, however. Add in a military weapon and the memories get even more twisted.

For the folks of Eureka, four get involved in the same event. They all travel back to 1947, and return. However, one snafu rises when Dr. Trevor Grant (James Callis) decides to come along (“A New World”). The little changes in town are nothing compared to what Grant has to offer. By merely being around, evidence starts to creep in and those in the alternate timeline are given hints of the large secret hidden not quite so well.

Grace Monroe (Tembi Locke), married to Henry (Joe Morton), finds out the truth when he blurts it up in an unguarded moment (“Momstrosity”). She’s married all right, but to another Henry entirely. They are trying to start over as a couple to see if this Henry whom Grace doesn’t know can win her heart.

Zoe (Jordan Hinson), daughter of Jack (Colin Ferguson), senses something amiss. Jack hasn’t said anything, but he might in time. Jo (Erica Cerra), on the other hand, has Zane (Niall Matter) already suspecting trouble, but he guesses even more when he spots Jo wearing his grandmother’s ring. Jo needs to tell him everything. I get the impression he could take it. The part about him proposing to her right before she left for 1947 (“Founders Day”) might come as a shock, though. Could this mean he leaves her for Zoe as a form of retaliation? Stay tuned…

Oh, and the military thing. The biggest employer in town is Global Dynamics, which develops technology for the Department of Defense. The latest bit is an electronic disruptor. I get the impression it shuts down all electronics in a given area. Grant gets concerned over its use and considers it akin to a nuclear weapon. What he does next is to be viewed.

Callis has been a solid addition so far this season. There is something mysterious about his character, and this week he gets to show off a darker side. Is it any wonder a certain twosome is conspiring to move him out of town for good? Let’s put it this way – the person Callis shares screen time with at the depot is equally good at wreaking havoc.

Speaking of, Ed Quinn is back! Sort of. Nathan Stark, the man who went “poof” after tangling with an atomic clock (“I Do Over”), returns to town. Considering Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) is back too, things get complicated for Jack and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield). An easy explanation exists once they all meet up at Cafe Diem. The visual image is helpful to keep in mind.

Quinn gets a nod to his days at True Blood in the sheriff’s office. The throwaway line is a nice touch added on a reference to why Stark is not on the show much lately.

Neil Grayston, aka Fargo, learns to stand up for himself. While Barclay Hope sets himself up nicely as villain General Mansfield, any respect for Fargo’s position is hardly given. The scene between these two in Fargo’s office has been a long time coming. Each actor holds his own while their body posturing clearly indicates the power struggle.

Due to Labor Day weekend right in the middle of the run, the midseason finale will air Sept. 10. Callis has another two episodes left, which means he will return after the fall hiatus. Of course, this doesn’t mean he will automatically show up on the premiere. Every indication is the rest of the season is early 2011, although no actual date has been set. Could Tess and Stark come back down the road? Maybe. This is one show regular viewers know never to say never to.

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