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TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – The Results & The Aftermath

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I came back from last night’s romantic Indian dinner and decadent hot fudge sundae (thanks Ilan) to a show I was half dreading. My own sixth sense is akin to the one that Haley Joel Osment channeled in that blockbuster M. Night Shymalan film. RE: We both live in a perpetual state of fear of some tortured event that will likely leave us devastated. In other words, we’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop and last night, as my shoelace kept untying on my walk home from dinner, I knew something was askew.

And it wasn’t just Indian heartburn…

The following is my rebuttal to an initially emotional and irrational reaction to the news that TEAM RINNA was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.
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Dear ABC,

I’ve been a loyal fan of your broadcasting network for years. Even when I was little, I secretly fancied Peter Jennings over Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw. Sure, he wasn’t as smart a newscaster as Brokaw or as self-righteously indignant as Rather, but Jennings had an air about him. This epiphany clouded my opinion of the three major networks and definitely cast a shadow over NBC and CBS. Having felt this strong alliance and illustrated such an intense loyalty at such an impressionable age, you will be disheartened to know that I’ve now banned your programming for a week.

In response to last night’s results on Dancing with the Stars, I have waged my own variation of a non-violent protest. As a sacrifice, I will not swoon over Dr. McDreamy over at Grey’s Anatomy nor will I ask myself for the umpteenth time what Meredith Grey sees in him while screaming at the TV. Nor will I demand to know the true identity of “the others” over on that Lost island. Such things are trivial now. The minutia that transcends our daily lives and filters into our subconscious and conscious existences seems so trite. I’ve been a fool for you ABC and a tool I will be no longer.

Shame on you ABC for treating us, your loyal viewers, in such a lascivious manner, completely discarding our votes, giving us busy signals when we dialed in for Lisa & Louis. You not only denied them our love, but you neglected your biggest fans.

Moreover, you’ve insulted our collective intelligence week after week by refusing to publicly reveal the number of votes each team received from on-line polls and call-ins. If our vote counts so much (or as least as much as Bruno Tonioli’s and Len Goodman’s) why not show us the figures, the percentages. Speak to us in numbers that mean something.

Instead you further mock our affections by condemning us to a “Results Show” that is essentially a promotional horse-and-pony show for the professional dancers who are no longer competing in the show. And why? Not to teach us anything or to entertain us, but probably because you had some contractual obligation with those dancers. Then you proceed to fill the remaining 25 minutes with montage (more promotional spots for Len Goodman’s podcast) and heart-felt clips that tear at what’s left of our shelled out carcasses and recesses of that pumping fist of an organ that no longer feels.

And for what? To leave us with Tom Bergeron giving us a line to the effect that the contestants staying on to compete in next week’s competition will be revealed to us in NO specific preferential order. And then to parade Jerry’s winning feat around before a timely cut to commercial. Forget Grey’s Anatomy’s “Code Black”, who would know that a dancing competition could unleash such theatrics and smarmy dramatic measures?

Certainly, not I.

The only redemption I can find in Lisa leaving is that you might have fewer viewers tuning in next week and perhaps in the long run your greedy plan to hoard even more crucial ratings will backfire and be sufficiently foiled. After all, I wasn’t the only who noticed that Tom Bergeron (with only a few weeks of training) dances better than Jerry Rice after six weeks.

Aside from the Jerry backlash, there are those jumping on the “We hate Stacy” bandwagon since many viewers feel that 2 males judges will undoubtedly be biased so for the sake of impartial voting, we need to add another woman. I would argue we need someone who can speak in a dialect I can understand without having to pause and think about it. Listening to Bruno and Len, I almost look as intellectually strained as Stacy, making a “mad” face, while pretending to be pissed at Tony as they dance to “Since You’ve Been Gone”.

Inarguably, I’ll stick around till the end of this show. I review it. I have to. I’ll call in as many votes as I can for Drew and then I think I might be done with you for a while. And I know I’m not entirely alone.

Sincerely (or maybe not so much),

Beth Anne Gottfried

P.S. If you really want to appease me, you could just email me Travis’ pick on The Bachelor since I won’t be watching.

