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TV Review: CSI:NY

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CSI:NY “Dancing with the Fishes”

Another trio of deaths for Mac and his team. At least they have the necessary number of people.

Mac and Stella come upon a young woman lying in the street. They quickly determine that she fell out of the tram overhead. Kia Rowe is an aspiring dancer who only wanted to test her mettle on the high competitiveness of Manhattan.

Danny and Hawkes have a male victim with a rather pungent odor. Specificallly, it’s fish. They need to wrap this one up quickly.

Lindsay has to discover how a tram operator ended up dead. She finds it interesting that it is the only commuter line in town. Even more interesting is the blood stain on the handrail.

After DNA testing, the blood turrns out to be that of Kia Rowe. Stella gets an idea when she finds a piece of paper Kia had with dance steps on it. Companies tend to have combinations which are unique. A check of Kia’s locker produces bits of glass. More pieces are found on stage near the floodlights. The culprit? Another dancer who did not want Kia to succeed. Flack proves his theory once he obtains a warrant.

Lottery tickets found in Kia’s locker show that she payed the same numbers consistently. An address on the back of a ticket is that of the choreographer. He apparently tried having a private audition at his place. Can we say casting couch?

Once Danny talks to their victim’s widow, he discovers that Fred is the only fisherman who is raising his rates. Motive? Perhaps. Danny sees that the victim’s young son is wearing a school uniform. It costs a lot of money to send a child to private school.

Turns out a restaurant owner helped get the child in an exclsuive private school. When the owner’s child was denied entrance, the fisherman ended up dead. He got impaled on a swordfish.

The tram operator died after his wife told her brother she was being physically abused. She lied to ensure her husband would not retire and have them live on his pension. Kia jumped off the tram when a fight broke out between the tram operator and his brother in law.

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