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TV Review: Eureka – “Momstrosity”

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Eureka has always been known for its quirky small town sensibilities. Is it perfect? Of course not. This being said, things which happen that are beyond the scope of ordinary reason are likely to have a rational explanation. There is generally some sort of science link involved, and it’s up to Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), the town sheriff, and other folks to get to the bottom of a typical mess.

For Allison Blake (Salli Richardson Whitfield), life is a bit more complicated. She is a single parent raising a teenage son as well as an infant daughter, from two different fathers, both assumed dead. In the case of Nathan Stark, a case could be made for an eventual return. Stark turned into star particles during an incident with an atomic clock (“I Do Over”). I am open to the possibility of his materializing elsewhere, alive. So far, neither hide nor hair has been seen of him, but it could still happen.

Ed Quinn’s departure leaves room for James Callis, who plays Dr. Grant, to step in. Although these are two different actors and characters, both have the ability to play a dark side. Callis’s character is more overt in his actions. This makes him an intriguing person indeed. As the season continues, the storyline putting Callis against Ferguson should get interesting.

Both of these men are strong actors. Seeing them compete for the attentions of Blake says quite a bit for their experience. Callis is scheduled to appear in four more episodes. Will he leave after the tenth? It’s anybody’s guess.

As the men go on a camping trip, the presence of a rampaging robot does not help ease the tension. Fargo (Neil Grayston), the head of Global Dynamics, gets caught up in the action. Literally. A certain blue cocoon is a visual smile.

There is a reason, of course, for why all this goes wrong. I won’t spoil things by revealing exactly what or even who, but the team-up of Jo (Erica Cerra) and Zane (Niall Matter) to solve the mystery is a good move.

Matter and Cerra are well matched. Have you heard the saying about opposites who attract? These two pull off the tough as nails woman cop and dude from the wrong side of the tracks. Every so often, Matter brings back the Zane Donovan from past seasons into this one, and the gentle, caring person is charming.

Larry (Christopher Jacot) gets a bit too close to the action for comfort. However, there is more than a touch of comic relief built into the scenes. Henry (Joe Morton), on the other hand, makes the altered reality even more dangerous after speaking without thinking. The rest of the season should be very interesting indeed.

Tune in Fridays at 9pm ET on Syfy for all new episodes of Eureka!

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