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  • J Ribalet

    Outrageous! Is this show a political showcase, or a dance contest where ability counts? I was interested in the former, but now am really turned off. You have lost a viewer.

  • Sonja L.

    After last night show, I see it’s know longer about dancing, after Brandy was voted out.. Wow, who’s paying for her to stay.

  • Jean Mann Smith

    Nov. 16, 2010 My husband and I have watched this show since the beginning and it was a ritual “get ready for dancing”. I’m not sure that we or some of your other viewers will be watching again next year. The fact that Brandy and Max were voted off tonight proves that this was a fiasco.

    You chose the daughter of a political candidate thinking you would get more viewers or a more intelligent bunch of viewers but all you got was a fixed show.

    Of course, all the Republicans that support Sarah Palin voted her in knowing all along she was not the best dancer. I think Max saw the writing on the wall, I did. I knew it was going to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won the show. If that happens, you need to make an apology to all your loyal fans throughout the years or they will not be watching next year.

    Sarah got a lot of good publicity out of this show and she must have paid for it. It was so sad! I share Brandy’s tears.

  • Ria

    First of all let me say I love dancing with the stars. And I never miss the show. I have a lot of my friends on board . We all get together and wait for the show to go on . We all wish it came on more. Not just once a year .I think we should have more time to cast our votes. I could not vote on Monday night, I’m so upset about that. I no that a lot of my friends could not vote on Monday Night and I think Gilles and Cheryl would of win. Because all of there votes was for Gilles and Cheryl We all no that Gilles and Cheryl was the best couple and should of win hand down.I think Cheryl is a great dancer and I love what she bring to this show. And in my book she is one of the best dancers on this show, And she should of win today.Shawn was good but I think she should not have won.Gilles and Cheryl was out standing and no one can take that away from them.Cheryl hold your head up high and keep on doing what you do.You are a star in my book and the best dancer on this show. See you next year,

  • Carolyn

    I’m with Karen’s comments that I will not be watching the end of this ‘popularity’ (not dance) contest or any you may have for next season. I agree with most of the blogs that Lisa was definitly not treated fairly. I watched her the next day on Soapnet and she was so gracious. If all the sponsors read this, they may think twice about sponsoring this farce.

  • JAR

    Any time personal opinions are incorporated into a contest, it is up to critisim by all.
    EG Olympic figure skating.
    Competing against the clock or side by side movements with exactly the same steps is the true judge of the “winners”. So we are left with an imperfect scoring and results. We all have our favorites for whatever reason. And I could not vote for mine because the lines were constantly busy… So should I complain because I could not vote???

  • Pat

    For those who think Jerry is not a gentleman because he accepted a win that he did not earn, please come on, get real, he worked as hard if not harder than rest, he improved every week but was never given any credit for it, he was voted on to the next level and therefore he earned it as much as the other 2 couples that was voted on. Jerry was a class act, he did not whine, nor pouted as some suggested, he was always asked how he felt about the judge’s low score (which was totally unfair) and he answered the question. It was never all about talent, because if it was the judges would not be judging the way they do.

  • Lulu8

    Folks, even in the real competitions people lose who should’ve won. This is real life. Look at last year, Kelly Monaco won because she was the most improved and knew how to shake & show what she had – and it wasn’t dancing. In fact, I saw very few “real” ballroom/latin dance steps. Tony is smart, he, too shows off Stacy’s attributes. And, he sticks with only BASIC moves; nothing too daring. Admittingly, Stacey moves well and is graceful but there is little advance dancing in her routines. Jerry started out well but his posture never seemed to improve. I think he should be proud of his accomplishment – he was a better Ballroom dancer than Latin; as much as I liked Lisa and voted for her to continue (as I thought she was better than Jerry), her dancing was inconsistent. Where Jerry seemed too relaxed, Lisa was sometimes too rigid. But each week she improved and tried harder steps. My last vote for the winner will go to Drew if he dances as well as he has all along. He, too, needs to drop and pull back his shoulders. FYI – even the Britsh show (Strictly Come Dancing) has it’s complaints about the judges/audience choices. They seem to like their orchestra though.

