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TV Review: Doctor Who – Series Six, Part One

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Although I’m sure many will disagree, I’m going to say that this has been one of Doctor Who‘s most exciting series yet. The ratings tend to indicate otherwise as although they are still extremely high, they have begun to fall slightly. This is disappointing as I believe that Matt Smith is doing an excellent job as the 11th Doctor and the storylines have begun to become a lot more interesting. Instead of the usual disjointed episodes, this series has more or less been a continuous flow. This happens to match perfectly well with the fact that the mystery of River Song has seemingly been ‘flowing’ through these episodes.

The series began with the death of the Doctor. This was extremely shocking for the audiences and left us craving for more. Does the immortal Time Lord who has lived for hundreds of years, who has regenerated countless times, who has flown through time and space finally met his doom? I’m going to admit something here. I cried. I actually cried at the thought of the Doctor dying. The only other time I’ve cried because of television was David Tennant’s last episode as the Doctor. Perhaps there’s a trend here. The Doctor’s assistant, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), has had an increasingly prominent role in this series as when it draws to a climax she is at the centre of attention.

I never thought that the mystery of River Song would ever be solved, and over time I’ve speculated as to what her role in the Doctor’s life is. I was literally guessing right up until the very end, and nothing could’ve prepared me for the unveiling of her true identity. First I thought she might end up killing the Doctor, then I thought she might be the Doctor’s wife, then I thought she might be the Doctor’s mother (ridiculous, I know) but it turned out that she was … well I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t yet seen it.

The only thing that bothers me about this series is that there is a break in the middle. Why?! This is completely unneccessary and although it keeps the audience keen, it could also drive them away as they lose interest. I’ve been sitting on the fence as to whether there is any suspense. Whilst many would say that there was, I would say that at the same time, the massive secret revealed also revealed that everything would be alright, significantly decreasing the tension that had been building.

Nonetheless, this was an excellent first half to Matt Smith’s second series as the Doctor, and I am bursting with anticipation for the second half.

If you missed Series 6 on TV, it will be available on DVD June 11.

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  • Mike Bentley

    You imply that you were mistaken when you thought that River Song would kill the Doctor. Well at the risk of Steven Moffat reading this and changing the storyline, how about this…

    River Song is Melody – Melody is the girl in the spacesuit – the girl in the spacesuit shoots (and kills) the Doctor – the Doctor who is killed is the Flesh version from episode 6.