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TV Review: Dora the Explorer – Dora Undercover Spies

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If you have children in the preschool age category, you already know all about Dora the Explorer, Boots, Swiper, and all their friends. You probably have a television permanently tuned to Nick Jr and are waiting with bated breath and barely contained excitement for this new Dora special. I can tell you that it is well worth waiting for because Dora and Boots are at the top of their game as undercover spies.

If you are not fortunate enough to have children in that age group, Dora is a little girl having all kinds of adventures with her best friend Boots, a monkey wearing space boots. Swiper the Fox is a fox who is constantly trying to swipe things from Dora and her friends. Instead of being a true bandit and keeping them, he likes to hide them. That way, Dora, her friends, and your children get to interact to find them again. Sometimes Swiper can be stopped by helping Dora and Boots chant “Swiper! No swiping!” three times but sometimes he’s too sneaky and gets to the goodies before the three times are up. With lots of interaction, puzzles, dancing, and learning, Dora the Explorer is a hit and justifiably so. Dora is Hispanic and teaches children the Spanish words for things as well as the English translations.

In this new two-episode, hour-long edition of Dora the Explorer, Dora and Boots are undercover spies. They get new gadgets to put in Dora’s backpack to help them on their journey as well as cool sunglasses to be in disguise.

In the first episode, Swiper has invented a Super Swiping Machine that he plans to use to swipe Tico the Squirrel’s birthday presents. With some help from Dora’s cousin Diego as well as their super spy gadgets, Dora and Boots have to race Swiper through the Underground River and Twisty Tunnel to save the presents.

In the second episode, Swiper is after Isa the Iguana’s cupcakes. This time help comes not from Diego but Tico, who assists in trying to save the cupcakes. Our heroes have to find the Hidden Door to get to the Secret Jungle before they can arrive at the Flowery Garden and save the day.

It has been a little while since I’ve watched Dora. My youngest daughter, now 6, has grown out of the Dora age group but she confided in me that she still watches it sometimes. “Just don’t tell anybody,” she said. When I asked her to help me review this, she was excited and loved watching it again with the family. My eldest daughter, now 14, enjoyed it too and said her favorite character was Boots. My wife, more a Blue’s Clues fan, enjoyed the insect band that played every time we helped Dora with an obstacle.

So, get ready for the debut on March 14 on Nick Jr. of Dora the Explorer and Boots in Dora Undercover Spies.

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