  • I hope Lisa Rinna is reading these comments. She deserves the grand prize. She should never have been voted off! Jerry Rice stinks.

  • Sandra

    My husband and I seldom watch television, but, we were at a friends house when the final show aired last season and became interested, however, we were dumbfounded when we watched the first vote off…we thought the public was supposed to vote on the BEST, not the most popular. We were astonished when Master P was not voted off first, who in their right mind would think he was even interested in what he was doing! Then, we continued watching, mainly to see how long he would stay on, knowing he was always the worst dancer.

    Now, the finals….we are not going to watch them as it seems too much to be a popularity contest. Shame on you and shame on the viewers. Can’t you be honest and vote for the best dancing, or at least the most improved?

  • Nancy Truax

    I think Stacey deserves the whole thing; who cares if she is a wrestler? I don’t. I think she is amazing. But what has happened since the beginning of this season is ridiculous. Gizelle should never have lost to P, or whatever else he is known by. He could barely move. The people who judge this should be the judges, and perhaps the audience in the studio. I also tried to vote for Stacey 8 times last week and I could not get in. Lisa should be there, also. I have the greatest respect for Jerry Rice as a football player and positive role model. But in dancing, he is mediocre. This show could have been really fun and great for ALL ages. But I too think I am done after this season.

  • P R Matthews

    You lost me and about 24 others in out little circle of family and friends in three different cities! I think that Beth Ann Gottfried said it all. Last year I went out of my way to suggest the show to several different people from ages 18 to 89 (my father). We all liked it and enjoyed it until this bit of stupidity that you pull last week. I started watching the show because of the dance, I did not think it was going to become a sham popularity contest. I think that you have killed the show for any chance of being rated next year. That’s if you can get sponsors after such a debacle. I would also be surprised if the Judges would want to risk their reputations and show up next year. To the Judges money should not be the allurment, professionalism is how they earn recognition.You obviously riged the voting to get what you thought would be the biggest viewing audience, it backfired from everyone I’ve talked too. I will leave you with your own mentally contrived egregious attitude toward the viewing public which you seriously under-rated.

  • “A gentleman would not accept a win he didn’t earn, so I have to question Jerry Rice’s comments about being a gentleman.”

    Jerry earned this as much as anyone else did. He danced, he got judged and he got voted on by the public. So did Stacey, Drew and Lisa. Jerry made it through to the final round. Good for him. I will be voting for him on Thursday night like I have been since the beginning. GO JERRY!

  • Laurie

    I enjoy the show immensely, even though it is fixed. Drew started out good and has gotten better, but Lisa was the most improved dancer on the show. She should still be in the running. Jerry is a great guy, but his dancing stinks. He is as stiff as a board. The judges should mark on dancing skills, not sexiness. I predict Drew will win.

  • Deliberating a long time on the results of DWTS’s last show, I truly do believe that quite a bit of voting has much to do with favoritism and fan base. I am truly disappointed too with the results. Without trashing anyone or idolizing either, I would venture that ABC needs to address its voting structure and decidedly have a longer call-in time for the voting public.

    This was obvious with “P” and his too long stay. (Sorry “P” this is not meant to trash you.) I have nothing against any male or female on the show; I, infact, do enjoy the show even with its flaws, realizing too that the judges have their moments. I also felt the vote for Lisa to leave was a major fault. All these men and women both professional and non-professional are sensational, deserving of respect and should be congratulationed for their very hard work and heartfelt presentations.

    So for a show like this to be fair, a more developed judging base needs to be addressed to avoid skewing the results either way, and then with the kinks worked out, the tweaking technique might leave the show with some REAL results and not so many faults and disappointed viewers.

  • Deliberating a long time on the results of DWTS’s last show, I truly do believe that quite a bit of voting has much to do with favoritism and fan base. I am truly disappointed too with the results. Without trashing anyone or idolizing either, I would venture that ABC needs to address its voting structure and decidedly have a longer call-in time for the voting public.

