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TV Review: Dancing With the Stars – Will the Women Pull Drew Through?

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Will the Female Vote Pull Drew Through?

The audience demographics are not in yet, but we’ll go out on a limb here. The two contenders to win ABC’s Dancing With the Stars are Stacey Keibler or Drew Lachey. By me, Stacey has worked very hard and is, all things taken into account, the best in this competition. Which is not to say that Drew Lachey didn’t also expend much effort and it’s also not to say that this man doesn’t have a certain masculine fluidity that is admirable.

I’m betting, however, that this series is watched mostly by women. Now I could be wrong here and hesitate to insert my own anecdotal evidence, which includes a survey of the one male in the household – sensitive but very much a guy type in the most dopey meaning of the phrase, insert wink here – mine own husband. Who wouldn’t tune into dancing with anybody, much less stars he’s never heard of. But I have a son-in-law who is quite the dancer but again, he’s not going to tune in for this show because, well, because he told me. Which is why I suspect Drew might pull off the win due to the women who watch him.

Indeed this past Thursday, February 16, Drew and Stacey tied again as they had the week prior. On this evening and at this stage in the competition, the dance teams had to perform two dances.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comStacey and her partner performed a quick step and a cha-cha for their two dances. For both dances Stacey and her partner performed, to my untrained eyes, perfectly. Their footwork was always in time and for the cha-cha Stacey performed some head swinging that gave me a headache.

The judges were not overly impressed. For the quick step, the judges admonished Stacey that she should take more risks. For the cha-cha, one judge announced that Stacey’s arms were “too stiff”. Stacey and her partner’s total for the evening was 55 points out of a possible 60.

Jerry Rice, a sentimental favorite of mine but no winner as I see it, used props during his dances this evening. For the first dance, a tango, Jerry and his partner used a broom. A judge said Jerry’s posture was weak and another didn’t like the broom prop at all.

For their second dance, Jerry and his partner performed a rumba and again they used a man’s coat jacket to begin the routine. Again the judges didn’t seem to like the dance or the prop. In fact, one judge told Rice, perhaps fortuitously, “against the others, you’re the worst”. Rice and his partner did receive that evening’s lowest score, a 41 out of 60.

Lisa Rinna of the luscious lips has shown amazing improvement over the life of this competition but I don’t see her as challenging either Stacey or Drew for the win.

For the evening Lisa and her partner performed a foxtrot and a rumba. I thought the foxtrot was very boring to watch and while the cha-cha was a better visual, damn it, Lisa’s just not in the same league with Stacey and Drew. One judge announced that this team had a “wonderful chemistry”. Lisa and her partner were awarded 53 votes, impressive but still not up there with Drew and Stacey.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDrew Lachey and his partner performed a foxtrot and a rumba. For the foxtrot Drew wore a handsome double-breasted suit that added to the charm of the dance. One judge “loved it”.

For the rumba, goodness they won me over just with their choice of song, one of my all time favorites- “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. That was the sexiest dance of the entire series and Drew has talent, it’s there for all the world to see. One judge announced that this was “the Drew we love”.

Drew and his partner received a total of 55 votes out of 60, tied with Stacey Keibler.

The following night the elimination show was aired. It was quite a surprise to discover that Lisa had been eliminated instead of Jerry Rice. Although hey, I like Jerry but can’t shake the feeling that he’s not only not better than Lisa Rinna, he’s nowhere near a winner in this series.

The big question now, with three left, is, will Stacey with that perfect body and beautiful legs manage to impress the primarily female viewers to vote for her? Or will the somewhat short but impossibly cute Drew be pulled through to victory as many claimed that same demographic did for Clay Aiken of American Idol?[ADBLOCKHERE]

I’m going with Stacey as the winner, but put it this way: if Drew Lachey wins, I won’t be disappointed.

The final three now are: Jerry Rice, Stacy Keibler, and Drew Lachey.

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  • tom genung

    As a retired ballroom instructor, your program is
    fabulous. Further, the hostess Samantha deserves more – she is incredible – in every
    sense of the woed. Pass along my sentiments.
    Oh, how I wish I had met her when I was younger.
    Congrats to all. You have a hit – as you know.

  • Mary

    I thought the show was totally entertaining.
    I still think Stacey should have been in the final two , but Drew and his partner had it all and totally deserved the win.