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TV Review: Eureka – “A New World”

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Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) and anyone else who lives in Eureka is used to things being out of the ordinary. After all, a good many work for Global Dynamics, the technological think tank. Gadgets have been known to wreak havoc from time to time. What does one do, though, when time seems to have escaped one’s notice?

Coming home from the year 1947 is not without consequences. For most, the changes are a logical step. Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) finds her deputy position gone; she moves on to the job of Global Dynamics head of security. Jack is hardly alone, someone else is helping him. To reveal who is not very sporting — just know it’s someone who is familiar with the town. Allison Blake (Salli Richardson Whitfield) is now the GD medical director. Again, reasonable.

What’s a little startling is the head of GD — Dr. Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston)! I’m going to try and ignore the fact he’s a bit young. At least he doesn’t have Jack’s job. About the only person who didn’t experience some change was Vincent (Christopher Gauthier), the owner of Cafe Diem. This is pretty much the only restaurant in town, so everyone from regulars to newbies is bound show up at one time or another.

After the bridge between realities gets hit with damage, an immediate search is on for a possible culprit. Could it be Zane (Niall Matter), the scientist who has a reputation for trouble? Or Alllison’s son, Kevin? The newer version of Kevin does not appear to have any traces of autism left. While it’s a tad unlikely for him to have gotten at the device, his mother might have better luck.

Henry (Joe Morton) thinks it might be some time before things return to normal — or what passes for normal, anyway. Good thing he has someone special in his life. Dr. Grace Monroe (Tembi Locke, CSI:NY) is a smart young scientist, although in exactly what area remains to be seen. These two have a connection which can only be revealed by watching the episode, but their togetherness could be temporary. Jack has his own romance issues, but how he solves them is not entirely unreasonable.

The red lightning is a nice touch. To contain it requires the work of both Jack and Dr. Trevor Grant (James Callis), who is in town by his own actions. Grant will probably be around for several weeks, like Eva Thorn was last season. An ulterior motive? Maybe, but any hints are coming later.

It’s only two episodes in, but already viewers will know the ongoing mystery. Will the gang ever return to their own normal? This new one isn’t so bad, the trick is to try and blend in without raising suspicions. Good luck…

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