    This was obvious with “P” and his too long stay. (Sorry “P” this is not meant to trash you.) I have nothing against any male or female on the show; I, infact, do enjoy the show even with its flaws, realizing too that the judges have their moments. I also felt the vote for Lisa to leave was a major fault. All these men and women both professional and non-professional are sensational, deserving of respect and should be congratulationed for their very hard work and heartfelt presentations.

    So for a show like this to be fair, a more developed judging base needs to be addressed to avoid skewing the results either way, and then with the kinks worked out, the tweaking technique might leave the show with some REAL results and not so many faults and disappointed viewers.

  • Betty

    I can not believe how childish all of you so called fans are. Do you think ABC cares if 10 people don’t watch the finale because they did’nt like the results? And obviously if you were getting a busy signal when you voted for Lisa that means that many other people were voting for her it happens all the time on Idol. This is a popularity contest and Lisa just was’nt all that popular. So stop watching if you want but the show will go on and Stacey and Drew will tie in the end. It is a great show, the only one that makes me smile from start to finish.

  • I had no trouble phoning in to vote for Lisa. That said, I did split my votes between Lisa and Stacy. I think Stacy has the more innate talent, but you can’t deny Lisa’s efforts and enthusiasm.

    This article has been selected for Advance.net!

  • Diane C

    A gentleman would not accept a win he didn’t earn, so I have to question Jerry Rice’s comments about being a gentleman. He has improved but was substantially inferior to George Hamilton. I guess winning is just too important to some people – it doesn’t matter if they deserve it or not. Yep, I’m dropping both these shows – Dancing and the Bachelor. I love dancing but I am ashamed of myself for watching the degrading bachelor. So much for women’s lib.

  • Donna T

    I was very upset with Friday nights results…
    This should not be a popularity contest.. Lisa deserved to be in the top 3 finals. Jerry seems like a nice guy, but cannot dance. This is supposed to be a dance contest, the best dancers make it to the finals. This obviously is not the case.

  • Karen

    It was very clear when they announced that Jerry Rice was saved that Lisa would be leaving. The problem is with the judging. There is no way that Stacy should have gotten 3 10’s when she danced first. A perfect routine, compared to who?
    The scoring is once again a sham.
    Lisa certainly deserved to go on to the finals. I won’t be watching the last 2 shows.

  • Amanda

    I am not sure why anyone would think that Lisa should not go, she didn’t have that much of a fan base, pretty face and good as Billie on Days, but that is about it. The people love Jerry Rice and therefore vote to keep him there. I, myself voted for Stacy to stay. I think she is very intelligent and she sure has some moves. For those that don’t know of her it is because you watch shows that are made for women and she comes from a mens soap opera – WWE. Stacy is no bimbo and I hope that she takes it all!

  • Jennifer

    I happened upon your blog after doing a search for “Dancing with the Stars.” I couldn’t agree more with everything you said, from getting a busy signal when I tried to vote for Lisa & Louie to my interest in the show definitely lessening after the latest result show. I’m surprised at Jerry Rice’s fanbase calling in so much week after week. I think it’s painfully obvious that Lisa was robbed. I guess that’s the fun of reality TV when the public’s vote counts for 50%.

  • Connie Delgado

    All I can say is, “14 years of dance training, then being a professional cheerleader, in my books that makes her (Stacy) a professional dancer!” If you have been paid to dance, and cheering “is” dance, then you are a pro! Two professional dancers competing as partners, HOW FAIR IS THAT????

  • Doris

    I can only add my DITTO to the comments above.
    Jerry is a nice guy … is great on the FOOTBALL field … has demonstrated that he is eager to learn but face it, he just doesn’t have the pizzazz that Lisa has.
    Lisa was shafted. Sorry, that’s just about it.
    Drew … well, Drew is WOW! I didn’t know he existed until I caught the show about 3 weeks ago.
    Stacey … she’s got legs!

  • Susan

    When Lisa didn’t win I couldn’t believe it, how can anyone think Jerry Rice is better than her. Just because someone is a nice guy doesn’t mean he should still be there. Lisa was so dedicated it just broke my heart that she was out. Fans calling in should not decide who wins, it should be the judges!!! Please don’t vote for someone just because they are beautiful this is about talent and hard work. Lisa, you are the winner in my book!! Good luck to you.

