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TV Review: CSI:NY – “Silent Night”

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Anybody can be a crime victim. Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) is about to discover the term has multiple meanings. After a break-in and murder, he figures out the only eyewitness is deaf. Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) tells Mac the killer has not been arrested. Mac introduces himself and Det. Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes), handing Gina (Oscar winner Marlee Matlin) a notepad and pen. She wants one thing, for him to find her daughter's killer.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) and Det. Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) show up to process evidence. Lindsay suddenly demands the car keys, telling Hawkes she cannot stay. Although Stella notices, she lets Lindsay go. After Mac asks, Stella merely says Lindsay is back at the lab. The look in Mac's eyes says he knows something is up, but he does not question his partner.

Stella later finds Lindsay and suggests the younger detective talk to her. Lindsay stonewalls, and Stella switches to boss mode. She reminds Lindsay of responsibilities, and requires her to attend an autopsy. Lindsay is uncomfortable, but she goes. Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) says the death was grisly. Shaken, Lindsay starts sobbing. The only hint as to her emotional state is her questioning of why she was the only one left behind.

In Stella's office, Lindsay explains she was a crime victim years ago. The problem is, she is not sure what happened. All she knows is that several of her friends died. Stella promises to be a friend whenever needed.

Back at the morgue, Dr. Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani) tells Mac his victim died from a bullet. The last time these two were together, Peyton thought Mac was ashamed of their relationship ("Raising Shane"). She's still hurt, and is not ready to accept Mac's apology when offered. While Gina helps Mac figure out the caliber used, the gunman has yet to be found. A bigger problem will soon arise, which I'll explain in a minute.

Stella investigates the death of a figure skater at a sports complex. Along for the ride is Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo), who finds paint chips, the keys to unlock the crime. Despite the victim's best friend (Olympic competitor Sasha Cohen) wondering if the victim was supposed to be her, the theory doesn't hold. The killer is a man whose office was across from the complex. He watched the victim practice and knew instantly how to improve her routines. When he went to tell her, she thought he was a stalker and tried getting away. In the altercation, she was stabbed with a tool used to lace up her skates. It was an accident, but in the ultimate act of cowardice, he never called 911.

Mac gets a phone call from Gina, but she cannot talk as she and her granddaughter are being carjacked. The perpetrator is the baby's biological father, who wanted a say in how his daughter is raised. Although the baby's parents are both deaf, he got a cochlear implant so he would be "normal". He did not understand why his girlfriend would not – she saw nothing wrong in being deaf.

NYPD traces the call and sets up a roadblock. As Mac talks to the young man, Flack and another cop rescue the baby. A grateful Gina thanks Mac, wishing she could help him. When Mac asks why he might need help, she says she talks with her hands, however, he talks with his eyes. He takes the hint and finds Peyton. Moving quickly, he pulls her into his arms and lets her cry. Mac promises to do whatever it takes to make things work between them. Peyton accepts the offer.

This episode may be the closest yet to explain Lindsay's background. From the time she talked about dealing with bad crime scenes ("Manhattan Manhunt"), the dark secret has never fully come out. She told Danny she was dealing with past issues ("Love Run Cold"), but I thought she might have been talking about a relationship. Mac hired her, so I have a feeling it won't be long before she talks to him. Yes, Stella went through a horrifying experience herself, but why cover up? Emotional issues can be problematic in law enforcement, so a mention to Mac would have made sense.

If Mac and Peyton are staying together, Sid should find out before too long. After all, he's the medical examiner and Peyton's boss. Speaking of Sid, what happened to his wife? He has mentioned a daughter ("And Here's to you, Mrs. Azrael", "Not What It Looks Like"), but never a woman who shares his name. One more thing – one of the suspects was referred to as a scumbag. I think that was the wrong term.

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  • Would have loved to do this in private maybe via email, but couldn’t find a way to contact you.

    “Back at the morgue, Dr. Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani) tells Mac his victim died from a bullet. The last time these two were together, Claire thought Mac was ashamed of their relationship (“Raising Shane”).”

    I know it is confusing with the actress who is portraying Macs love interest having the same name as his late wife. Claire never thought Mac was ashamed or their relationship, it was Peyton who thought that, although I think she was fed up with being his secret girlfriend. There is just a point when you want to let others know about your relationship.

    I loved the episode and I really enjoy reading your reviews. “Raising Shane” made me mad at Mac, but he made it up in this episode.

    Reviews of the show like this let me see it from another point of view, are putting my attention to other apects of the episode and sometimes show minor mistakes that I wouldn’t recognize any other way. I really enjoy this, cause it is making it even more fun.

  • After this episode, Peyton and Mac seem to be back together. If I recall, Peyton was the one who suggested they act like professionals at work. Mac could , in theory, have thought she meant also keep private life out of work.

  • Wait! I just re-read that. Had Peyton as one who was ashamed. ChocoBetty, I think you switched it around when reading.