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TV Review: Desperate Housewives 2.3

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Bree goes to Rex’s grave with her mother-in-law only to find he has been exhumed. Phyllis says it has to do with the insurance investigator who thinks Rex was poisoned. Bree is shocked to find out she is a suspect until she discovers her mother-in-law has been planting suspicions with all the right people as to Bree’s involvement in Rex’s death. She packs Phyllis’s things one morning and sends her away in a taxi.

Bree tells her children that Rex was dug up in order to have an autopsy and that she is a suspect. She submits herself to a lie detector test and is questioned about George Williams, the pharmacist. The test seems to think Bree is in love with George, or at least that he was conspiring with her to poison Rex.

Gabrielle brings Carlos an anniversary card in prison only to have yet another argument about their marriage. Gabrielle drives home in a brand new anniversary present. She hired a new yardman, but escapes to admire John mowing other people’s yards. She discovers John letting another housewife get just a little too friendly with him, ruining the idea that he was in love with her for who she is, unlike her husband. Gabrielle uses this to finally come to terms with what happened and apologizes to Carlos.

Susan is worried when Julie isn’t home by 6pm and goes to see what sort of horrible environment Edie’s home is for children. She discovers her daughter singing and being videotaped in a very homey environment preparing for an act in church. Susan is offended Julie picked Edie to accompany her instead of her own mother. After witnessing a confrontation between Edie and Susan, Julie is forced to pick which one she wants to accompany her. Of course, things don’t always go as planned.

Lynette picks up school supplies for her children. This seems to be the first they know that she will not be taking them to their first day of school and aren’t too happy with that. She tries discussing it with her boss who has huge issues with a working mother.

The person in the Applewhites basement is indeed a black man (dispelling rumors as to it being Zach Young). He escapes the basement just in time for Susan to ring the doorbell and ruin the Applewhites’ low profile. To fix that, Betty agrees to teach Susan how to play the piano.

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  • I do wish more was resolved per episode. Cliff hangers are one thing, but there is such a thing as developing too much plot at once.

  • Theresa

    I love Desperate Housewives! It is so fun to watch and adds a bit of drama to my imagination. There are so many fun and ridicules twists- I just can’t stop watching. I now it’s just a “night time soap opera” but I really like it.

  • This is a great show i never forget to watch it. The best part about it, is how they only tell you so much about tit every show.

  • “so much about tit every show” — and that’s what keeps the guys watching…

    I know, it’s a typo. But I’m hooked on DH now. And how creepy is George getting?

  • George is seriously creepy, but even creepier was Edie’s piano playing! Yikes!

  • From the first, this show has reminded me of a more-comedic, less-dramatic late-night soap from the 70s, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

    One of the innovations of MH,MH was the long running gag or plot point, stretched night after night, sometimes to the breaking stage. It worked for the comedy, and it surely works for DH, which is the real reason I’m hooked on this show.

    I love the slow reveals and week-to-week tension. Let’s face it, this show does EVERY WEEK what most drama series only do in the season finale!