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TV Review: CSI:NY – “Youngblood”

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How did a man die in a hotel elevator without anyone else seeing the killer? That is the case for Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his team to handle. Not only is the shooter nowhere to be seen, but the weapon is one the NYPD CSI team has never seen before.

Taylor and Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakeredes) determine that a female witness was also in the elevator. Her shoe prints are pointed towards the lobby, indicating she managed to get away without being shot herself.

Due to a phone call from Sheldon Hawkes (Harper Hill), the team’s newest field agent, Bonasera leaves to help process a crime scene in which a man drowned in a park. I’m going to assume a bit of New York knowledge and tell you that the park in question was Central Park. When they figure out the second victim died before entering the water, what would have been considered an accidental death is now homocide.

An autopsy reveals the cause of death was food poisoning. This means someone would have to have known of the victim’s allergy to shellfish.

A revealing discussion comes between Hawkes and the new medical examiner. When asked if he missed being in the morgue, Hawkes says he does, but only a little. Being a fieid agent puts Hawkes out where the action is. The new ME says he prefers the morgue because “it’s quiet”. It refers to being surrounded by corpses.

Danny Messer (Carmine Giovanazzo) and Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) are assigned to process evidence on Mac’s “dead in the elevator” guy. The Ipod left behind by the female witness has a playlist of theatre tunes. A note written by “Jason” says to meet him after third period. Aha! Find the school which has audtitions for “Wicked” and they should find the person they need.

This is the first time Messer and Monroe have worked by themselves on a case since they first met. Lindsay joined the team after Mac fired Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferilto) over evidence tampering. Messer is much more street smart, but Monroe so far appears to be holding her own.

Mac does some testing, and realizes his weapon was a modified steering mechanism. When Taylor and Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) question the parking lot attendant who works for a building Jason Kinsey owns, they notice seven sets of keys are hanging on a rack neraby, but only six cars are in the lot. Mac suggests the seventh set belongs to the attendant’s own car. They are, and the weapon is disguised as a “CLUB”-one of those anti-theft devices.

An arrest is made, and Mac questions their suspect. Jason Kinsey died by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The attendant asked the female witness out, and she blew him off. Kinsey stepped into the line of fire from the improvised weapon.

Victim #2 died after a few spoonfuls of lobster soup was added to his food.

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  • L & O also based in NY, so maybe you did.

  • Fernando Arenas

    I am watching that episode of CSI NY tonight, Youngblood, and I can’t help but feel disappointed because I know that I saw this story already in a different show, yet I cannot remember which one. I think it was in one of the Law & Order series. Does this ring a bell? I have been trying to find a reference online, but I haven’t been able to.

    Best regards,

    Fernando Arenas, Atlanta, GA.