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TV Review: Dollhouse -“True Believer”

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Oh, Dollhouse — I'm just amazed at how much better you get each week. Sure, you aren't the most amazing thing on television, but you're definitely worth checking out. It just seems like every week the stories get more intense, there's more at stake, and the rather long 50-minute episode moves faster than the one before. I've also noticed that the ratings were up this week for "True Believer." Maybe the Dollhouse is starting to catch on?

This time around, Echo must go undercover for the government to infiltrate a secret religious cult. In a bold move, the agents at the Dollhouse decide to send her in as a blind woman to convince the leaders that she wishes to join. After getting settled, the government agents decide to move in — but at the expense of nearly losing Echo.

Meanwhile, Dr. Saunders and Topher have noticed that Victor is starting to show signs of normalcy in his doll state, particularly, that he has a physical attraction to Sierra. Also, Laurence warns Adelle that Echo is starting to show some of the same signs that Alpha did shortly before he went insane, and suggests that she be "sent to the attic." Adelle will hear nothing of it, but knows that Echo is becoming something of a threat. Agent Ballard also moves closer to finding out the truth about the Dollhouse.

I was particularly impressed by how well the characters and various plot lines were handled here. There was just enough information about each one to let the audience know what was going on — but not a moment was wasted giving too much time to one particular thing. I also really liked how this episode showed all of the characters and plots both thickening and converging. It seems like Agent Ballard is on a crash-course to the Dollhouse's front door — but how long will it take him to get there?

Even though the acting here isn't superb, the plot is engrossing, the characters are believable, and there's just enough humor to keep the audience hooked. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that this is the best new drama on television, I think that Dollhouse is definitely starting to come into its own. I'm particularly looking forward to the next two episodes because, according to Joss Whedon, he feels that these episodes really capture the intensity and the vision that he has for Dollhouse.

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