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TV Review: Eureka – “Phased and Confused”

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Captain Eureka to the rescue! Uh-oh. Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), the town's sheriff, becomes suspicious in this past week's episode when a guy with a seriously cheesy supersuit proves not up for the job of hero.

The bigger story in this episode was Zoe (Jordan Hinson), Zane Donovan (Niall Matters), and a couple of others getting trapped in an underground bunker. Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) knows more about the situation than she will say — something's rotten in Denmark.

Frances Fisher should be close to exiting the series and her character's schemes should soon be revealed. Thank heavens. Fisher has done well with her portrayal of Thorne, whose efficiency masks a dark secret, but I still want to see her go. Thorne's pulling Zane into her scheme by not sharing exactly what the 'hotel' is intended to be distresses me (and could hurt Zane). I have a feeling her exit will cause cheers followed by a sigh of relief. Is she acting alone, or on orders? The question can only be answered by further watching.

Since Jack Carter cares about his job and the people he serves, his simply dropping the matter is not an option. Colin has been handling Jack's issues with Thorne with just the right amount of determination. Jack isn't intimidated easily, and this is no exception. A showdown between Thorne and Carter is going to be a treat to watch.

I do have one small nit. For all Jack's concern about others, he could stand some lessons in warm hugs. They're consistently stiff, even when the embrace is with Zoe.

Jack and Lexi do not do much better. The relationship between them is strained, and it carries over into the physical. Jack will hug his sister, but only reluctantly. Patting in order to stave off tears is almost an afterthought.

With Emmy week not far off, Eureka may not have too many episodes left before either a finale or stoppage until 2009. Why not go straight through? The only problem is a glut of programs flooding the airwaves. Between returning faves and fresh works, the competition is fierce!

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