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TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – Finals – Woo! Hoo! for Drew!

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I know I rant a lot about my distaste for how long this show seems to drag on each week. But there’s a legitimate excuse for why I do so. I get so painfully bored sometimes. There can only be so much filler in any given episode and as the teams were eliminated, there was just as much time allotted (1.5 hours) and less actual substance. Then again, this is Reality TV.

To Samantha’s Harris’ glaring ineptitude (translation: hell) with my expectations.

Speaking of which…

I spent a great deal of time last week writing vehement blogs of protest on behalf of Lisa and Louis’. I didn’t want them to leave. I’ll admit. It hit me hard. As usual, I found the more I wrote, the less angst I felt. Writing is cathartic like that. And I believe many of you responded by leaving comments in favor or in criticism of my opinions, for that primary purpose- to expel all those toxic feelings from your system.

I think sometimes that my latent reason for writing rants stems from my inability to properly articulate what I wanted for my birthday when I was young. I was so concerned about pangs of guilt about what I might actually desire and how much that would put someone out, that I stifled these opinions. As a result, as an adult, my opinions often take the form of verbal vomit. Re: They can’t seem to purge themselves fast enough.

Consider this your disclaimer.

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Eh, so maybe I’m all pomp. After all, having watched tonight’s free style, I have only this to say. Drew & Cheryl, you got this baby in the bag. And hopefully those busy signals I kept getting when I dialed in to vote were indicative that this competition is yours to lose.

Perfect scores speak for themselves. As to real class acts.

And to all: Good night & Good Luck…Ok, maybe that just goes for Drew & Cheryl.

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  • I enjoyed everyone’s dances on Thursday’s episode. Drew and Cheryl’s freestyle was great, although I enjoyed the sheer goofy fun of Jerry and his partner’s freestyle dance…especially those Afro wigs.

  • BK

    Lisa and Louie eliminated before Jerry and Anna? Giselle before George or P.? This is a contest for the Most Popular Dancers, not the Best Dancers. Very frustrating.

  • MC Rammer

    Cheryl is so smoldering HOT! Her and Drew have Great Chemistry and Should win this Competition hands down. If I were Drew, I would dump that Wife of his faster then a Hunting Invitation with Dick Cheney, and start Knockin’ some Serious Boots with Cheryl…Yee Hah!

  • Beverly Kingsley

    I voted each time for Jerry last week hoping he would remain and Lisa would leave. Then last night I voted each time for Stacey, because I feel she is the best. However, I blame the choreographers for bad decisions, etc. Stacey’s last dance did not do her justice. Also, I believe Jerry is capable of MUCH more than his choreographer is asking of him. He isn’t given the opportunity to really do his stuff.

  • Last night’s episode was way too much filler – ABC should have run an episode of “Crumbs” in the last half hour and it would have been just right – and I fear (well know actually) that the Sunday’s finale will be just as bad when it comes to time. Too little jam for too much bread.

    Had to vote for Drew last night much as I wanted to vote for Stacy. The freestyle was an incredibly weak recreation of “Saturday Night Fever” and they needed daring which they didn’t do. No matter what else you can say about Jerry & Anna, last night they let it all hang out while Stacy and her partner played it safe. Drew may not be the best dancer, but he’s had less training than Stacy and consistently done good performances. I give all credit to Cheryl for making him as good as he is and all criticism to Tony for that lame routine that he saddled Stacy with.