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TV review: Dr. Who or Dr. Poo?

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After last week’s patchy episode we were all hoping for an improvement in the series. This week’s episode delivered a severe disappointment even to those who think that I was being too harsh with last week’s review. This episode, about the end of the solar system, reallydid not work at all. Piper managed to be out-acted by a bloody piece of skin. Never mind the fact the bots running around were pinched from Runaway and the plot was pinched from Douglas Adams. Despite all of this I am sure we will all be watching next week’s episode, well maybe not me as I might be busy. Let’s hope they manage to salvage the series from the depths to which it has sunk.

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  • Howard

    Disagree – and viewing figures of over 7 million make it the programme most watched last night. A&D, the main rival, was down to 6 million. Thought the show was so much better than opener and the 3rd installment looks scary!

  • Paul

    I thought the programme was fantastic and I am really appreaciating Ecclestone’s portrayal of the Doctor.

  • I like Ecceleston’s portrayal…but the fact he is bailing sort of does not endear. The episode was horrid and I can see why he wants to bail on the franchise.

  • Marc Hocking

    You don’t know what you are talking about. What utter clap-trap. You were clearly not watching the same TV program as everyone else. And I am sure no-one cares whether you watch it or not. It’s a shame people like you get to have a voice, still it is a democracy I suppose!


  • novachild

    Interesting observation, because I wase watching the same programme last weekend and found it to be extremely satisfying and fun. Eccleston is very convincing as a troubled, changed Doctor. And Rose is much more convincing as a companion than many of the companions before her, IMO.

    But in the end it’s only a TV show. And only two epsidodes into its run. Kind of difficult to make an overall judgment at this point, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out.