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TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – The Nicest of People, the Worst of Dancers

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By Tina M. Courtney

So far this season on Dancing with the Stars, we’re down one supermodel and one Miss USA beauty.  It stands to reason, then, that America would ax yet another gorgeous, cane-sugar-sweet female.

Leeza Gibbons is the latest victim, and I’m already missing her positive energy and fabulous-at-fifty glow.  America, you’re running out of lovely ladies to chastise; when can we get rid of the men who suck?

Monday night’s performances included plenty of duds and delights, but throwing the blame on Leeza’s shoulders is completely unfair.  Tony, her so-called professional dance partner, had his own ho-hum issues, and as the chief choreographer, I blame him for the downfall.  Leeza may have even been the better dancer.  Sure, he’s got the technical elements down pat, but the boy is boring.  'Nuff said.

Leeza_gibbonsThe results show once again stretched out to a completely unnecessary hour-long extravaganza. We found out that host Samantha is pregnant, and we endured two horrendously irritating performances by country music *ahem* sensations Big & Rich. Even the stellar dancers couldn’t ease the pain of the twang-ridden melodies. Let’s face it, we were tuning in to find out who had to hang up their dancing shoes, not to suffer through amateur night at the country hall. 

Joining Leeza and Tony in the bottom two was a couple who actually deserved the boot – John Raztenberger and his uptight partner, Edyta. They performed a deplorable paso doble that looked comedic and unpolished, and they've been consistently less entertaining and wow-worthy than Leeza and Tony. The absolute worst of the crew, Clyde Drexler, somehow skated past the red light yet again. How he’s fooling America into voting for him time and time again is beyond me, but I’m ready for the ax to fall.

Next week, the crew will be featuring dances that end in “ba” – sambas and rumbas are on the menu. If the judges continue their antics, there will be little praise and a whole lotta harsh comments – which is, of course, just the way we like it.

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