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TV Review: Dancing With the Stars – Six Left

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I missed the third competition round as well as the one this past Thursday, 1/26/06. I did tune into Friday’s wrap-up and elimination round of this series and did some very interesting things.

The featured dances for the fourth round included the “paso doble” and the foxtrot. I quote that dance name paso doble because it’s somewhat of a mystery to me. It’s referred to as the “bullfight dance” or the “dance of death”. Whatever the adjectives, it looks to my inexperienced eye like a dramatic cha-cha. A montage of all the dances were shown on the Friday wrap-up and I have some thoughts.

First, the remaining contenders are:

George Hamilton
Lisa Rinna
Stacy Keibler
Drew Lachey
Tia Carriere
Jerry Rice

P. Miller or Master P, was eliminated in this fourth round. Drew Lachey remains the leader of the pack but I think Jerry Rice might be coming up close behind.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAccording to the official Bio on Jerry Rice at ABC’s Site for the series:
Jerry Rice was born in Crawford, Mississippi, the sixth of eight children. Growing up, Jerry and his brothers helped out with their father’s bricklaying business. It was here that most think Jerry developed his now famous hand-eye coordination.

While playing ball at Mississippi Valley State, Jerry set and broke every school record. But it was his performance in the Blue-Grey game that caught the eye of San Francisco 49ers coach, Bill Walsh. And although Jerry wasn’t the fastest player on the field, Walsh recognized his potential. So in the first round of the 1985 draft, on the 16th pick, Jerry Rice became a 49er.

Jerry struggled his rookie year, but had his “coming out” during his second season with the team. He was named NFL Player of the Year by Sports Illustrated and from then on, the records started to fly.

Jerry Rice’s sixteen seasons with the 49ers, teamed with Joe Montana, produced a football player who is today recognized as the greatest wide receiver to play in the NFL. He broke record after record on his way to the top; was selected to twelve Pro Bowls, made a Super Bowl appearance and was twice named Player of the Year.

Now in his seventeenth season, Jerry plays with his second NFL team, the Oakland Raiders.

Jerry Rice comes across as personable and dedicated, the sort of fellow I’d enjoy spending an evening with. And he did look oh so debonair as he fox-trotted across that floor. If I had to predict now, and it’s still quite early, I’d have to give Rice a nod as a serious contender, right behind Drew Lachey.

Speaking of Lachey, he and his partner were awarded the “Judge’s Encore” award for the best performance during the fourth round. He and his partner performed a very dramatic paso doble.

Tia Carriere looked beautiful but I thought I saw a stumble.

P. Miller, who was finally and mercifully put out of his misery, looked like a big lunk trying to even move around the dance floor. One judge said the studio audience were trying to be nice by not voting him off but in reality the audience was being “cruel”.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLisa Rinna did wear quite a sexy outfit, which gives the female contenders and edge over the competing males. As I saw it, her performance was mediocre and indeed, I think Rinna might be gone soon.

Stacy Keibler also performed a bit unremarkably and too might be eliminated within a week or two.

George Hamilton dances quite well for an old guy and he did make a handsome Zorro during his paso doble routine. But it wasn’t George’s dancing that stole the night. The best, the absolute best, part of the night was a flash of something that I know the audience saw and I saw it too.

It was during one of those informative vignettes the show presents of a contender right before showing their dance routine. George Hamilton was in his dressing room and evidently had on a shirt with no pants. Hanging down right below his shirt tail was George Hamilton’s manhood, yes it was, albeit covered with white jockey shorts. Make no mistake about it, George was showing his “packet” and it was impressive. I heard an audience snicker and knew they saw it too.

Remember, you might not read this on the official web site of ABC or on any other blog. But it happened and, snort, I saw it. Whether it was intentional or not, I don’t know.

I do know it was amusing.

The first review of this series posted on 1/10/06. The second review posted on1/15/06.

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  • Paso doble means double pass. The stance of the leader is supposed to be like that of a matador. The posture of Spanish/Latin dances is slightly different than other ballroom or night club dances.

    For this reason, the heel on both the male and female dancers in Latin dances are slightly higher.

    The leaders have a harder time than the followers in terms of learning. Generally, the leader should be a better dancer than the follower. Otherwise it becomes a case of the follower “leading.” That’s sort of like the follower being a backseat driver.
    If you can’t tell a cha cha from a paso doble, you’re in trouble.

    Cha cha involves more hip movement in both the male and female (leader and follower) than paso doble.

  • George Adams

    I was watching the February 2, 2006 show where the dancers are doing the Samba. Several of the judges made comments comparing the dancers to doing “disco dancing” and not the Samba. One thing i noticed was the music being played was actual disco music, and not authenic South American samba music. Being a person that dances Latin dances, there is no way dancers can show their passion if you don’t have the right music to motivate. Latin music is “hot” disco is not. I wish authenic samba music had been played for this show.

    Thank you,

    George Adams

  • Just wanted to let you know that your article is now appearing on Cleveland.com!

  • Sandi

    What couple was eliminated on Friday night (2-10-06), from “Dancing With The Stars”? I was unable to tune in and watch it.

  • George Hamilton was eliminated Friday night.