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TV Review: Degrassi Goes Hollywood Premiering August 14

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Teenagers like me grow up on the teen show Degrassi. Likewise, actors grow up on the show too. So, most of the original Degrassi cast members are no longer series regulars. Degrassi Goes Hollywood is a special two-hour movie that brings back old cast favorites like Lauren Collins (Paige), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), Stacey Farber (Ellie), and Jake Epstein (Craig).

At the beginning of the movie, Paige works at a dead end job that she hates in Hollywood, really wanting to be a stylist. She ends up auditioning for Jason Mewes’ new movie, Mewesical High, a fictional movie about himself. Despite being a horrible actress and singer, she gets the part. Paige invites her two best friends from high school, Marco and Ellie, to live the good life. Although they both come to relax, they don’t. Ellie, haunted by personal secrets, ends up dealing with her past flame Craig, while Marco runs around trying to be a peacekeeper after Paige becomes a diva.

Manny (Cassie Steele), another Degrassi alum, worked with Jason Mewes on a movie before and really wanted to play the part that Paige got. After she hears that Paige is not working out, she hitches a ride with her previous boyfriend Jay (played by Mike Lobel). Jay also drives local Degrassi band, the Studz, who want to play in the movie.

The acting in this movie is superb, as in every other Degrassi episode. There are also six songs in the movie — two by Cassie Steele, two by Jake Epstein, and two ensemble, all of which are good.

There are a lot more funny moments, especially from Studz member Sav (Raymond Ablack), rather than serious stuff. Normally, Degrassi covers really touchy issues like drugs and abortion. In this movie, something is somewhat implied, but I don’t really want to give it away.

This movie is supposed to be — at least this is what I got — a goodbye to the old characters to focus on the new ones. But there are some loose ends. Again, I can’t really say what they are because it will give away the entire ending, but it makes me wonder if the actors will guest star sometime in the future.

It’s pretty cool, because I’ve been watching Degrassi since season one, when Manny was in seventh grade and Paige was in eighth, and now they are battling it out in Hollywood for a part in Jason Mewes’ movie. It’s interesting to watch the characters develop throughout the years.

The movie has lots of celebrity cameos from Perez Hilton, Pete Wentz, Kelly Carlson, and Vivica A. Fox. Kevin Smith, who has worked with Degrassi before, also comes in throughout the movie.

Degrassi Goes Hollywood premieres Friday, August 14 at 8PM on The N. It’s pretty good. I didn’t go in with any expectations, but I have to say, I loved this movie.

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    u guys rock and r hot

  • sarah

    which old characters are in there? like darcy, ashley, and jimmy, and all those people? or just the ones you named?

  • bonnie

    de grassi is an excellent show, and all those kids are so very talented, i love this show, and i’m 65 years old.