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TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – Round 6

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Stacy Keibler sported a sizzling spread in this month’s Stuff. Yes, I’ve actually seen it. My former roommate subscribes to the magazine. “It’s for the articles, Beth,” he assures me. It’s a long-standing joke between the two of us and I play along as usual. After all, it’s not like I’m not the teeniest bit curious what aspects of Stacy’s body she’s revealing in Stuff that I haven’t already bore witness to on ABC primetime television.

The answer: A definitive NOT much.

It’s disappointing too. I’m just hoping I won’t be seeing co-host Samantha Harris in Stuff anytime soon. Her boobage and that weird protruding breast bone (reminiscent of Tori Spelling circa 90210) has me so distracted I can’t pay attention to anything else. It’s not a good thing either. Besides which, shouldn’t her stylist know that for flat-chested women, it’s strapless all the way. (Plays up her neckline and toned arms, without the gratuitous exposure to scary misplaced bone-age)

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Also, anyone tired of Samantha asking mean-spirited questions? Why ask Lisa Rinna, someone admittedly on the verge of a breakdown at any given second, “Do you think you have what it takes to make it, Lisa? Doesn’t your emotional energy wear you out?”

Lisa’s response should have been, “I don’t know Samantha. Do you think you could cover up your pecks long enough so I could answer this inane question without visually exhausting myself? I’m really worn out right now.”

Poo Poo Samantha Harris. Who do you think you are?

On a more serious note, I was sad to see George go this time around. Hamilton injected this show with the proper witty charm to get us through the long 2.5 hours of programming each week. He made us laugh, that zany prankster.

Sure, we’re left with Drew’s “aggression” and his “fireworks” (Bruno’s words, my thoughts) and “The emancipation of Lisa Rinna” (again Bruno), but will I laugh as hard each week without Hamilton, I think no.

The night’s best performances by far: Stacy, Lisa, and Drew. This is no shocker. What got me was Jerry beating out Lisa and George.

Stay tuned for the semi-finals as the dance floor narrows down to Lisa, Stacy, Jerry, and Drew. Oh yeah, and viewers, again I’m reiterating the sentiment, “What were YOU thinking this week? “ Does anyone honestly think Jerry performed better than Lisa? Or did Superbowl MVP nostalgia/faux patriotism sink in. Get out and vote for Lisa!

Please don’t let Jerry be “last geriatric standing.” I beg of you.

Oh, wait, my bad. He already is.

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  • michbowley

    I think, with the exception of “Master P”, that all the contestants, are infinatly better than last time. Since the beginning though, it’s been Stacey and Drew that are the top two, and it will be a great showdown!