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TV Review Dexter: “Beauty and the Beast”

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As “Beauty and the Beast” opens, Dexter tends the wounds of the woman he discovered in Boyd Fowler’s house. Her cuts are deep and plentiful; from the welts on her back it is obvious she’s been whipped. Harry warns Dexter not to get caught. If the woman goes to the police, it will add to the problems Dexter already has. But Dexter worries that she’s dying. Harry tries to convince him to leave, that this is not Dexter’s problem. Dexter disregards Harry’s warnings and stays.

When the woman fully awakens, she is terrified of Dexter and tries to fight him off. Her struggle is impressive. She is extremely strong for a woman in such poor physical shape. Dexter has no choice but to sedate her. After lifting her up and placing her on the table, he goes slightly ballistic, pacing and fretting. When Debra calls him in the midst of his emotional crisis, he realizes it’s morning and that the entire night has gone by. Sonia’s been with Harrison all this time. Dexter wants to go home immediately but Debra needs help at the crime scene at Fauzi’s.

He heads over there and analyzes the scene. From the blood spatter and the position of the body he postulates that a machete was the murder weapon. He also finds a cheap cigar remnant on the floor. Taking advantage of the situation, he leaves a water bottle with the captive girl’s fingerprints at the crime scene in an effort to find out her identity.

When Dexter arrives home, Sonia tells him she is quitting because he stayed out all night without calling. When she leaves Dexter is distraught, lamenting to Harrison that he misses Rita. Meanwhile, Quinn tails an FBI agent to the safehouse of the Mitchell family.

Dexter has no choice but to bring Harrison with him to the station. There he is told the good news that the Tiparillo butt found at the crime scene had a 3/4 thumb print on it. He leaves Harrison with his co-workers. While their attentions are diverted, he checks for his captive’s ID in the crime computer with Harry watching. The woman’s name is Lumen Ann Pierce. Knowing she needs antibiotics, he steals a vial from Masuka’s stash and later asks Debra to watch Harrison. When she reluctantly agrees, Dexter goes to check on his charge.

Meanwhile, Maria tells Angel to go visit Lopez in the hospital so he can make amends. “I’m not asking,” she says.

Lumen wakes and Dexter tries to talk with her, telling her she needs the antibiotics he’s brought. She refuses to take anything from him even after he takes one of the pills himself. When she asks where she is, he tells her she’s in a safe place, far from Boyd. He asks her name, then tells her she really needs to talk to him – to tell him what happened. She gives her name as “Rachel” and asks why he didn’t take her to the hospital. “You saw what I did…in the house.” She promises never to tell anyone and to please let her go. When he tells her he can’t, she begins to panic and asks if he’s going to sell her. The question is no odder than anything else he’s been through over the past few days. “You can’t think straight with a fever like that,” he says. Lumen tries to run and fights him again. He locks her in the room and she screams. Driving away, he thinks, “Harry’s right. I need a plan.”

Angel visits Lopez and the animosity between the two men is palpable. Angel apologizes. Lopez pretends not to listen. Angel continues, saying he should have held his temper. Lopez finally deigns to speak and says he’s not pressing charges, then tells Angel to leave.

Dexter scours the Internet for information about Lumen, who “knows too much about me and I know nothing about her.” He comes up with something – an unpaid motel bill. It’s not much but is at least a start.

Debra arrives, complaining that Dexter is crowding her. His stuff and the baby’s are everywhere. Figuring she needs some time alone, he takes the baby along for a ride to the motel where Lumen has the outstanding debt. Dexter pays the bill and gets the luggage Lumen left behind. He finds a note among her things from her mother saying she misses Lumen, loves her and “It’s not a family without you.”

Apologies abound: Debra apologizes for what she said and tells Dexter he can stay with her forever if he wants.

Dexter apologizes to Sonia and pleads for her to come back. She hesitates, not trusting him. He pleads some more. Finally she gives in and takes a ‘leap of faith’ to give him one more chance.

Masuka notices some of his meds are missing and blames Quinn, since he’s been “down and dirty with the biggest potty mouth in town.” He tells Quinn he’s willing to share and, in the future, all he has to do with ask.

Angel might still be in trouble with internal affairs. Maria tries to sweet talk the agent, but it seems he wants to know more about the ‘blow job’ accusation. When he leers at her it’s apparent his interests are more personal than professional.

Debra thinks she has a line on who was responsible for the beheadings. She tells Quinn, after which they go after the Fuentes brothers. They burst into an apartment filled with what looks like forty families living together in five rooms. They are led into a hidden area in the back where The Fuentes Brothers are holding a hostage at knifepoint. One of the brothers cuts the man’s throat and they both escape out the window with Debra in pursuit. She fails to catch them but their victim is not dead. She tells the EMTs to make sure and keep him alive as they wheel him to the ambulance.

Quinn follows the FBI agent and Jonah Mitchell into town. Quinn corners Jonah in the back of a convenience store, shows him a photo of Dexter and asks him if he recognizes a Dexter as Kyle Butler. The agent stops the proceedings by pulling a gun and taking Quinn into custody.

Dexter returns to see Lumen. She’s on the floor, apparently unconscious. When Dexter kneels to take a look at her, she lands a solid punch and escapes. A chase through the woods ensues and Dexter catches her. She struggles again but this time Dexter gains control. He drives her to where Boyd kept the barrels in the lake and says this is what would have happened to her if he hadn’t saved her. She is still unconvinced asking, “How do I know you didn’t kill these girls?” “You don’t. It’s a leap of faith for both of us,” Dexter says, using Sonia’s words as his own. “My wife was murdered by someone like Boyd.” He gives her Boyd’s knife, which inspires her to stab Dexter in the arm. When he asks if she’s done, she finally breaks down.

When Quinn tells Maria that Jonah recognized the “Kyle Butler” in the photo as Dexter, she doesn’t believe him and has no sympathy for his cause. After reading him the riot act, she places him on unpaid suspension.

In the parking lot, Quinn meets with Debra, who says she doesn’t want to be alone. He tells her he’s no good for her, but she says “right now I don’t want good.”

Lumen patches Dexter’s arm, apologizing, saying she thought he was like Boyd, then tells her story. She was locked up, for how long she doesn’t know. Dexter says she can go home now. It’s over. But she doesn’t think so. It’s not that simple, she says. Dexter doesn’t want her thinking that way. She then reveals Boyd wasn’t the only one who did this to her. There were others. “It’s not over,” she says.

Where will Lumen fit into Dexter’s life? One thing he doesn’t need is another complication. Regardless, he is protective of her and wants to see her safe. Will he take it upon himself to make sure she is?

Quinn’s suspicions about Dexter are growing. Now that he will have time on his hands, will he delve deeper into Dexter’s association with the Mitchells or will his affair with Debra hold him back?

How will Maria deal with the lecherous internal affairs officer? She seems too tough to fall for this sleezy guy’s pitch. But if it means Angel’s job, will she go along with what he might suggest in order to get Angel out from under?

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Dexter airs on Showtime, Sundays at 9PM ET.

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