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TV Review: Eureka – “Ill Be Seeing You”

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Ever since Eureka started its fourth season, I have often found writing the reviews to be just a tad more difficult than normal. While I fully understand television is fiction and not to be taken with complete seriousness, this show and others like it are a bit different from the normal fare.

The storylines are utterly made up, but with a touch of scientific principles which reside in the background. The key to watching is to take things with a grain of salt. In the case of Eureka, it means an attempt to balance timelines.

Keep in mind season four starts off with several characters traveling back to 1947, when the town is merely a military base and no Global Dynamics exists. Dr. Trevor Grant (James Callis) is about to team up with Albert Einstein and set things in motion. A bridge device malfunctions and Jack (Colin Ferguson), Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), Fargo (Neil Grayston), and Jo (Erica Cerra) arrive. Henry (Joe Morton) is along for the ride.

When all return, Trevor comes as well. This wreaks havoc, as if things weren’t bad enough with the town alterations the time travel creates. No wonder Beverly Barlowe (Deborah Farentino) wants Trevor to go back where he starts out from. How exactly is she involved? It seems Adam, her father, planned to help Trevor destroy the Manhattan Project, where the first atomic bomb was made. The time travel messes everything up since Trevor is no longer in 1947 to make scientific history.

If Callis is supposed to be the newcomer, Farentino is clearly set up as the villain. I have to wonder what possessed the casting director to bring her back on as a recurring guest star. Yes, Farentino has a long resume under her belt. However, she is simply dull as Barlowe. She really needs to die by the end of the season finale.

A major character is seriously affected when a new, separate wormhole gets created after Trevor attempts to go home. While the setup is a little cheesy, how things get resolved makes for solid viewing. Think of it this way – a time loop has viewers reminded strongly of events in the season premiere (“Founders Day”). In fact, Ferguson and Callis both play their characters twice in this episode. The concept works well.

Relationships are also taken a step further as Richardson and Ferguson’s characters hook up. This is hardly surprising, since they have done this off and on for four seasons. Cerra and Niall Matter, aka Zane Donovan, nearly get back to theirs. Both wade through the muck of discovering who each is all over again nicely. Too bad Jordan Hinson, who plays Zoe, is in the way. Perhaps not for long, though…

A holiday episode is in the works for this show. Although no date has been given, it will likely air sometime in November. This is a stand-alone episode and not to be considered part of the regular season. Look for the last half of season four sometime in early 2011.

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