  • Jean

    I kind of stumbled on this. I only the very last 30 seconds. Actually thought Lisa won! Jerry seems like everyone says, a great guy, but he can’t really dance. He has made improvements but he’s very stiff. Did anyone that voted see Lisa Rinna move at all. She was great!

  • Sandra Hickey

    I, too, am through with Dancing with the Stars. Jerry Rice, from what I hear, is a great guy…family man…and football player; HOWEVER, although he has improved with his dancing, he is stiil not a great dancer. There is no way that he should still be in the competition…guess it’s just a “popularity” contest. If you want to keep your viewers, you’d best put some new rules in place. I felt this same way when Master P kept “returning” — .

  • Linda

    I have been a ballroom dance instructor for thirty years and am just thrilled that a tv show about ballroom dancing is so popular and incites so much controversy.
    No matter what is said by a male or female judge, Stacey is the best dancer out there. Should she win? Not neccessarily. Drew tries hard and does have a great partnership with his instructor. I think it is fun to see how the results turn out. This show was always half popularity contest and half comments from judges anyway.
    Just have a look at those judges. Yes, they are very entertaining but let’s face it do any of them really know about ballroom dancing? In all the years I have been in the business I have never seen or heard of Bruno or the female judge. Len Goodman, yes but he really hasn’t been in the dance circuit surrounding all the major competitions.
    When the Judges speak of each dance it sounds as if they went home and memorized sentences which describe each dance. When they make stupid comments about “Samba is supposed to make me think of Brazil” oh please, anyone who has spent years trying to perfect the techniques would know much more about what to look for from each dancer.
    All the talk about feeling and facial expressions is ludicrous also. Does that really matter if the techinical aspects are so well developed.
    Some of the comments made about Stacey’s Quickstep were ludicrous. That girl did an amazing job for the amount of time she had to learn the dance I was impressed and I have studied Quickstep for many years and danced in the pros in the five Standard dances. Would I ever say that Stacey is as good as some of the pros? No. Not top pros such as the likes of some of the teachers on your show. She is a good pro/am student but not pro material at this point. I couldn’t believe the female judge made that comment to Stacey.
    I say we make the judges dance. Let’s see how they can do. I don’t believe that two of them know anything at all about Ballroom dancing.
    Should they be replaced. The female judge, yes. Bruno, no because he really is funny and he has a good eye even if he doesn’t know ballroom. Len should stay as he is the only legitimate ballroom judge.
    Make the judges dance. Pleae.

  • i love ballroom dancing and have watched your show from the beginning. however, i may not watch this show any more. there is no doubt that every contestant works very very hard and to see someone who is definitely not the best dancer get voted in and someone else who has by far out danced them just because they may be very popular in another field is not what i thought this show was about. if you are going to have legimate dancing competition, then i feel the judges should have the final say, not the public which makes it a popularity contest.

  • Jan

    LIsa should still be there and Jerry should be gone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jerry Rice, but when it comes to dancing, which is what this show is SUPPOSED to be about, Lisa beat him hands down.

    I blame Len. I think his comment that Jerry was the worst drew a lot of anger and sympathy votes. My opinion is that this show is rigged and has been since the gitgo. Otherwise Master P would have been gone the first week.

    This should not be a popularity contest, it should be about talent, hard work and ability. Lisa is quite clearly the better dancer. Even Jerry knows that.

    ABC, you’ve put on quite a scam. I will finish watching this season and push all my votes to Drew. I won’t be back next season and I think you will find your ratings will be in the tank. I’m not the only fan that is truely disappointed.

    And, I agree with one writer. Why won’t you give us the figures on how many votes were cast for each star. I guess that might mess up your plan.

  • Gerald Golden

    Let’s face it. Jerry Rice couldn’t dance at the beginning of the competition and he still can’t dance. It’s his fan base (football worshippers) that kept him on the show. This should be a wake-up call to all those who said, “no way, he can’t win, why should I vote?” Now you know why. Shame on you for not voting.

