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TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – Talent or Politics?

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The big topic of the day is Brandy being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars and how Bristol Palin did not deserve to stay. With the intentions of winning, Bristol Palin worked hard throughout the season to gain her recognition for being in the top three. R&B artist Brandy, on the other hand, has stayed consistent and strong throughout the competition. Kyle Massey is adorable and loved by his Disney fans, while Jennifer Grey eases her way to the top with grace and style. This reality show is based on numbers. The more fans you have the better chance for you to walk away with the grand prize.

Is it fair that R&B singer Brandy, who showed consistency and exceeded beyond her talents, was eliminated on Tuesday night? Brandy’s fans would agree that it is not fair. Ironically speaking her talent was just not good enough. In regards to Bristol Palin, it was very disappointing to hear her say in an interview that the people hate her mother Sarah Palin. Hate is such a harsh word. Maybe, Mrs. Palin is not the most favorite person in the U.S.A., but that does not mean she is hated. If the Republican Party and Tea party’s votes did not hurt the elections, than it definitely will give Bristol Palin a boost in Dancing with the Stars. Jennifer Grey surprises the judges and viewers weekly with her grace and determination to win, and Kyle Massey has not only improved his physical health, but his overall performance is a spectacular event to watch.

The final week of Dancing with the Stars will be an interesting one. The final three dancers will be battling to win the mirror ball trophy. Jennifer Grey is predicted to give it her all; Bristol Palin will be proving that she is not living in her mother’s shadow, and Kyle Massey is expected to reach for the top. 


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  • annette

    Bristol Palin was shocked herself that she is still in the race,because being unfair nobody wins.Bristol pretends to be so shy and innocent but she is a unwed teen mother, stop pretending and be an adult find something else to do because you can’t dance.LOL

  • jp

    I am disgusted by the politics of this season. Briston Palin is a joke and should have been thrown off the show a long time ago. I’m disappointed this is not based on talent but who you’re related too. I will not waste my time on watching something that is already decided. This show needs to be cleaned up with better rules. The public does not need to vote when it comes to finals, it should be left to the judges who are the experts. If i were Brandy, I’d speak my mind about the corruption on this show.

  • Muray Morris

    Total Discuse with Brandy voted out and everyone knows she should have been in the final three….this has been a fun TV program to watch BUT NO MORE…there is other programs much, much better!

  • JHC

    The show lost all credibility when they allowed a politician’s daughter in a contest where an unknown voter can cast 5 votes for the same person…especially during an election season with her mother in the news daily and the Teaparty faithfuls wanting their influence proven in every area of society….even a dance contest!!They won and ABC lost.

  • jtasgrams

    I think as the dancers enter the finals, only the judges votes should count. It is not fair to cut all the good dancers and leave someone like Bristol Palin to try to dance another night.

  • jtasgrams

    I thought voting was for the dancing, not whose daughter you are. Bristol should have been the first one to go. It’s a crying shame if her mother and politics has entered into the voting picture.

  • ggba

    I think it is a total disgrace for the Bristol Palin to continue this mockery of dancing and the judges go along with it. At a certain point, the viewing audience should not be making such critical decisions. Brandy and Max’s exit is a total disgust. I wish that folk, including myself, would boycott viewing the show. You all should be ashamed. That girl cannot dance.