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TV Review: Eureka – “Insane in the P-Brane”

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Now that Jack Cater (Colin Ferguson) officially has his job back, the time is right for something go wrong in Eureka. This is quickly seen as a scientist named Drechmeyer (Brendan Baiser) refuses to let his partner get work done because he does not want to disturb the ghosts residing therein. How is he so sure they exist? The gadget he holds is glowing with green lights.

Okay, so there is a scientific explanation for what is taking place. Time travel has something to do with it, which means a re-opening of Section 5. While Jack does not get to be fully briefed on the reason (security clearance, he is not on staff at Global Dynamics), Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) agrees to introduce him to Tess Fontana (Jaime Lynn Newman) who is the department chairman.

The lady is a new character who is rumored to be a love interest for Jack. I find it a little hard to believe right now. She stands out with her red hair, but talks way too much. Viewers will more than likely see her again before the season is out.

Lexi (Ever Carradine) has her own encounter with a newcomer, albeit a slightly unwelcome one — Duncan, the guy who apparently gets her pregnant. I tend to doubt he is around simply to try and work things out. Doesn't the fact she left without telling him she was going or looking back say anything? My antennae went up as he promises to go only if he can meet the new guy in her life. Enter Fargo (Neil Grayston)! Well, this is clearly a red herring. Jack needs to know about Duncan's showing up in town, but at least Jo (Erica Cerra) is aware.

The sliding saltshakers are a nice touch. In what might be my imagination, I should point out a flying blue box appears to not be tied down. The reference to Doctor Who comes up fast, especially since Duncan works for the World Health Organization, and has his Ph.D. This moment makes me smile. A guest star from the huge hit of a series would be nice, say, David Tennant or perhaps Billie Piper. Someone from the cast of Torchwood could also work. Schedules can always be worked out.

This last half of the third season is going on the premise that "something is coming." So far, these first three episodes are a bit slow in regard to explanations. Global Dynamics is gathering its forces, though. Which makes Tess and Duncan arriving seem like perfect sense. Zane (Niall Matter) is not always around. I prefer his company over either of the others. He's the closest thing to a sex symbol since Ed Quinn left. Besides, his charm is delightful to watch.

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