  • Nadia

    I absolutely agree with all who wrote to say that Lisa should have stayed to the finals. She’s so talented and such a trooper! Stacey is beautiful and “all that”, and a pretty good dancer, in my opinion.But she has had the advantage of many years of dance training in her youth. That doesn’t make it fair as far as people without any prior training, with respect to showing how well they can learn a new skill (on the dance floor.)Most of the contestants have never had any dance training.So they are at a disadvantage. And I can clearly see bias when male judges remark on someone’s outer appearance instead of focussing on technique! I’m taking ballroom dance lessons with my husband and it’s no cakewalk. Kudos to those who make an effort and improve; boos to those who are there mainly for self-promotion. You know who they are!

  • Sue

    Jerry is a great guy, but not the best dancer. ABC, all you have to offer is Wheel of Furtune and Jeopardy. Take a lesson from Skating with Celebreties.

  • Mr. D: You are amazed that people have opinions that differ from yours? Wow…

    NR Davis

  • JoeD

    I’m amazed how there is now a rising anti Stacey faction. She is a breath of fresh air, the girl next door mentality and it’s refreshing that she has turned down offers to pose nude. Jerry obviously is staying because of football fans who remember his status as a player.

  • JudyK

    I love the music and dancing this show offers. I’d however, like to see men competing against men and women against women. And yes, Lisa is MUCH better than Jerry.

  • So sad I will not watch any more . I think Jerry is a sweetheart. How on earth could any one think he danced better than Lisa. again he is so nice but, he just stands there does a few moves Lisa works her heart and her feet off. you just lost a lot of fans.. WAKE UP!!! abc

  • James

    “The first season of Dancing with the Stars was

    The first season had even worse problems than this season with the fan vote. Kelly Monaco won because of the fan vote and inflated scores. Then they had that bitter, miserable dance-off solely to “even the score” by having O’Hurley win.

    I wish Lisa had stayed, but she lasted well into the competition and in some ways she benefited more from leaving when she did, because so many fans feel sorry for her. Jerry tries, and I don’t think he will win in this three-person final (I hope Drew wins), but even if he does, there have been worse endings.

    As for the author’s comment about judges she can understand – Paula Abdul is American. Does that mean you want 3 Paula Abduls on this show? I can understand Len perfectly fine, and Bruno most of the time. If people can’t, then just use closed captionining.

  • Jean Michael

    This show is truly a popularity contest. The American public is not familiar enough with the dance steps required for each type of dance. Thus their votes are for their favorites. I hope that Jerry Rice wins the whole show and exposes the show for what it truly is…..pure entertainment……NOT a dance contest.

  • Granmbubbles

    Lisa is a winner in her own right, she and Louis were so gracious thanking each other during their last dance, Lisa acknowledging the new heights she has reached in her life by joining this show, and if I were her, deep down, she gained a lot from this show, and gave so much to viewers who admire her, albeit exposing herself to all the intrigues of mean viewers. The flawed scores of the judges show through their comments when she deserved a perfect score: “She nailed it” by Carrie Ann in the Pasadoble, and “She can really do ballroom” with the quickstep, but did not give her a 10; Len Goodman and Bruno had their own comments that she got dances perfect but did not give her a 10. Her first dance was awfully underscored as it was a very beautiful waltz, and she made all the efforts to improve for each succeeding dance. Her partnership with Louis is as much good rapport or even better than Drew and Sheryl, and she takes risk not like Stacy. Such flaws in the scoring, uncounted votes on busy signals, and Jerry’s super-monstrous fan base who admit that he is not the best dancer makes me cherish Lisa as the winner in her fans’ hearts, who now love her more, as Harry is adoringly proud of her and surely loving her more!

  • alincoln

    I enjoy watching this show, but it angers me when someone like Lisa Rinna who has improved so much
    gets dismissed before Jerry Rice. I will have to live with this, but it’s going to infuriate me to no end if Stacey wins and I have to hear from the male judges ooze on about how “hhhhhot” and “luscious” she is. Is this a beauty pageant or a dance contest? At this point I really am rooting for Drew and Cheryl.

  • Eden R

    First of all, yes, Lisa is a better dancer than Jerry and should be in the top three, of that I can’t disagree.

    But second of all… get over it. It’s a show. I can’t understand why everyone is so amazed and shocked and horrified, especially after Master P stayed in for way too long. This is a popularity contest, plain and simple. Just like American Idol and any other show that you have callers helping decide.

    I really don’t think Lisa is half as devastated as her fan base.

  • lennacc

    it is not fair that a couple that is so obviosly better dancers get the boot….i enjoy the show but if it can be corrupted so easily i am going to view something else.

  • I have read all the comments that other people have written. We are not dance professional nor do i try to be. the fans had their say and they chose Jerry Rice. Let’s not all have a fit and have to have another dance off. I think that last season taught us that no matter who we want to win we don’t all get our way. jerry rice worked very hard to get where he is and he should be congratdulated not condemed. i watch lisa on soap talk and i really like her too, but the fans voted so we should just leave it be.

  • Lucille White

    Please have the orchestra leader listen to the Big Bands. How can they dance a rumba, sumba,or any the dances when the music is so far off. Please Please do something to help him with his beats.

  • Schoolmarm

    I feel I should let ABC know that I question if my calls for Lisa were counted. Usually, when one calls to vote, the message “Thank you for voting for so and so” is received. However, for the past two weeks, I have tried to vote for Lisa and only received a pause…a blank message..without any voice message…before the phone disconnected. I wonder, did my call go through? Why did this happen? And, if it happened to others trying to vote for Lisa, is the voting honest? Is ABC not receiving calls for Lisa because they want to keep Jerry on the show…even though the judges did call him “the worst.” I think this calls for some investigation.

  • Sarah

    I am an ex dancer and teacher. I have loved watching this show. But picking Jerry is a travesty of justice. Lisa is a winner – a class act and she deserved the place in the finals. I am not a football fan, so I have no idea how good a player Jerry is. But he is not a great dancer. He tries hard, he is a gentleman and he has a great attitude. But he does not have the fluid movement and grace that Lisa has.

  • Colleen

    To Dancing with the Stars:
    I’m very upset with the outcome of Friday’s nights vote. I know that Jerry Rice is a very nice person, you can tell by the show. But he cannot dance to save his life. This is one show that my husband and I watch together. That will not happen anymore. I will never watch the show again due to the outcome of the results.
    Lisa was robbed.

  • I’m so disappointed in the show. I love Jerry Rice and think he’s worked hard, been a good sport and a class act, but he’s not on par with Drew, Stacy or Lisa in the dancing department. The show is about dancing. On Thursday night, he didn’t execute 20 “dance” steps the whole show. If he makes it into the final two, ABC and DWTS will lose all credibility!

  • Launa K.

    The first season of Dancing with the Stars was
    fantastic; I enjoyed watching celebrities dance
    and learn from their professional partners. I
    eagerly awaited the second season.

    I have a master’s degree in communication and I
    rarely watch television; however, I was mesmerized
    with the dancing and took time from my busy schedule to tune into a great show.

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to see
    Jerry Rice win and Lisa Rinna not make it to the
    finals. Jerry was a great football player. His
    dancing did not exhibit that same flair.

    The two male judges keep interrupting the female judge and are quite biased toward to female that
    wrestles. I will not be taking time out of my
    busy schedule again to watch the reamining weeks
    of the show in protest. This was intented and
    televised that this was a competion of dance and
    not that of popularity contest.

  • Realgirl

    Yes, of course Lisa Rinna was/is a better dance than Jerry Rice, but that wasn’t the point. Jerry pouted and whined and disagreed with the judges just enough to spur his considerable fan base to action. (That fan base is apparently also unclear on the concept.) However, my real reason for commenting now is to offer a valid explanation for P. Miller’s lengthy stay on the show. THAT wasn’t a case of confused popularity. Rather, I think people felt sorry for Ashly, his partner, so she received a sympathy vote week after painful week and that kept P on the show.

  • Josephine

    “The contest is about dancing…not popularity.”

    If that were true, there wouldn’t be an audience participation aspect to the show. If it were truly just about dancing, only the judges’ vote would count.

  • Jerry Rice was a great wide receiver and he seems like a great guy, but he can’t dance. He has no technique, no flow, no style. He has heart; I’ll give him that. Lisa Rinna is a much better dancer, but she is not as popular as Jerry. So the better dancer gets axed. This should not be surprising: This has always been a popularity contest, not a dancing competition. How long did the voters allow P. Miller to stay? And look who is doing the voting? How can anyone be surprised that the voters would choose popularity over dancing? If there is any justice, Drew will take the prize, but I expect the mainstream will give it to long-legged ice cube with the pictorial in Stuff. Perhaps the masses will prove me wrong, but I fully believe they will disappoint me. As usual.

  • Jeanne, also a Ballroom Dancer

    The contest is about dancing…not popularity. One would have to be blind not to see that Lisa clearly executes the figures and has the rhythm of these dances. Jerry, sweet and popular as he is? My ironing board has better moves than he!

  • Lenore

    As a faithful watcher, I couldn’t help but notice Harry Hamlin’s constant cheering, support and praise for his wife. When she pulled him out of the audience to publicly express her appreciation to him, I also couldn’t help but notice that Lisa Rinna is a class act.

  • Linda Lee

    I feel that they’re trying to fix it for Stacey to win. How could she have such a fan base any way. I never heard of her before this show. So how could she have such have high numbers, of which we have no knowledge of, and yes she does have talent except with the boggled second dance that showed her to be so stiff. Jerry had more hip action than she did and look what kind of score he received. Bruno should try to keep his professionalism in mind instead of leading with what is in his pants. It’s so apparent that he has the hots for someone he’s supposed to be objective about. Judging is supposed to be impartial and guided by technical merit, not sex.

  • Actually Tom had 3 weeks of training on one dance and he was not better than Jerry. Lisa did not get voted off, we voted to keep Jerry on for the ridiculous low scores he received in prior performances and the inflated scores others such as Lisa and George received for technically poorer performances.
    Since Jerry is still on even more viewers are tuning in. Who would have though that my husband AND his fantasy football league (32 adult MEN) would tune in and vote? Well, they did. And it wasn’t against Lisa, it was FOR Jerry.
    Jerry and his family clearly feel they deserve it and so do his fans. I enjoy the show. I too loved Lisa and wish she got enough viewer votes, but that didn’t happen. The ratings go up each week consistantly and Lisa now has more visablity than ever. Prior to DWTS I never heard of her. Now I hope she can get a better gig on something she is deserving of, like Desperate Housewives or something she could shine in for more than 8 weeks. Every star that made it past the 1st 2 or 3 weeks had their market value increase exponentially.
    Do you think ABC cares that you boycott for a week when there are 32 men to take your place because someone they can relate to is in it? I know I wouldn’t watch if I couldn’t vote for my favorite dancer. Incidentally, we Jerry fans had a helluva hard time voting via phone too. Not all of us got our votes in either.

  • Lourdes Bomeisl

    This is a TV show, Lisa has come a long way as well as Jerry, Lets take a moment and forget about Jerry being the best (WR) in history and 3 Super Bowl Rings. Someone had to go and it was Lisa yeah its sad, however JRice has excel in his art of dancing this is all new to him this is not about catching a ball.He is very smart and humble. I applaud Jerry and I stand behind him 150% he is a winner already with all the energy he puts in. This what TV is about the way they climb the ladder to be the best. Bravo Jerry

  • Claudia Schafer

    Dancing with the Stars should be renamed—“See Who’s Our Most Popular Star”. Because OBVIOUSLY Dancing Talent really had very little to do with this program. I have to agree Jerry should feel bad; to advance once again and Know you didn’t deserve it!!;

  • Betty Read

    Lisa was robbed, her dancing has improved 100% and she deserved to be in the finals. Jerry should be ashamed of himself he must know deep down he is the worst dancer on the show, he should have withdrawn in the name of fairness. He can’t really believe he can compete. He just doesn’t have it. ABC you better wake up and play fair with the voters. This is suppose to be a dance contest. Please set some rules. I am totally disgusted.